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What Does it Mean When a Cockroach Crawls on You? 7 Signs

What Does it Mean When a Cockroach Crawls on You? 7 Signs

Everyone knows what a cockroach is. We often come across them at a very early age and never forget them for the rest of our lives.

After all, we can safely say that a cockroach is one of the least liked if not the most hated pests of all time

When I was young, I had a playmate who was extremely scared of the cockroach.

He would run away as soon as he saw one even if the cockroach was still a bit far away. I thought that he was weird to react that way over something so small.

Thankfully, I wasn’t as scared as he was of the cockroach.

But growing up, I realized that a lot of people have the same reaction towards cockroaches.

But these experiences with friends and family who would run away from cockroaches got me thinking: Is there a meaning when a cockroach crawls on you? What could it mean when this happens?

What Does it Mean When a Cockroach Crawls on You?

Cockroach Crawls

Cockroach crawling on you, for many, is far from a pleasant thing.

My friends who are extremely scared of cockroaches say they run away because the last thing they want is to have the cockroach go crawling on them.

For some, this is their worst fear. But is there a spiritual meaning to this?

The answer is yes, there is meaning when a cockroach does crawl on you. That is to let go of the past.

When you think of your past, do you often feel or act this way?

  • Feeling regretful;
  • Wanting to start all over again;
  • Wishing things were different;
  • Daydreaming of doing different things.

When the cockroach crawls on you and you feel any of the above, then take a sign from the heavens to look forward and not backgrounds.

This means you need to stop living in the past.

We don’t need to spend so much time regretting what we’ve done in the past and how it will affect our future.

The past helps us shape our present and future. And what we do in the present is important in creating the future we want to have.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Cockroach Crawling on My Bed

Cockroach Crawling on My Bed

Cockroaches can crawl anywhere including all over your bed.

Many dread this as they are scared that the cockroach is a carrier of different kinds of diseases and illnesses.

But what many fail to realize is that there is a strong spiritual meaning when the cockroach crawls on your bed.

The heavens are actually telling you that change is coming when a cockroach goes all over your bed crawling.

Sadly, many of us are scared of change and would rather that things remain the way they are. Are you one of them?

The cockroach is actually telling you to brace for major changes coming your way. These changes could be related to any of the following:

  • Home life;
  • Work;
  • School;
  • Relationships;
  • Extracurricular.

Regardless of what the change is about, you must be prepared.

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7 Spiritual Signs When a Cockroach Crawls on You 

7 Spiritual Signs When a Cockroach Crawls on You 

Here are seven spiritual signs when a cockroach crawls on you. 

1) You are comfortable in your own skin

Confidence in your own skin is actually an idiomatic expression that basically says you are a confident person who knows and is comfortable with the following:

  • Abilities;
  • Qualities;
  • Material possessions;
  • Background;
  • Action;
  • Intelligence.

When you have a cockroach crawling on your skin, this is indeed a sign of how comfortable you are on your skin.

You know what you have and your weaknesses, and you are willing to work hard for what you want and need.

You know that you are not perfect and yet you make the most of what you have and you work on your weaknesses.

You also do not let what other people think get the better of you. You simply go on doing your own thing.

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2) In search for answers

We know that life is hard and many times we have many questions which we want the heavens above to answer.

When you have a cockroach crawling on you, this is a sign that you still are searching for answers.

  • Perhaps you have been praying for some signs of what to do especially when you are about to make a big decision;
  • Maybe you are at a place where you want answers on why something particularly bad happened to you.

Often in life, we look for answers. These can be guidance on our next steps or a search for our purpose in life.

And sometimes the universe takes its time to give answers or we miss the signs already given to us.

The cockroach crawling on you is a reflection of this situation.

It is a sign that you are still waiting for answers to come and you hope that answers to your questions will be soon coming your way.

3) Letting go of negative energies

We often associate cockroaches with negative things like calling them nuances, pests, and carriers of dirt and illness.

But in the spiritual realm crawling cockroaches on your skin can also mean the opposite.

In particular, crawling cockroaches on you may mean that the heavens are helping you let go of negative energies.

The ones above may have heard your cries for help and want to free you from negative energies. 

This could be in the form of a lie low among people who love talking ill of you. Or it could be a break from work that is taking its toll on you physically or mentally. 

The universe wants you to be free from these negative energies.

So, it has sent cockroaches to crawl on you to say that you soon will be freed from these bad vibes or negative energies.

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4) Healing is on its way

Do you need to be healed? Or maybe someone close to you requires healing?

It doesn’t matter whether the healing required is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

As long as someone needs healing, then the crawling cockroach is the sign to symbolize this.

We may associate cockroaches with diseases, but in the spiritual world, this animal that crawls on you could mean the opposite of illness.

It can be the universe’s way of saying to you to stop worrying as healing is on its way either for you or your loved one.

5) Don’t be judgemental

We were told growing up and even as adults that we should not judge a book by its cover.

That we should not be quick to judge others based on what we merely see.

This is also the spiritual sign brought by cockroaches that crawl on you. For many, we view cockroaches as something that has to be crushed.

But on the contrary, it carries deep spiritual messages, too. And of them is not to be judgemental.

6) New life is coming

Are you hoping for a new life? Perhaps you are looking forward to getting pregnant or hoping to raise a new pet.

Whatever your request may seem, and you have cockroaches crawl on you, then you can rejoice. This is a sign from the ones above that new life is indeed coming.

You or your partner can get pregnant, or you may consider adopting.

If you wish to be a fur parent, then soon you will meet your new fur baby.

Perhaps, a wee one is soon coming to stay with you for quite some time. This small child will then need your help and guidance.

7) Laugh more

Life tends to take its toll on us. And often we forget to enjoy the fun and lighter side of life

When a cockroach comes and it crawls on your skin and body, then take this as a strong sign from the heavens above.

The message is that you should laugh more and enjoy life.

Just because life is hard it doesn’t mean that we can no longer find reasons for laughter and enjoyment.

Take the crawling cockroach as a sign that life can be serious but there is joy and laughter in it. Regardless of circumstances, remember to laugh.

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Is a Cockroach Crawling on you a Good Spiritual Sign? 

cockroach sink

A cockroach crawling on you can also bring good spiritual signs.

This is because it offers deep meanings from the heavens on how to live a good and meaningful existence.

Plus, some of its signs also point to a new life, healing, or a better and more peaceful way of living.

Final Words

Cockroaches may not be the man’s best friend. In fact, many view cockroaches as enemies that must be crushed as soon as possible.

But before you harm them consider the fact that they bring messages and meanings from the heavens above. These meanings can help you live a more fruitful life.

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