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Lip Twitching Spiritual Meaning: Lower and Upper Lip

Lip Twitching Spiritual Meaning: Lower and Upper Lip

I had a teacher in grade school whose lip twitching I found too distracting

At first, I didn’t mind the lip twitching and found it a bit amusing. But as weeks went by, I was getting too distracted by it and hated looking at his lips.

Well, it also probably didn’t help that I wasn’t really fond of this teacher so my annoyance probably went beyond his lip twitching.

I still notice the lip twinning of other people but I have become more tolerant of them. This means that their lips can twitch and I would not be as bothered as I was as a child. 

In this post, I’d like to share the spiritual meaning of lip twitching, specifically of the lower and bottom lip.

What Does It Mean When Your Lip Twitches Spiritually

Lip Twitches Spiritually

When your lip twitches this means that the heavens are displeased with how you use your mouth.

The ones above want you to reflect deeply on the words coming out of your lips.

  • Do you speak negatively of others all the time?
  • Do you use your lips to hurl ugly and painful words at others?
  • Do you take advantage of others by sweet talking them into doing something for your selfish reasons and advantages?

The heavens are likely to be displeased with why and what you speak.

The creator did not give you the ability to talk so that you can hurt others or use people to get ahead in life.

You may also want to reflect on your appetite when your lip twitches. This can be a reminder from the ones above to stop being a glutton. Ask yourself:

  • How many times do I eat in a day?
  • How big are my servings or portions?
  • Can I be trusted to eat only my share of the food?
  • Do I eat for nourishment or pure pleasure all the time?

Gluttony is a sin. And if you have little control over your food intake, and your lip twitches, this could be because the heavens want you to be mindful of how you eat.

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Spiritual Meaning of Lower Lip Twitching

Lower Lip Twitching

The spiritual meaning of your lip twitching depends if it was on the right side or left. So, let’s unveil the messages the heavens are trying to send you.

Lower lip twitching on right side:

When your lip is twitching on the right side, then you may want to rejoice. Spiritually, this means that you will soon have some financial stability.

If you have been praying for financial provisions, then your lower lip twitches on the right side, then this is a good sign from the heavens.

Soon, you may no longer be living from one paycheck to another because you will achieve financial freedom.

This could come in the form of a big prize. Maybe you have been betting in the lottery and finally, you won a big prize that can give you some stability.

You may also receive an inheritance that would get you out of debt or give you more than what you are used to.

Financial stability may also come in the form of a new job with higher pay or a promotion by your current employer.

You may also be getting a substantial raise that would provide you with a much better lifestyle than the one you are currently enjoying.

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Lower lip twitching on left side:

When your lower lip is twitching on the left side, this could be a sign that soon you would be grieving for the loss of a friendship.

Maybe there is a friend who has repeatedly disrespected you and you finally decided to confront this person.

Your friend did not take what you were saying well and you two had a major row. This ended the friendship.

You may also be betrayed by a friend and this betrayal could cause you the friendship.

What this friend did was so unforgivable that you had little choice but to burn bridges with him or her.

The lower lip twitching on the left side indicates grief for a friendship loss. This grief will require you to take your time to feel sorrow for the end of your friendship.

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Spiritual Meaning of Upper Lip Twitching

Upper Lip Twitching

Just as the lower lip has different messages according to the side it twitches, the same applies to the upper lip. Let’s explore it:

Upper lip twitching on right side:

When your upper lip is twitching on the right side, this is because the heavens are reminding you to take better care of your health.

The ones above are probably seeing how you have become careless with your body so it is sending a reminder to take better care of your body and health.

You may be eating a lot and what you eat is mostly junk. You could be adding so much weight, which pushes your internal organs to work harder to keep your body going.

You may be lacking sleep all the time as you could be spending so much time partying or working. Lack of sleep causes a variety of illnesses.

The upper lip twitching on the right side could be a sign from the ones above that illness will soon strike your body.

If you do not watch your health, then the heavens will make your body give up on you. This is a reminder that your body is a temple and you must take care of it to maintain good health.

Upper lip twitching on left side:

When your upper lip is twitching on the left side this is because someone is obsessing about you. This may be a good or bad thing.

This person could be someone you were involved with for some time but the romantic involvement did not last. 

You could have broken up with this person or you just walked away from whatever you shared without a word.

The person could be having a hard time getting over you and is constantly thinking of what happened or how he or she can get you back.

The obsession could also come from someone who wants revenge. This person probably feels that he or she has been wronged badly by you.

The person is thinking of ways to hurt you either spiritually, physically, emotionally, or psychologically.

You may also have an admirer who stalks your social media accounts but this person is pretty much harmless. This is a person who admires you from afar.

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7 Superstitions About Twitching Lips You Should Know

7 Superstitions About Twitching Lips You Should Know

1) Warding off the evil

When your lips are twitching, it is believed to be because the heavens are warding off some evil spirits.

These spirits are eager to hurt you or cause you suffering whether physically or emotionally.

The ones above are then fighting off these evil spirits so they won’t succeed.

When the lip stops twitching either bad luck may happen or the heavens have won against the evil forces.

2) Some good luck

Lip twitching could also be a sign of something good happening to your or close family or friends.

Good luck does not have to be something massive. It could be finding a small bill on the street or getting that much sought-after concert ticket.

You could also win in your athletic games like a basketball or volleyball game.

3) Embrace change

When your lip twitches it could be because the heavens are telling you to embrace changes.

Maybe you have learned that soon there will be some changes coming your way like a new member of the family, a reorganization or a new boss at work, or a change in your religious group. 

If you are resisting these changes and your lip twitches it could be that the ones above are reminding you to welcome these changes and be adaptable.

4) Help others

Twitching of the lips can also happen because the ones above are telling you to help others

This is heaven’s way of reminding you that other people are in need.

The supreme being wants you to reach out to those in need as you might be their last hope.

5) Find joy

The lip-twitching you are experiencing could be heaven’s way of telling you to find some joy.

This could be something simple as finding a new hobby or going back into a new one. It could be eating your favorite food or spending time with a good friend.

This is a sign to find simple joys in life.

6) Be more adventurous

If you tend to stay indoors, avoiding any risk then your lip twitches, take this to mean that the heavens want you to be adventurous.

Go out and try new things like extreme sports or visiting a new place. You can also try a new or exotic dish.

7) A wagging tongue

When your lip twitches it could be because someone is saying nasty things about you.

This person can be a relative, friend, co-worker, or churchmate. The heavens are warning you of this so you can find the ones spreading negative words about you.

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Is a Twitching Lip a Bad Omen?

Twitching Lip

Not really. Lip twitching could be a sign of bad things to happen but it isn’t the only message.

The message from the lip-twitching could also be about good tidings and wonderful things coming your way.

Final Words

There are different medical reasons why your lip twitches. But there are also spiritual reasons why this happens.

When your lip twitches whether the upper or lower lip, take the time to do some reflection. This way you can figure out what the heavens are trying to tell you.

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