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7 Eastern Eyed Click Beetle Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

7 Eastern Eyed Click Beetle Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

Arguably, not everyone knows what the Eastern Eyed Click Beetle is. I myself could not recognize this beetle with its color and body markings. 

I remember coming across it the first time and having to ask my companion whether it was a beetle. Fortunately, my friend knew what it was.

The other day I saw an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle again, leaving me inspired to write about its symbolism and spiritual meanings.

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle Symbolism

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle
Eastern Eyed Click Beetle

Are you feeling any of these things these days?

  • Weak;
  • Hopeless;
  • Apathy;
  • Giving up.

Many times in our lives we would feel like we cannot go on or that everything seems hopeless.

This usually happens when something unexpected, or a difficult challenge has been thrown our way.

We feel weak or we feel like we just don’t care about anything anymore

If you are feeling this way, and you come across an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle, then take it as a sign from the heavens to remain strong.

This is because this particular beetle symbolizes strength. 

We may not know it but we also have unlimited strength.

The strength and will to keep going despite difficult happenings do not go away. And this is what the Eastern Eyed Click Beetle stands for: unlimited strength.

Let this be our guiding principle every time you are going through something hard or heartbreaking: we have unlimited strength.

It is symbolized by the Eastern Eyed Click Beetle.

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What Does It Mean Seeing an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle?

The real meaning of this beetle

When you see an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle, it is because the universe is reminding you that you are unique

Many times we want to fit in so much that we do things that displease the higher beings. 

Several circumstances may compel you to act against your will like lying about your background or pretending to be someone else, all in the hope of fitting in.

When this happens, think of the Eastern Eyed Click Beetle you saw. This particular beetle is different from its fellow wireworms because they become predatory to other larvae eating decaying wood. 

This is why the universe is reminding you to embrace your uniqueness.

You were created with much thought and attention and so there is no need to hide what and who the real you are.

You are different from others and you must embrace your uniqueness.

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7 Eastern Eyed Click Beetle Spiritual Meanings 

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle Spiritual Meaning

1) Let the universe take over

We will encounter different seasons in our lives including difficult and sad ones. When these seasons take place, you have to remain strong and resilient

You may go through a roller coaster of emotions. Some days, you would feel like you can still go on and handle more difficult stuff in life.

Other times you would feel so weak like there is zero strength to keep going.

When you feel like giving up or are tired of the roller coaster of emotions, then think of one of the spiritual messages of the Eastern Eyed Click Beetle, which is to let the universe take over.

The universe, after all, knows what it is doing. It has also placed you in your current predicament for a good reason.

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2) Be closer to God

One of the strongest spiritual messages of the Eastern Eyed Click Beetles is to be closer to God. It is no secret that many people become backsliders, meaning they go back and forth in their faith.

This beetle is particularly special because the heavens had intended it to be a carrier of this message: take time to be closer to God. This means you need to work on your faith.

Take the time to work on growing your faith such as spending more time in prayer and good work.

3) You are being protected

Beetles including Eastern Eyed Click Beetles have this hard protective covering

Don’t be surprised to find out that one of the spiritual meanings of Eastern Eyed Click Beetle is protection.

There seems to be something strong and stoic with the beetles including the Eastern Eyed Click ones and so think of the protection the higher beings are capable of providing you with.

We may not know it, but we receive protection practically everyday of our lives from the ones above.

The way we are being protected may not be that apparent or obvious all the time, but we have this inherent protection and that is signified by the Eastern Eyed Click Beetle.

4) Abundance

One of the spiritual meanings of the Eastern Eyed Click Beetles is abundance.

Our blessings in life, after all, are much like the spots that Eastern Eyed Click Beetles have. These are spots that look difficult to count

We have received plenty of blessings in our life regardless of our circumstances.

These could include:

  • Family;
  • Friends;
  • Work;
  • School;
  • Social life;
  • Material things.

But many times we forget that we have already received an abundance of blessings.

We tend to count the things that we do not have.

So, the next time you come close to Eastern Eyed Click Beetles, it would do you well to remember the abundance the heavens above have already given you.

5) New season

I have already mentioned that we all go through different seasons in our life. But many of us are scared of new seasons.

We prefer to be in the old one partly because we don’t like change but partly also because we like where we are in life.

The Eastern Eyed Click Beetles also spiritually mean that a new season is coming.

The new season may bring you joy, sorrow, laughter, more blessings, and other emotions.

But regardless of what is in the new season, you have to trust that the ones above have something in store for you.

Often, the good things are also not easily obvious but the new season may actually be good for you.

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6) Healing

We all want to be healed.

And while healing comes in different forms, anyone can become fully healed.

The Eastern Eyed Click Beetles brings about the spiritual meaning that healing is on its way. Whether this is the healing of your physical body or some illness, or healing of the spirit.

The beetle could also mean spiritual healing. 

When you are praying to be healed, just remember that God is the ultimate healer.

7) Be patient

Patience is not only a virtue. It is also one of the spiritual messages that the Eastern Eyed Click Beetles may bring.

It is but natural for any of us to become so impatient. Sometimes we want our prayers to be answered immediately or we want our questions answered as soon as possible

But as we all know, in life we should learn to be more patient. And this is the spiritual message of the Eastern Eyed Click Beetles.

Is Seeing an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle a Good Luck Sign? 

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle and Good Luck

Seeing an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle can be considered a good luck sign.

This is because it teaches us how to live a more meaningful life.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you can expect material good things to come quickly when you see an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle.

The spiritual messages it offers help us to become better versions of ourselves.

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Final Words

The Eastern Eyed Click Beetle may not be the most common or popular beetle. But it does offer very deep spiritual messages.

We should be discerning what the messages are and how they apply to us.

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  1. I have been going through some things in my life and I have constantly prayed to God to please not give up on me. I’ve been done really good things past few weeks and seeing this beetle today has done my heart good! This is the second time in my life of 52yrs I can recall seeing one of these so I decided to google it and wow, I had no clue of it’s spiritual meaning.❤️❤️❤️

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