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About Me: Joanna Silva

Joanna Silva
Joanna Silva

Hi! My name is Joanna Silva, I am from Chicago Illinois(IL), and I practiced the Mormon religion for a long time. I decided to start this website because I found an excellent name available that suited me.

Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge about the Mormon religion, but also about spirituality and the meaning of dreams.

So I decided not to keep it all to myself. I decided to share with all those who will follow my site all my knowledge regarding everything I know. I’m not just going to talk about the Mormon religion, quite the opposite!

I will talk about everyday spiritual events and their meaning and also what some dreams mean.

I hope this content helps all my readers to get all the spiritual messages they are looking for. I hope you find questions and answers, reports from other people and also that you use my knowledge to be happier.

If you want to know more about my religion, I recommend you watch the video above.

I wish you a good read of all my articles.