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9 Meanings of an Owl Hooting Outside my Window (Spiritual)

9 Meanings of an Owl Hooting Outside my Window (Spiritual)

It’s no secret that owls are linked to wisdom.

Just take a look at how they have been depicted in popular culture.

In Disney’s Bambi, for example, Friend Owl is a character who looks over Bambi and the rest of the forest Royals, along with the rest of the kingdom.

The character provides guidance, shares wisdom, and is just a little grumpy.

That’s pretty similar to how owls are often depicted in symbolism, too; but there are two sides to the infamous bird.

Why don’t we take a look at this bird’s history, and why they’re so special in a spiritual and symbolic sense.

What does it mean to hear an owl?

Hearing an owl

Sadly, for some cultures, the sound of a single hooting owl in a dream is said to be a sign that death is on the horizon.

To be fair, death is always on the horizon.

It’s part of the circle of life, after all. You need to make the most of someone before time runs out.

If there’s someone you’ve been meaning to get in contact with but keep putting it off, perhaps it’s about time you wrote that email/text/letter or made that call.

Time is not finite.

As I’ve learned myself, the incredibly hard and painful way: life runs out when you least expect it.

Death isn’t the only spiritual meaning behind hearing an owl hooting.

The entire dream or real-life situation must be taken into account, such as whether or not you can see the bird, how many birds there are, what kind of bird it is (if you know), how you feel when you see it, and more.

Dreams and spiritual meanings are subjective.

It’s a message meant for YOU, so YOU have the key to unlocking the interpretation.

And hearing an owl at night?

Owl hooting
  • Do you feel lonely?
  • Is there something or someone missing from your life?
  • Are you tired of doing things alone?

In the Bible, owls are often linked to a number of emotions, including feeling lonely or isolated.

Judaism also puts the same connotations on the bird.

The night is linked to one’s ‘dark’ self, being alone, and the afterlife.

The owl being nocturnal and a creature of the night, is metaphorical – spiritual messages from the afterlife.  

The spiritual meaning of hearing an owl hoot outside my window

Meaning of hearing an owl hoot outside my window

The humble owl is closely linked to the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena; the little owl (Athene noctura) to be specific.

In other cultures, however, a hooting owl (or just owns in general) have much more ominous spiritual meanings.

  • If you were to speak to Native American tribes, they would tell you that the owl was a sign of pending death.
  • Other tribes, however, link the bird to messages from the afterlife.
  • They believe, if an owl visits you, they are bringing you a message from someone who has sadly passed.

If we could travel back to the times of Ancient Egypt, we would see people link owls to the afterlife once again, but this time as gatekeepers.

When souls hadn’t made their way into the afterlife, owls would find them and help them on their way.

As previously stated, spiritual meanings and messages from passed over loved ones are entirely subjective.

If you feel the omen is a positive sign, it is unlikely to be a bad one.

You’ll need to start working on honing your spiritual interpretation skills. (Just keep practicing, and it will get easier and easier, I promise!)

9 Possible messages from an owl hooting at my window

Messages from hearing an owl hooting near my window

Just like some Native American cultures and tribes, owls are believed to be an omen of death in Hinduism. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to die; it is more likely the case that someone you know will leave our mortal coil.

At the same time, however, there are some Hindu tales that link owls to positive news, such as good fortune, wealth, and prosperity.

1) Snow Owls Are Linked to Spiritual Enlightenment

If you see a snow owl hooting at the window, you can breathe a little sigh of relief.

This sign is a positive one, and it is said indicate positivity in terms of your spirituality.

Maybe you’ll start to become more in-tune with your spiritual self, or open your mind and heart to messages sent from the universe?

A spiritual enlightenment will mean different things to different people.

2) Inner Conflict

If the owl at your window seems or feels aggressive and you deem it to be a threat, it could be a sign that you are feeling some sort of inner conflict.

Perhaps there’s something pulling you in different directions, or someone, and you’re not quite sure how to get yourself out of it happily and safely. At some point, of course, you will likely need to pick a side (so to speak), but right now, you’re feeling terribly conflicted about it all.

This could be related to a wide variety of things.

Perhaps you’re stuck trying to make a decision between two different people, or are wondering if the grass will be greener on the other side if you switch careers.

