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9 Biblical Meanings of a Double Rainbow: It’s Good Luck?

9 Biblical Meanings of a Double Rainbow: It’s Good Luck?

In the bible, rainbows are highly spiritually significant. Seeing this sign in the sky has biblical meanings and messages you should know. 

Beyond the general spirituality and psychic expressions, rainbows have spiritual significance in the bible as well. 

This is why you need to read this article. I have discovered 9 biblical meanings of seeing a double rainbow.

I will also be discussing how you can tap from its energy for your benefit.  Furthermore, one of the commonly asked questions will be answered. 

A lot of people ask if seeing a double rainbow is good luck or not. Well, to find out the answer to this question, read this article till the end.

What does a double rainbow mean in the bible?

double rainbow mean in the bible

The first spiritual meaning of a double rainbow according to the bible speaks of a new beginning.

It is believed that after the whole earth was destroyed, God gave the remaining humans on earth a double rainbow.

This sent a message to the people on Earth that a new world is about to be created through them. 

To this day, the spiritual meaning still stands.

It is believed that people will begin to experience the appearance of double rainbows when they are about to end a season of their lives

The moment you realize that this type of omen is showing up around you constantly, it might be the best time to:

  1. Reevaluate your life;
  2. Plan how to make the best use of the coming season. 

Additionally, seeing a double rainbow has a biblical meaning, which encourages people.

After many years of studying the bible, I discovered that the rainbow is a sign of the presence of God. So, seeing a double rainbow implies that God is with you

For those who feel lonely and depressed at all times, this might be the sign you need for mental stability.

When we realize that God is with us, it brings encouragement and hope. It also takes away the feeling of inadequacy.

Do you also know that seeing a double rainbow speaks of peace of mind?

Beyond the peace of mind, you will get from a realization and consciousness of God’s presence. You will also have peace of mind as a sign of emotional and mental strength. 

Henceforth, the next time you experience this strange omen, take time to meditate on its spiritual significance and let it help you for proper spiritual positioning. 

Superstition about the double rainbow

Superstition double rainbow

Generally, rainbows have been defined as beautiful and fascinating natural phenomena and events.

However, there are myths and folklore across several traditions and cultures concerning a double rainbow. 

Let us discuss some of these superstitions below:

Hawaiian mythology:

One of the most fascinating stories is the Hawaiian mythology. It is believed that seeing a double rainbow is a sign of the goddess Hina.

The goddess is known as the queen of the skies or the traveler with rainbows.

The rainbow is her pathway that connects the heavens to the earth. To this day, Hawaiian culture believes that double rainbows are a sign of the presence of Hina.

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Chinese folklore:

Another beautiful story about the double rainbow comes from Chinese folklore, which believes that a double rainbow represents the presence of the rainbow serpent or the rainbow dragon.

This creature was made with rainbow beams. Whenever it travels through the sky, it leaves trails of rainbows behind. 

native American culture:

The Native American culture also has something to say about this beautiful natural sky occurrence.

In this culture, rainbows are believed to be a spiritual ladder, which the holy people or the “Yei” as they are called; climb down to the earth to pay visits to their loved ones.

Native Americans believe that seeing a double rainbow implies that a spiritual portal has been opened.

It means that a veil has been opened between the earth and the spiritual dimension

These stories and many more reflect the cultural beliefs of several cultural contexts. It also further proves that seeing a double rainbow is by all means a spiritual sign.

The deep spirituality around this sign is something to never ignore.

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9 Biblical meanings of seeing a double rainbow

9 Biblical meanings of seeing a double rainbow

We have discussed a lot of things concerning double rainbows. In this section, we will talk about the biblical meanings of seeing double rainbows in the sky.

Whether you dream about it or see it in real life, these spiritual messages apply. 

1) It is not bad to start afresh

Earlier on, we discovered that one of the meanings of seeing a double rainbow brings encouragement against stagnancy.

If you have failed in the past, you are seeing a double rainbow because God wants you to start afresh.

In the bible, we have stories of people who began their lives afresh despite the failures they experienced.

For example, the chapter of Ruth 1 talks about this.

After Ruth lost her husband, she did not give up. She decided to continue with her life and eventually met Boaz. Her life changed afterwards. 

This is what seeing a double rainbow can do for you. It can motivate you to start afresh with hopes of a better life. 

2) Stay Positive

Biblically, you will never find rainbows associated with negative energy or omens. This is why its appearance should inspire you to stay positive

Normally, the world we live in is full of negativity. This is an undeniable fact. 

However, we don’t have to go with such a flow. Through double rainbows, we can finally embrace positivity.

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3) Spiritual Sensitivity

One of the biblical signs of God’s presence is seeing a double rainbow.

Anytime it shows up in the sky, it implies that God wants you to become aware of His presence

In essence, this spiritual sign helps a lot of people to become more spiritually sensitive and active.

It creates a consciousness in our hearts that there is a higher power. Afterwards, it further helps us to seek to connect with this higher power.

God’s presence is around you through the double rainbow you just saw. Be open to it and sensitive enough to receive what it brings. 

4) Something good is about to happen

This is one of the common biblical meanings of seeing a double rainbow. It implies that something good is about to happen to you

Have you been praying for something in recent times? If yes, then, God has sent this sign to share the good news with you. 

Your expectations and prayers have been answered. The results are coming. 

The next time you find this sign in the sky, God is telling you to expect good news soon.

5) You are in the season of harvest

Have you been doing what is right for a long time? Well, the double rainbow you just saw is a sign that God has decided to reward you for your labors

Biblically, seeing a double rainbow implies that you are in the season of your harvest. This means that you are about to enjoy what you have labored for in the past

Additionally, this encourages you to not stop doing what is right.

That is, don’t stop putting in your efforts

6) You are on the journey of transformation

This is another spiritual meaning of seeing a double rainbow.

Anytime it shows up in the sky or your dreams, it implies that you are in a season of transformation.

Furthermore, it encourages you to work on developing your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects. 

7) The Holy Spirit

Biblically, seeing a double rainbow is a sign of the holy spirit. It implies that the spirit of God is living on the inside of you

As Christians, this has to remain our spiritual reality and conviction.

When you know that the spirit of God is in you, it becomes easier to depend on Him and also be spiritually connected to the heavens. 

8) God Loves You

When the flood destroyed man in the book of Genesis, the rainbow was given as a token of remembrance and the love of God

Therefore, whenever you find it in the sky, let it remind you of the unending love and care of God. 

9) Abundance

Normally, seeing one rainbow shows a spiritual sign of blessings and positivity. The moment it becomes double, then, it implies abundance

Therefore, the next time you see a double rainbow, God is telling you to expect an abundance of His blessings in your life.

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Are double rainbows a good luck sign?

beautiful double rainbow sky

Yes, they are a good luck sign. When it comes to the rainbow symbolism, it is an omen of good luck, blessings, health, assurance, and positivity.

God never uses a double rainbow as a warning sign or a negative omen. Rather, He uses it as a sign of His:

  • Love, compassion, and goodness towards us

Therefore, always expect positive things to happen to you when you see this sign in the sky.

Final Words

The next time you see a double rainbow in the sky, let what you just read serve as a reminder and guide on how to harness the energy that comes with this sign. 

God has amazing things for you and one of the ways he reveals them is through double rainbows. 

Got a thought to share? Let’s discuss this in the comment section. 

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