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9 Spiritual Meanings Of Insects Around You (In Your House)       

9 Spiritual Meanings Of Insects Around You (In Your House)       

Have you ever felt like an insect magnet because there are always insects around you?

Well, as odd as it may sound, the universe could be trying to tell you something through those insects! PAY ATTENTION!

In this article, we’ll uncover all the spiritual meanings and secret messages behind insects being attracted to you

So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Why Am I Seeing A Lot Of Bugs?

Seeing A Lot Of Bugs

Well, in the real world, seeing a lot of bugs could mean that your house or yard is being attacked and infested by bugs

This may be common during summers since hotter temperatures tend to cause a spike in bug reproduction. 

Dirty bed sheets and mattresses also invite bed bugs that may crawl on your skin while you’re asleep.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Insects Around You

Insects Around You

Spiritually, insects resting or flying around you could mean that the universe is trying to communicate with you

Since the creepy crawlies are mostly deemed filthy and unlikeable, you obviously shouldn’t be expecting anything good

You may be warned about an upcoming event that is going to negatively impact your life or given the news about someone from your family falling extremely ill.

Chances of losing your job, being rejected in love, or being abandoned by your friends are equally as high.  

In The Morning:

Seeing insects in the morning could mean that you’re going to have a horrible day!

You may be yelled at by your boss, fired from work, busted for a past lie, or have a breakup with your girlfriend/boyfriend. 

All good things may go sideways, leaving you feeling hopeless, exhausted, and completely demoralized. 

As a whole, your day will mostly be all downs and lows.

You’ll find yourself longing for a new morning much before the day ends.

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In The Afternoon:

Seeing insects in the afternoon may suggest that you’ve been overthinking a lot lately

The list of reasons behind this overthinking could be endless but will definitely include:

  • Family problems;
  • Financial crises;
  • Heavy workloads;
  • Worrying about what the future has to bring. 

Your overthinking seems to be getting worse with time. It will start to negatively affect your family, work, or social life.

Consider taking serious action to mitigate the problem from the root. 

At Night:

If you happen to see a lot of bugs at night, the universe could be trying to signal upcoming trouble

However, this trouble will be slow cooking and will eventually unfold as a new chapter in your life. It may be filled with negativity, criticism, heartbreaks, and abandonment. 

You may have to go into hibernation mode soon or cut off toxic people from your life to keep your physical and mental health at maintenance levels.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Insects Inside Your House

Insects Inside Your House

Frequently coming across insects inside your house could mean that your family is going to be in danger

And, no, the insects are NOT the danger here

It could be something much bigger like an intrusion, daytime robbery, or dangerous people holding your family hostage. 

An outbreak or viral disease could also affect a family member leaving them in a life-or-death situation. 

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Spiritual Meaning Of Insects Always Landing On Me

Insects Always Landing On Me

If you notice insects always landing on you and no one else, it could mean two things:

  • A deceased loved one may have sent a message your way and the universe wants you to take notice of it;
  • It could be an indication of bad luck. 

Never winning at anything, losing your job, having your money stolen right after, or coming home to find bird’s poop in your hair may further signify this bad luck

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9 Spiritual Meanings & Messages Of Insects Around You

9 Spiritual Meanings & Messages Of Insects Around You

Now that you’ve understood that insects being around you isn’t a good sign. Let’s see their messages and things that you need to change in your life:

1) You’re Letting Others Control You

The universe may send insects your way to remind you that you’re giving others too much power over yourself

It means you’re not in control of your thoughts, intentions, or actions anymore.

Whatever you do is based on what others think is “right” or “wrong” for you to do. 

This is not only a waste of your own mind power but also your existence. Since it technically translates to YOU not existing as an individual anymore

So, to fix this, you need to start establishing boundaries, taking responsibility, and, most importantly, LEARNING TO MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES

2) Let People Help You

If you notice insects around you often, the universe may be trying to tell you that you CANNOT do everything on your own. 

Oftentimes, you may find yourself in situations where you decide to do things on your own and fail miserably.

You may also be carrying emotional baggage from the past, fighting your own demons, or trying to make things work out all on your own. 

While this might teach you a bit about independence and responsibility, you must also learn to let others help you during extremely challenging times.

At least accept a helping hand occasionally. 

