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When God Sends a Cardinal? 13 Biblical Reasons

When God Sends a Cardinal? 13 Biblical Reasons

If you’re somewhat of a bird enthusiast, the sight of a cardinal might instantly make you fall in love with them.

Their magnificent and warm orange-ish-red color combined with the cute little crown on their head are two of the most prominent features of the cardinal that can be spotted from afar. 

Throughout history, cardinal birds have been known to carry significant spiritual importance and are believed to be god’s messengers.  

So, in this article, we’ll discuss all the potential reasons why God could be sending cardinals your way. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Are Cardinals A Sign From God?

Red cardinal

Cardinals are believed to deliver and transfer messages from God to humanity.

But since these messages aren’t in the form of direct words or letters, it’s our job to decode them and figure out what god may be trying to convey to us.

The bird is also known to signify messages from a loved one who might’ve passed away recently. 

If we look at it in a way, the red color of the cardinal bird can be linked with the robe of a cardinal in the Catholic church. 

What Does It Mean When God Sends A Cardinal?

Cardinal visit

God sending cardinals could indicate good fortune and luck coming your way.

This could be surprising news for people who never had luck with anything. This means one of the following will happen soon:

  • Lottery winning;
  • Job opportunity;
  • Financial stability;
  • New relationship;
  • Or just life in general.

A cardinal might also awaken your hope and make you believe in the light at the end of the tunnel which is crucial for moving forward and progressing in life. 

Are Cardinals Important In The Bible?

Cardinal in the Bible

Because of their bright red color, cardinals are often believed to represent the blood of Christ.

It allows people to obtain the light, undying belief, and hope that Christ is believed to be a symbol of. 

Also, as I already mentioned, the cardinal is known to be a divine messenger through which loved ones from heaven can contact or send messages to the people they want to. 

These messages would obviously be just signs and hints but, if you read this article all the way through, chances are that you’ll be able to decode them much faster.

There are a few scriptures in the Bible that precisely mention birds:

How can you tell my soul, Fly like a bird to your mountain? While I put my faith in the Lord? (Psalms 11:1).

The birds of the air keep nests, but the Son of man has no place to rest his head (Matthew 8:20).

They serve as a reminder that God loves you and He’s protecting you.

13 Reasons Why God Is Sending Cardinals To My Life

Why god is sending cardinal into my life

Cardinals bring so many good things into your life. They are a true blessing from God to you.

God sends them as a reminder for you to keep fighting for your goals and that your loved ones are supporting you.

Seeing this bird is often a sign of good luck and prosperity in your life. As they are associated with a positive message from Heaven.

So, consider yourself blessed by God if He sent one in your path these days.

Here are 13 why reasons from God to send a cardinal to your life:

1) Your Loved Ones Are Thinking Of You

One of the few reasons why God might be sending cardinals to you is because your loved ones are thinking of you

These could be your parents, friends, or relatives who recently passed away, reside in another state, area, or country, or just can’t spare the time to come and see you but they surely are thinking of you. 

The cardinal may also signify the love, affection, and endearment your loved ones have for you in their hearts. 

2) Angels Are Near You

God sending cardinals your way could be a sign that angels are surrounding you.

No, don’t worry, it’s nothing to be concerned about. In fact, it might mean that God is pleased with you!

These angels could be here to bestow God’s blessings upon you and shower you with good luck and fortune.

It’s here to fill your life with joy, reignite the fire of hope and positivity inside your heart, and even help you break through barriers and tough situations.

3) Positive Changes Are Coming

God sending cardinals into your life could indicate that positive changes are forthcoming.

You may soon receive a new job offer, get promoted, develop deeper and more meaningful bonds, or even just have more motivation while working out. 

This could especially be helpful if your life has been swinging in the opposite direction and you’ve been dealing with a lot of stress, work issues, demotivation, and negativity lately. 

4) You’re In God’s Favor

Now, this does not mean that you’ll be promised heaven and blessed with everything you could ever imagine out of nowhere.

But it could be just a subtle hint that God is pleased with you

Your good deeds, effort in helping others, or even just expressing remorse over past sins could be a ticket to winning god’s favor. After which you may be blessed with divine guidance, happiness, positivity, and hope. 

5) You’re Protected

If God is sending cardinals your way, it could be a sign that you’re under his protection

This protection may safeguard you from all sorts of physical, spiritual, and supernatural attacks as well as shield you from negative energy. 

It may also protect you from the evil eye, jealousy, magic, and unseen evil forces that are injecting fear into your life and taking advantage of your vulnerabilities.

6) You’re Making Progress In Life

God sending cardinals into your life could be an indicator of progress and growth

This doesn’t necessarily have to link with making more money, living a luxurious life, or having a better car.

But it could be more of a spiritual improvement and a sign of slowly achieving inner fulfillment.

This revelation from God could give you hope, the motivation to continue moving forward with optimism, and the belief that everything is achievable.

7) Put Faith In God

Putting faith in God is one of the best ways to obtain his favor and blessings.

But, if you haven’t been trusting his ways lately, he might be sending cardinals your way. 

