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9 Surprising Spiritual Meanings of Fruit Flies: Bad Omen?

9 Surprising Spiritual Meanings of Fruit Flies: Bad Omen?

In this post, we’ll talk about the spiritual meaning of fruit flies and what they symbolize.

Fruit flies, arguably, are some of the most annoying insects anywhere in the world. As its name suggests, these flies are easily spotted hovering above fruits or even vegetables. 

Fruit flies are the enemy of fruit stall owners and even regular homemakers as they can cause damage to the fruits being stored or sold.

Catching or killing them is quite difficult to do and they are potential carriers of bacteria and disease.

This is why very few people have positive things to say about fruit flies. 

What many fail to realize is that fruit flies are actually bearers of messages from up above. They are not the unwanted pests they seem.

Thus, do not ignore them the next time you see fruit flies since they may be bringing with them life-changing messages.

In this post we’ll talk about the following things:

  • What do fruit flies symbolize?
  • What message fruit flies are possibly sending?

What do Fruit flies mean spiritually?

Fruit flies in spiritual world

I often get annoyed when I see fruit flies in my kitchen or garden.

To me, they are nothing but sore eyes.

Plus, they also prey on the fresh produce that I have, which to me means they bring nothing but destruction.

But as they say, instead of focusing on the negatives, one must learn to direct his or her attention to the deeper meaning of things around us.

These days, when I see fruit flies, I remember their spiritual meanings

During ancient times, fruit flies are believed to be reminders to people to take care of their blessings.

Back then, fruit flies meant that you should pay attention to how you use and make the most of what was given to you.

It’s essentially a reminder to not let blessings go to waste as the one above may want to take back what you presently have.

When you’re seeing that fruit flies seem to be everywhere, then it’s a strong message that you are being careless in handling your blessings or resources.

It is a sign that you are fast becoming unappreciative of what you have and if left unchecked, what you have may be taken away.

It’s essential to be mindful of how you handle abundance right at the beginning. You should not wait for blessings or things around you to rot or slip away slowly.

You have to be careful about how you deal with the good things that are given to you every step of the way.

Fruit Flies Symbolism

The symbolism of fruit flies

Fruit flies signify abundance. Having these two-winged creatures in heaps means you have been blessed by the universe. 

Fruit flies’ symbolism talks about the fact that what you have today is temporary and that tomorrow your situation could change.

You need to pay attention to the present and how you are handling your current situation.

If you’re seeing fruit flies everywhere, then it could be the universe’s way of saying to pay attention to the present. It means that the past and the present may be important, but you have to focus on the now.

The present is important as many things in this world are temporary.

Rather than invest in worrying about what will happen tomorrow, pay more attention to what you are doing now.

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Fruit Fly Totem Animal

Small fruit fly

The fruit fly as a totem animal symbolizes:

  • Resourcefulness and persistence;
  • Craftiness;
  • Fruit flies as totem animal are warnings of life-changing event or situation.

Fruit flies are typically associated with virtues of resourcefulness and persistence.

Think of how they find their way to your kitchen, dumpsters, and gardens, to name a few of the places they often visit.

They may be small but they can be tenacious in reaching their target destination.

This speaks volumes of their tenacity and persistence.

They are known as crafty creatures who take advantage of what is available to survive and thrive.

Craftiness is a positive trait as it helps a person weather whatever storms come his or her way.

Fruit flies may be your spirit animal trying to warn you that things might change soon.

They could be bringing you a message to hold on tight and be ready for major changes to take place in your life.

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9 Spiritual meanings and messages from fruit flies

Fruit flies in rotten fruit

1) Be careful with your friends

When you see fruit flies or dream of them, then it could be a message from the universe telling you to be wary of your friend.

This is because fruit flies are known for keeping close to fruits and other objects but their intentions are not necessarily pure.

Often, they hover and stick around to gain personal advantage. They also bring illness and other diseases.

Thus, dreams of fruit flies or actually seeing them is a way of warning you to be careful of those who are close to you, including friends.

Be mindful of your friends and pay attention if they are keeping close to you for good reasons or because they have so much to gain from your friendship.

2) Negative energies in your house

Think of the places where fruit flies frequently.

Aside from hovering around fruits, you will find them on mops, rags, trash cans, drains, and even inside cabinets and drawers.

Plus, they tend to bring with them illnesses and can contaminate food bacteria.

Fruit flies are the equivalent of bad energy.

When you see fruit flies in your home, imagine the negative things they bring with them.

They are, after all, nuisance pests that offer little benefits to your home

Having them at different places in your home means that they are spreading negative energies all over the house.

3) Bad luck is on the way

Fruit flies are known for attacking cultivated fruits, eventually causing substantial damage to them.

