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German Shepherd Spiritual Meaning: 8 Signs in Dreams 

German Shepherd Spiritual Meaning: 8 Signs in Dreams 

German Shepherds are extraordinary dogs. They are dogs that are used not only for love but for service too.

In fact, they were even used in World War 2 working as search and rescue dogs. Today, German Shepherds are used by the police and law enforcement to help find illegal substances and track down criminals. 

These special dogs hold much symbolism, especially in your dreams, and when you see them, the Universe is telling you something you need to pay attention to.

The following article breaks down the symbolism of seeing a German Shepherd in your dreams.

German Shepherd Symbolism

German Shepherd Symbolism

The German Shepherd is a dog that symbolizes raw nature, as it is so closely related to the wolf.

It also symbolizes protection. Let’s not forget the great intelligence that German Shepherds hold. In fact, these dogs can remember many words.    

This beautiful dog is also wise. It is a very loving dog that symbolizes the great loyalty and adoration that one entity can have for another.

German Shepherds are extremely emotionally and physically strong, with a lot of endurance. They also symbolize loyalty.

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a German Shepherd

Seeing a German Shepherd

When the image of a German Shepherd appears in your dream it represents courage, loyalty, great love, protection, and guidance, as well as other things.

Spiritually, German Shepherds are important since they have been around since 1899, originating from Germany, of course.

However, they come from wolves, which have been around for a very long time, and are in fact connected to an ancestor from 1.5 million years ago.

Spiritually, you have been visited by a powerful entity. Remember, spirits may visit you in dreams and take the form of any object.

A German Shepherd may even be a family member that has passed that used to be very close to dogs, or even owned a German Shepherd, that has a message for you.

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Biblical Meaning of Seeing a German Shepherd

Seeing a German Shepherd

Although the spiritual meaning of dreams is very important, biblical meanings are just as important.

The Bible has many lessons to teach, and these lessons should be investigated.

You don’t need to necessarily believe in the Bible to understand what its words have to say. 

The biblical meaning when one sees a German Shepherd represents guidance and protection.

Back in the days when the bible took place, many shepherds used dogs for assistance.

In fact, there are around 40 references to these animals within the pages of the Bible.

Dogs were very common, even back then, way back – thousands of years ago. These beautiful animals were utilized as shepherds and protected the flocks of smaller animals and the home.

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8 Spiritual Meanings of a German Shepherd in Dreams

8 Spiritual Meanings of a German Shepherd in Dreams

The following are the 8 very special spiritual meanings of German Shepherds in your dreams. These are the spiritual meanings that you should pay attention to:

1) Protection 

The first spiritual meaning is protection. This is a very special meaning as it is so comforting.

Perhaps you are experiencing a traumatic emotional experience at the moment or feel overwhelmed

Well, a German Shepherd has entered your dreams as protection for your overall well-being.

It is there to show you that you are not alone and that the Universe has your back. 

2) Guidance 

The second spiritual meaning is guidance. Take a look at the objects around the German Shepherd when it enters your dreams.

What exactly is the German Shepherd telling you?

Often a German Shepherd enters your dreams to guide you towards answers you are looking for, and can’t find, in the real world.

  • Is the German Shepherd speaking in a language you understand?
  • Is there a person standing next to the German Shepherd?

These are extremely special dogs that often have special guidance and messages for you, so pay attention. 

3) Loyalty 

The third spiritual meaning is loyalty. Actually, seeing a German Shepherd in your dream can be an incredible experience, as it indicates loyalty.

This beautiful and big dog indicates that the person you have a crush on or are in a relationship with is loyal to the core.

If you don’t have a partner or crush on someone, the German Shepherd in your dream can also indicate that your friend has a loyal heart and can be trusted.

An alternate meaning is that if you are studying or are in a particular line of work, you should stay committed and loyal to it.

As it will pay out big in the future and open many doors.

4) Intellectual Development 

The fourth spiritual meaning is intellectual development.

Upon seeing a German Shepherd in your dream, know that the Universe and your subconscious are asking you to open your mind to more intellectual stimulation.

Perhaps you should learn and play a logic-skill-developing game such as chess with friends.

Or, you should pick up a few books that teach you things you’ve always wanted to know but didn’t make the time for.

See what things interest you and draw out your curiosity

5) Getting Back to Nature 

The fifth spiritual meaning is getting back to nature. Let’s not forget that German Shepherds are very closely related to the wolf.

Not only are they similar in size, but their survival instincts are very similar.

In fact, German Shepherds would naturally act very much like wolves, except they have been domesticated.

When you see a German Shepherd appears in your dreams, it’s telling you to connect with nature and spend time by the ocean or among the trees

6) Connecting with Your Roots

The sixth spiritual meaning is connecting with your roots.

Since a German Shepherd so closely resembles the wolf as they are so hereditarily connected, this animal in your dreams also tells you to connect and make a deeper connection with your family roots.

Build a family tree and you may just find other family members from around the globe.

From here, you can contact them, and even plan a vacation to meet with them in person, and find out more about your family.  

7) Being of Service

The seventh spiritual meaning is being of service. Maybe the reason that a German Shepherd has entered your dream is for reasons of service.

More than most dogs, these dogs are of service to us humans. They are used by the police, law enforcement, the army, and even by blind people.

Perhaps you are in a headspace where you feel your life revolves around you and everything is about your needs. Many people feel this way.

However, it is especially important to be of service to others.

When you serve others, you fulfill your purpose of being here on earth. Whatever way you serve, from the work you do to volunteering to taking care of others, or even paying attention to street cats or dogs, be of service.

8) Courage

Having courage is the eighth spiritual lesson. One of the biggest lessons you need to learn in life is to have courage.

When a German Shepherd sees any harm coming to the ones they love – their owners – they will attack without a second thought.

German Shepherds have been known to fly out of airplanes with their owners when in the army or even jump into the water.

One of the biggest lessons in life is to have courage when things challenge you.

The spiritual meaning of a German Shepherd entering your life symbolizes the fact that you need to take action, stop being passive, and have the courage to do all the things that scare you!

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Is Dreaming About a German Shepherd a Bad Sign?

German Shepherd

There are certain objects in a dream that can indicate that bad things are about to happen.

For instance, seeing a tsunami can mean you are emotionally distraught, and seeing a giant spider can indicate that there is a woman in your life, or your mother who wants to take control of your life.

However, seeing a German Shepherd is never too bad a sign in any of your dreams

The only time it can indicate something ominous is if you are naturally very scared of dogs and terrified of German Shepherds.

Unfortunately, some people grew up without pets and are naturally scared of them now.

In this instance, the German Shepherd may indicate that something frightening is about to enter your life.

However, if this thing does scare you, it just means that you should rise up to the challenge of defeating whatever this scary thing may be.

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Final Words

Feel lucky if a German Shepherd has entered your dream.

It indicates protection, guidance, loyalty, intellectual development, returning to nature, connecting with your roots, being of service, and having courage. 

This beautiful animal has entered your dream to be your friend and guide you to a better life in your waking world!

Look forward to everything life can offer you after seeing a German Shepherd appear in your dream – only beautiful things await!

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