Your inner conflict is irritating you and keeping you awake at night – and the universe has noticed.

3) A Close Brush with Disaster

If you dream of or see a dead owl, not only is it a sad experience (and I’m really sorry you had to experience that) but it also good be a sign of bad news…

But it’s not all bad!

A dead owl is meant to be symbolic of having a close call with death.

This could be as literal as it sounds, like having a car crash but somehow managing to make it out alive.

It could also be a little less literal, such as an early-stage cancer caught with plenty of time to remove it and get the all-clear.

4) Disappointment in Your Future

If you wake up to the sound of an owl hooting right outside your window (or you dream of it), you might be facing some disappointment soon.

This could be major or minor disappointment; you would need to take the entirety of the dream or scenario into account to add more pieces of the puzzle.

If you saw an owl sitting on a tree that is full of life and covered in bright green leaves, it could be a sign of facing disappointment but being strong and hardy enough for it not to bother you too much.

Healthy, happy green trees are linked with stability and strength.

5) But If You Chase It Away…

You can potentially avoid the disappointment or bad luck meant to be symbolized by the hooting own outside your window.

If you chase the bird away, either literally or in your dream, you are chasing the bad vibes and luck away.

PS: Don’t hurt the animal!

6) A Sign of Wisdom

Just as Friend Owl in Bambi was a wise, sensible, knowledgeable character, the owl in your life might be a sign of wisdom in your future.

Perhaps you’re about to learn a life lesson or take up further education to head in a different career direction.

It might even be something small, such as a new recipe, or a new way of doing a household chore to make life a lot easier.

Every day is a learning day, as they say!

7) Maybe You’ll Have a Fight?

A fight doesn’t need to physical, of course; you can have a word-fight with someone, and you can even have a silent fight with someone. (Just ask any child whose mother has looked at them that way.)

Either way, whatever kind of fight you’re talking about, the owl you keep seeing, hearing, or dreaming about might just be a sign that you’re about to embark in a battle of some sort.

Can you sense the trouble brewing?

8) Traitor Radar

Dreaming and seeing owls are sometimes seen as a warning of an incoming traitor.

It could mean that someone else is going to come along and betray or hurt you, or that you’re going to be the one doing the betrayer.

Which one resounds more with you? If it’s the latter, the owl could be symbolic of your guilt hanging around.

If you keep hearing, seeing, or dreaming of an owl, it could be a constant warning.

The traitor is getting closer.

9) Are You Having Employment Struggles?

It might be the case that you’re currently going through employment struggles, or that you have employment struggles in your future, if you see an owl in a dream.

  • Are you currently going through a time of unknown?
  • Perhaps you’re self-employed and not sure where your next pay check will come from, or facing possible redundancy?
  • Maybe, just maybe, you’re so tired of working so hard and thinking of literally throwing in the towel? (I don’t blame you!)

Hearing or seeing an owl is sometimes linked with facing or being unemployed.

It is important to remember that the employment struggle might not be directly related to you.

It could be a loved one, friend, partner, etc., with bad news in their future.

Is hearing an owl good luck or bad luck?

Bad luck signs from hearing owls

Seeing an owl, hearing one, or coming across one in a dream can be signs of both good and bad luck.

The message heavily depends on everything else going on around the creature.

Some Asian cultures use ornaments or other things painted with owls/in the shape of an owl, placed around the home or worn on their person, to encourage the influx of good luck.

The creature also reportedly protects from evil, curses, disasters, etc.

Used in Feng Shui, owls can help to chase away negative energies in the same way they are used to chase off (and eat) rodents.

Is an owl hooting at my window a bad sign?

Bad spiritual signs from hearing owls hooting

In all honesty, the interpretation of your owl-themed spiritual message could be a good sign or a bad sign.

Baby owls, for example, could be symbolic of new surroundings or a new mind-frame.

It is a positive omen, indicating that new things are coming your way, and you’re going to really enjoy the journey!

Some cultures, civilizations, and tribes believe the creature is a terrible omen, on the other hand.

It is a sign of death and devastation and could be a sign of danger.

Personally, I’m not afraid of owls and I don’t believe they bring me bad luck.

Final Words

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