Fruit flies also tend to lay their eggs on citrus fruits frequently. When the larvae tunnel land on the fruit, it can no longer be eaten.

Other kinds of fruit flies cause the fruit to become discolored and spongy.

For businesses selling these fruits and home dwellers who bought them, fruit flies are the reason for their economic losses.

It is for this reason that fruit flies may signify that bad luck is about to come.

Having them in your space could mean that bad things are about to take place since they are known for causing destruction and losses.

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4) Be more respectful of other people

Fruit flies are meant to remind us to be respectful toward other people

Fruit flies love intruding into our spaces and can be found on different parts of the structure.

They could be located anywhere that has moisture like rags, mops, or even empty bins.

Spending time and staying in places where you are unwanted is a sure sign of disrespect.

As such, seeing these fruit flies should remind you of how you treat others.

Are you respectful of other people’s space? 

When you see fruit flies ask yourself these questions:

  • Are we forcing ourselves into their spaces and are we mindful of how we act and behave in front of others? 
  • Are we being respectful to other people? 

5) Someone is talking bad about you 

Contamination is one of the first words that come to mind when we think of a fruit fly.

This two-winged insect, after all, hops from one place to another.

They will bring whatever they picked up from one place like disease or bacteria to the next place they’ll be in.

For example, if they’ve picked up bacteria from a trash bin, then they are likely to bring this bacteria when and contaminate the fruit or other food in your home.

This is the reason why fruit flies are thought of as warnings that someone is talking bad about us.

Fruit flies stand for the people who contaminate others’ ears with bad things about others.

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6) Don’t ignore those who need it most

Fruit flies are also viewed as reminders of one’s blessings.

If you see plenty of fruit flies, then it’s because you have many possessions.

Fruit flies running freely in your space should remind us that others are not as fortunate as us.

They have so much less in life and need our help.

We should take fruit flies as a sign to be on the lookout for those in need.

When someone asks for help, we should not turn them away but instead go out of our way to help

They are signs that you should not be deaf nor insensitive to the plight of others, especially since the resources we have now may be gone tomorrow.

7) Less is more

Fruit flies are essentially nuisance pests that love being around fermenting material. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an over-ripened vegetable or fruit. 

This should teach us that many times in life, less is more.

We don’t need many possessions as material things can cause more harm than good.

Holding on to material things in life that we can actually dispose of can be detrimental, and worse fatal.

When we see fruit flies flying freely in our homes, then it’s time to consider whether we are holding on to so many material possessions.

Consider letting go of some things so they don’t cause clutter and more trouble for you in the future.

8) Everything changes

They say that the only permanent thing in life is change.

And this is one of the spiritual meanings of fruit flies.

Think of how quick they can be to get to your ripening fresh produce in your homes.

One moment your fruits and vegetables seem so fresh, but quickly change when fruit flies get to them. 

Consider as well that some species of fruit fly like the Mediterranean fruit fly can lay as many as 500 eggs.

When they lay this much eggs on fruits, the fruit becomes unfit for consumption

These are all reminders that everything can change in an instant.

What was once fresh could quickly become contaminated and inedible. What was once good can turn bad quickly.

9) A good time for reflection

When you see fruit flies roaming freely, then it reveals that you need to evaluate your life. These flies are telling you that it may be time to make some changes.

They are saying that perhaps it’s time to let go of some hurtful things in the past. Or make a radical shift in the way you live. 

You need to pay attention and be critical of how you are using your gifts and resources and whether the blessings you have are being used for the greater good rather than for your own gains

Are fruit flies a bad omen?

The negative messages from this insect

Fruit flies are not necessarily signs of bad luck.

They could simply be reminding you of these things:

  • Use your gifts wisely: The fruit fly could be sending you a reminder that while all may be good in your life, make sure that you are being wise and generous with what you have in the present. 
  • Consider cleaning out: Whether it’s physical clutter or emotional baggage, the presence of fruit flies could signify that it’s time to make some major cleaning in your life.

Are Fruit flies in the House a Sign of Bad News?

Having fruit flies at home doesn’t mean you’ll be receiving bad news anytime soon.

In fact, these flies are the universe’s way of protecting you from a spiritual attack.

They are signs that you may be trusting others too much or being comfortable with your ways.

We may view them as nuances but fruit flies in the spiritual realm are also intended to protect us by either warning us or reminding us to be better versions of ourselves.

Final Words

They may be the unwanted guests in our personal spaces, but fruit flies can remind you of what’s important in life and to be mindful of how we live.

In the end, they are the universe’s way of speaking to us which is why we must pay close attention when we come in contact with them.

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