3) A Transformation Is Going To Take Place

If your life, mind, and heart still have a mundane touch to them, seeing insects around the house might mean that things are going to drastically change soon.

This transformation will lead to a change in your lifestyle, character, actions, and, most importantly, mindset. 

It will open new paths, broaden simple opportunities, help overcome current obstacles, and allow you to thrive in life by helping you transition to a positive physical and mental state. 

Spiritual transformation could also be a part of this and it will allow you to develop a better connection with the universe and divinity. 

4) You’re Underconfident

In certain parts of the world, insects are believed to represent timidness, underconfidence, and low self-esteem

If you’re underconfident, you could have trouble communicating verbally, getting your ideas across, making friends, or just doing the most basic things in life.

You may also be mistreated, undervalued, and taken for granted professionally.

In general, underconfidence stems from childhood criticism, financial trouble, or poor academic or work performance.

But, there’s a deeper, darker reason behind your underconfidence.

You better look into it and eliminate it as soon as possible because that’s what the universe wants you to do. 

5) Your Toxicity Is Ruining Your Relationship

It would be hilarious if I used the “if you’re someone who’s really toxic” line to begin this one because how on earth would you know if you’re toxic or not

Well, apparently, the universe does. And, it is sending insects your way because you need to…STOP!

You may be too controlling in relationships, always sarcastic, constantly turning things into a competition, thinking of yourself as superior, or just behaving like you have no idea what the word “personal space” means.

If this is not handled properly, your toxicity can quickly end up becoming the reason for your breakup/divorce

6) You’re Greedy

Greed is the killer of all.

It is the selfish desire to attain more than your fair share at a compromising cost. 

Your greediness can ruin both your family and work relationships since you tend to believe that the amount of money, love, affection, or respect you’re allocated is always less than what you actually deserve. 

And, while this can be true in some instances, more often than not, that’s NOT really the case

So, whenever you notice insects being unusually clingy with you, just take it as a sign to keep your greed/selfishness in check

7) You Often Feel Like You’re Not Deserving Of Good Things

It is common human nature to question whether or not you deserve the good things that may have come your way. 

But, if you’ve been seeing a lot of insects in your house lately, it may indicate that your answer has always been a big fat NO

This may be because of all the mistakes you’ve made in the past or constantly feeling like you’re a bad person. Which can trigger feelings of guilt even when you’re happy

However, you need to keep in mind that feeling deserving has nothing to do with your past or the opinion of others

You obviously may have done something that led you towards good things even if it was unintentional. 

8) You’re Neglecting Good People

Another possible interpretation of insects being unusually clingy with you is that you’re cutting off good people from your life

It could be anyone from a friend, partner, or colleague to a relative that you’ve been ignoring for a while.

The universe is trying to remind you of the fact that they are good people that were meant to be yours.

Make sure to welcome and appreciate them for who they truly are and let go of any small grudges you might have with them. 

9) You’ve Changed… BUT… NOT In A Good Way

Seeing insects around you all the time could also mean that you’ve successfully changed for the worse

You may have picked up a drug addiction, got involved in violence, crime, injustice or perhaps even just started acting irresponsibly and nonchalantly all of a sudden. 

This change may severely affect different aspects of your life in ways you never thought it could.

Love in relationships may fade away, people will start distancing themselves from you or your professional life might see a downfall.

Even important family bonds could really suffer all because of the changes you’ve brought in yourself.

Why Do Bugs Keep Landing On Me?

Bugs Keep Landing On Me

Well…yeah…there’s no direct answer for that and I’m sure you can guess why

There may be some pieces of food dangling on your clothes, an open wound, or even just sweat on your body that’s attracting bugs since they like to feed on such stuff. 

OR, in the spiritual context, bugs constantly landing on you could be a reminder from the universe that you’re not living your life to the fullest and leaving behind a lot of fulfillment on the table.

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Final words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now – insects being drawn to you DOES NOT always mean there’s an infestation in your house

The universe may be sending them your way to deliver an important message

Since bugs are mostly disliked and considered nasty, this message surely isn’t going to be a good one.

Therefore, you need to be ready to take a blow and get your friends or family out of trouble because they’ll be needing you very soon. 

Bugs may also be sent your way to remind you of what you’ve been doing wrong so that you can fix things and move ahead in life. 

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