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11 Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Praying Mantis (House)

11 Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Praying Mantis

You might have probably heard of a praying mantis before, or seen one before!

However, the real question is in understanding the biblical meanings of this unique creature. 

At first, I assumed that a praying mantis is not relevant in biblical terms. The reason is that you won’t find anywhere in the bible with “praying mantis” as a reference.

As I took a deeper look with an open mind, I discovered that the qualities and essence of this creature are littered all over the bible

This is what I will be sharing in this article. It came to me as a shocking revelation. But, my perception of praying mantis has changed ever since. 

Have you ever seen this creature and felt like God was showing you something? Well, you are right about that. 

Read on to discover the 11 biblical meanings of seeing a praying mantis. 

Praying Mantis meaning in the Bible

Praying Mantis meaning in the Bible

In this section, we will talk about the biblical meanings of a praying mantis based on its color. Our focus will be on its 3 predominant colors. 

What does the bible say concerning these colors? 

Do colors of a praying mantis mean anything biblically? 

Here are the answers to these questions. 

Green Praying Mantis:

Green Praying Mantis
Green Praying Mantis

The green praying mantis biblically represents a season of prosperity and fortune. If you are going through a difficult moment in your life, the presence of a green praying mantis implies that everything is about to turn around for your good. 

According to the bible, the green color of this creature speaks of fruitfulness and harvest.

This means that you are in a season of harvest. Therefore, expect things to change henceforth. 

Additionally, a green praying mantis is also believed to mean good health and protection to the children of God. 

Brown Praying Mantis:

Brown Praying Mantis

The brown praying mantis speaks of living a pure life. According to the bible, brown color represents impurity and a life of sin. 

Therefore, when you find brown praying mantis around you, you may have been contaminated with sin. This is why God has sent these creatures to your life as a warning sign. 

Take immediate action by asking for forgiveness. Also, ask the Holy Spirit to purify your heart and make you holy again.

Also, the bible reveals a brown praying mantis as a sign of hard work and dedication. This means that seeing a brown praying mantis means you should put your hands on the plough and never look back.

White Praying Mantis:

White Praying Mantis
White Praying Mantis

Contrary to the brown praying mantis, whenever you see a white praying mantis, it means a life of holiness and purity

Spiritually, seeing a white praying mantis means that your heart and intentions are pure. It could also be telling you to keep your pure intentions. 

Biblically, whenever you find a dead white praying mantis, God is telling you to resurrect your spiritual life.

This gory sight means that your love for spirituality has dwindled. It is a call to spiritual awakening.

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Praying mantis symbolism in the Bible

Praying mantis

The praying mantis symbolism in the bible is as follows:

According to the bible, a praying mantis is a symbol of prayer. Just like its name connotes, seeing this creature calls you to live a perpetual lifestyle of prayer. It means that you need to always communicate with God. 

Additionally, a praying mantis is a symbol of total surrender and obedience to God. From the posture of this creature, we can learn how to submit to God in humility. It also inspires us to live our lives in obedience to God’s instructions. 

Finally, whenever you see a praying mantis, it is a symbolic representation of our spirituality.

It means that we need to make efforts to remain spiritually connected. One of the ways to achieve this is by maintaining a mind posture of spirituality.

This means that our focus must always be on spiritual things.

To put this in a better way, we need to be spiritually sensitive.

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Biblical meaning of a praying mantis dream

Yellow praying mantis

Have you dreamt of a praying mantis? If yes, then, here are some biblical meanings you should keep in mind:

  • When you dream of a praying mantis landing on your right shoulder, this means that God is ready to bear your burdens. According to what He said in the bible, we must learn to cast all our cares on Him because He is ready to bear our burdens. 
  • Dreaming about a praying mantis also means that your spiritual senses are beginning to awaken. This type of dream signifies that your spiritual eyes are opening.
  • Whenever you see a praying mantis in your dream, it means that God is calling you to a higher level of spirituality. Just as God told John to “Come up higher” in the book of Revelation, the dream of praying mantis is also telling us to come up higher. This dream means you should delve deeper into the world of spirituality. 
  • It is believed that seeing a praying mantis in the dream means that the presence of God has come into your home. According to the bible, this is one of the symbolic representations of praying mantis.

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11 Biblical meanings of seeing a praying mantis

Biblical meaning of seeing a praying mantis

We have discussed so much already in this article. However, before we wrap this up, let me share the amazing 11 biblical meanings of seeing a praying mantis. Some of these biblical messages will surprise you. 

Read on to discover them. 

1) Pay attention to your inner voice

According to the bible, the holy spirit lives in our hearts. Therefore, we must learn to pay attention to His voice

This is why you keep seeing a praying mantis. God is calling your attention to this fact. 

He is telling you to pay attention to your inner voice

2) Something good is about to happen

The moment you constantly dream of seeing a praying mantis, it means that something good is about to happen.

This is one of the biblical meanings of seeing this creature. A green praying mantis is a positive spiritual/biblical sign.

3) You are making the right decision

Biblically, seeing this creature means that you are doing what is right. It also encourages you to trust in your inward intuition.

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4) Overcome Laziness

A dead praying mantis speaks of laziness

Biblically, God frowns at laziness. This is why He has sent a dead praying mantis as an omen.

Through this creature, God is telling you to overcome laziness. He is telling us to embrace diligence and hard work. 

5) Fertility/Childbirth

For women/families praying for a child, a praying mantis might indicate an answer to your prayers.

Whenever you see a praying mantis, it biblically refers to fertility or childbirth.

Therefore, prepare to have your miracle baby soon.

6) Answered Prayers

Have you been praying for something? Then, the presence of a praying mantis biblically means that your prayers are answered.

Spiritually, this means that you should rejoice and expect your prayers to come to pass soon. 

7) You are not alone

When you dream of walking around with a praying mantis on your shoulder, it means that you are not alone.

Biblically, God sends this dream to people who are depressed and lonely. It is meant to encourage them to keep holding on to Him

8) Keep your innocence

Praying mantis reminds you to keep your innocence. This means that you should not be corrupted by the vices of society. This can be possible by maintaining the right relationships. 

This is another biblical meaning of seeing this wonderful creature. 

9) Protection

When you see a praying mantis flying over your head, it means that God is protecting you from harm. This means that you are shielded by the angels of God and nothing can come close to you. 

10) Spiritual Sensitivity

Through praying mantis, your spiritual senses can be awakened. This is because God inspires us to pray and commune with him through praying mantis. 

11) Self Confidence

God wants you to believe in yourself. Biblically, He wants us to be confident about our lives.

One of the ways he communicates this desire is through praying mantis.

Therefore, when you find them around you, it means that you should embrace self-confidence.

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Is a praying mantis a good sign in the Bible?

The good luck associated with this insect

Yes, a praying mantis is a good sign in the bible. This creature is not associated with anything evil, negative, or dark. 

Therefore, when next you find it in your dreams or in real life, embrace the energy it brings into your heart. 

The presence of a praying mantis indicates that something good is about to happen. It encourages and strengthens you. 

Are praying mantis good omens?

Positive omens from insects in the Bible

Yes, praying mantis are good omens

Be it in the bible, or general world of spirituality, these creatures are positive omens. They bring good health, fertility, productivity, protection, and other positive messages and signs to us. 

This is why you are fortunate to find them visiting you at auspicious moments of your life. Take advantage of that rare opportunity today.

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Final Words

With a praying mantis, God can speak several messages to you. All that is required from you is an understanding of what the bible says about this creature. E

This article has explained all that you need to know about the 11 biblical meanings of seeing a praying mantis. Therefore, experience true freedom by implementing everything you have learned so far. 

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