Every once in a while, we may feel a little hopeless and disconnected from God which makes us lose trust in the destiny and life he has planned out for us.

So, sending cardinals your way could be a request for restoring your faith in him and his way of saying “trust me”. 

8) You’re Close To Meeting Your Soulmate

Believe it or not, the concept of soulmates is true and actually does exist. 

This could be a person whom you instantly click and feel like spending time with, love unconditionally, form the closest connection with, and, most importantly, a person that’s specifically YOURS

If God is sending cardinals into your life, it could either mean that you’ve met your soulmate but haven’t figured out who it is yet or could come across them anytime soon!

9) Stay Committed To Your Goals

The Cardinals are non-migratory birds and they do not fly away to other places when winter emerges, making them a symbol of patience and tolerance

I’ve often stressed the importance of being patient and how it plays a crucial role in helping you achieve your goals.

But, more often than not, all of us still seem to rush the process and get demotivated when outcomes aren’t as quick or as fulfilling as we expected them to be. 

So, if God is sending cardinals your way, it could be a hint that you need to be patient and stay committed to your goals even when you feel like abandoning or quitting what you already started. 

10) It’s Time For A Transformation

The cardinal’s red color symbolizes fire and aggression.

This means that, if God is sending this bird into your life, it might be time to burn away the past and fully transform yourself

This transformation could be both physical and mental, and, to start, you may want to realize your past mistakes, regrets, or failures and let go of them completely. 

Joining a gym, changing up your diet or routine, looking for better job opportunities, following your intuition, and picking the right people to spend time with can work wonders in helping you transform yourself for the better.

11) A Deceased Loved One Telling You To Move On

If you’ve suffered from the loss of a loved one, you may understand how heartbreaking it feels to come across things or recall events that remind you of them. 

However, if you come across a cardinal (especially one that’s sitting in your yard or garage) it could be a message from a recently deceased loved one telling you to move on.

Yes, it might feel impossible to move on but sometimes moving on is the only option we have. And, if you couldn’t before, after seeing the cardinal YOU SHOULD because that’s exactly what your loved one wants you to do. 

12) You’re In Love & Need To Accept It

Being in love — a feeling almost all of us deny at first but regret denying later on in life

So, why regret it when you could just accept it right now?

Yes, it’s hard, I get it. Depending on someone for your happiness, accepting the fact that every time you look at them, your face brightens up, and complete emotional attachment is a lot to digest and accept. 

But, if God is sending cardinals your way (especially red ones), it could be a hint that you shouldn’t be hesitating to accept and confess your love for someone

13) You’re Loyal

Now, this isn’t necessarily a hint or indicator for something but more of a pat on the back.

If you’re coming across cardinals frequently in your house or everyday life, it could mean that God acknowledges your loyalty

This loyalty could be towards a life partner, personal commitments, friendships, or work and might indicate one’s traits of being honest, upfront, and trustworthy.

It might also indicate that people close to you trust you a lot and that you shouldn’t ever be making them regret it. 

What Should I Do When God Sends A Cardinal Into My Life?

Female cardinal

Well, first of all, DO NOT PANIC

Cardinals are meant to be God’s messengers and chances are that 9 out of 10 times, they’ll bring encouraging and positive news.

It could be a hint that your loved ones are doing okay and often thinking about you in heaven. 

So, in terms of what you should do — just sit around for a while and ponder over the context and possible answers to the question…WHY?

Out of the 13 reasons I’ve mentioned in this article, which reason do you think the cardinal might be there for and why? 

OR, was there an event that recently took place in your life which could somehow link with the cardinal encounter? 

Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now — Cardinals are God’s messengers.

If you ever come across one, it could either be a message of wellness from a loved one or God’s acknowledgment of your good deeds.

It also could mean a reward including positivity, hope, platonic love, good fortune and thousands of his blessings coming your way. 

Since cardinals are also believed to represent the blood of Christ, the sight of the bird may help you feel the weight of your sins lifted and a reignition of hope and light in your heart. 

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  1. in the last 2 days at my jobsite, i have seen a red cardinal. where i work at, one flew on the 7th or 8th step of outside of my jobsite , and as i looked out the window, it made sure i seen it and flew away afterwards,
    and 2 days later as i go to work , i for some reason looked too the right side of being inside my car and i look outside my window and i see a red cardinal. recently i have been thinking of someone i never met who commited suicide almost 17 yrs ago, and i have been battling depression because he should still be here with us on earth, but he chose to kill himself because he couldn’t cope with the loss of his mother, brother and i presume his dad in 1974. what is this cardinal trying to tell me, i have been dreaming of this man and i will periodically get images in my mind of him and i don’t know what to think anymore, please someone tell me what this means. is he trying to tell me something, is god trying to tell me something. i would have given anything to know this man, or even been there for him, but i lived in another state, and didn’t know his sadness or pain until after his passing. am i nuts for caring and thinking of someone that has been gone for nearly 17 yrs. am i losing my mind, or is this red cardinal his spirit letting me know he’s watching over me, i can’t understand this? this is racking my brain and i am so confused , and wracked with tears over this man. please someone give me some words of what could be going on with me!!!!!

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