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Spiritual Meaning of Nose Piercing on Right Side: 11 Messages

Spiritual Meaning of Nose Piercing on Right Side: 11 Messages

It’s fairly common for many to pierce their bodies. One of the most common piercings to have is on the note.

But what does nose piercing especially on the right side mean? Are there spiritual meanings to nose piercings on the right side?

There’s a difference between having it pierced on the right or left side. Both carry different messages from the universe.

In this post, we’ll talk about right-side nose piercings and their spiritual meanings.

Can I have a nose piercing on the right side?

Woman with piercing

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to nose piercings.

Meaning, you can choose to have your nose pierced on the right side or left side as you see fit. You can get both sides pierced if you wish to.

Sometimes the confusion lies in the fact that many attribute one side to femininity. 

I once traveled to India and had an interesting conversation with some Indian females. They told me that the right side is the female side

In the olden days, it was believed that nose piercing on the right side was done to help alleviate menstrual pain.

When you talk of reproduction for females, the right side comes to mind.

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What does a nose piercing on the right side mean spiritually?

Beautiful woman

Right-side nose piercings have a deep spiritual meaning. Most of them are about feminine energy and woman power!

Many people say that the essence of a woman is a mother. This is why right-side nose piercing often is believed to be about big blessings.

It means you’re being blessed by all of the female Gods. They are protecting and watching over you.

You should consider it one of life’s biggest gifts anyone can receive.

It also means you’ll have a life full of happiness and love. You’ll always be surrounded by those you love the most, especially your family.

Appreciate this true blessing from the universe.

Spiritual meaning of nose piercing on the right side

Woman looking away

The nose piercing on the right side is the supreme being’s way of telling you something new is about to start.

It’s a constant reminder not to dread changes or new beginnings because they can bring good fortune.

Many people tend to fear changes because they are not confident that they can adjust well to something new.

But like they always say, change is the only thing that’s constant in life

And right-side nose piercings are also the universe’s way of conditioning us that we are not supposed to be scared of changes taking place.

Instead, we should embrace them and trust that the one above is faithful to us and will always give us what we need.

Meaning for female

Female piercing

For females, nose piercings on the right side mean a greater need to be in touch with their femininity

Females are typically associated with caring roles and tasks and piercing on the right side of the nose typically signifies an increased need to care for others

I have spoken to some females with nose piercings on the right side. They told me that they specifically chose to have the piercing on the right side to remind them that one of their primary roles in life is to look for others.

These females have told me that they got this from older women in their families.

Meaning for male

Male Piercing

For males, nose piercing on the right signifies to be more nurturing

Often, males are associated with strength, and power, and have a one-track and analytical mind.

Many always keep the end in mind so that they can achieve whatever they have set out to do

Nose piercings on the right side for men are a reminder not to be afraid to show qualities that we typically associate with females.

Being nurturing and caring towards others is necessary for our life. It’s the universe’s way of telling the male to be the following:

  • Soft;
  • Nurturing;
  • Caring.

These qualities make us better persons and the world a much better place when everyone chooses to care for others rather than be focused on what they have on their goals.

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11 Meanings and messages of a nose piercing on the right side

11 Meanings and messages of a nose piercing on the right side

It’s becoming clear that having your nose pierced on the right side has a beautiful spiritual meaning.

Let’s now figure out what’s the meaning and messages it has about your life.

1) You are a spiritually sensitive person

That nose piercing on the right side signifies your spiritual sensitivity.

Regardless of your religion, that piercing is a symbol to try to live a life that is pleasing to the higher being.

The nose piercing on the right side for you is a reminder to follow the teachings of your belief.

It’s a way to remind you that in this life and universe, being good and being true is more important than other things.

The piercing is a way to remember that whatever season you are in your life, you must always remember that there is a supreme being that is watching your movements and is responsible for whatever will happen in the future.

2) You’re a different person

Many also have their nose piercings on the right side to signify that they are unique and have evolved as a person over time.

Many would like a spiritual reminder of how far they have come and how they have changed as a person.

This is why for many individuals, wearing piercings on the right nose is important as it helps them look back at the kind of past and person they were and to look forward to the future where they intend to be better than before.

3) You like to help others

Helping others is a sign of a person’s nurturing ways. The nose piercing on the right side signifies that helping others has become a way of life.

The world may be unkind but there are still many people who go out of their way to help those who are in need. The gestures don’t have to be big or very costly

Helping can be something as simple as:

  • Pushing a car when the driver has had a flat car;
  • Helping someone after falling or slipping on the street;
  • Help your neighbor with a daily task.

Whatever the gesture is, the point is helping others has become part of your life and you have the right-side nose piercing to remind you of that.

4) You don’t like to hold grudges 

The nose piercing on your right side shows your soft and kind side. Spiritually, it also means that you dislike holding grudges

You believe that forgiving others wholeheartedly is a better way to live than holding on to anger.

This doesn’t mean that you do not get hurt or angry. You are, after all, the only human who gets hurt when someone has done you wrong.

But you try to understand if there is a deeper reason why the other person has caused you hurt.

You also try to keep your mind clear every time you remember what the other person has done that hurt you.

This is your way of helping yourself to not hold on to angry or ill feelings towards others.

5) You are a person with a lot of love to give

For many, the right side is the more dominant side. It’s the stronger one, the most useful one, or the more reliable one.

The dominant side is also the one that’s capable of giving more love to others.

Spiritually, right-side nose piercings mean that a person is a generous person.

The right side is the more dominant one who can give more love regardless of whether the receiving person is deserving of that love or not.

For this person, giving love when he or she can is necessary as this is what makes him or her happy. Being generous with love is a spiritual gift that a person with a right nose piercing possesses.

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6) You don’t give up easily

Right-side nose piercings signify your spiritual gift for persevering. It’s your gift to keep going even when times are hard. 

You have that resilience and a firm belief that there is something to look forward to after going through dark times.

Your faith is strong that the higher being is in control and knows what’s best for you

This is why even when times are extremely challenging, you hold on and move forward because you know something good will soon be on your way.

You understand that sometimes people just have their faith tested and whatever you are going through is a test, which you intend to pass with flying colors.

7) You have a lot of willpower

Your willpower is a gift from above and this is what the right nose piercing signifies.

Your toughness is at a different level than others. You can make things happen even when others don’t believe that you can achieve what you want to achieve.

8) Many people admire you for your drive and ambition

Those close to you know that once you’ve set out your heart on something you can make things happen

A right-side nose piercing signifies this unbelievable drive that so few men actually have.

9) A strong sense of self

The piercing on your right nose shows your strong sense of self. You know who you are and what you stand for.

You are the kind of person who cannot be persuaded that easily. No one can tell you or dare try to make you compromise your beliefs because you know what your non-negotiables are.

You understand that each person is unique and what makes you different from others is already your strength.

Your strong sense of self comes from the ultimate knowledge that higher powers do exist and you are only accountable to this higher being and no one else.

10) The perfect timing for transformation

They say that change is necessary to be a better person.

The nose piercing on the right side is a spiritual symbol of massive changes and when you wear one it means that you are ready to embrace change and undergo a major transformation.

No matter what happens you know that you need to change and constantly improve yourself to become a better spiritual being. But sometimes we become so resistant to change that we try to delay transforming into better versions of ourselves.

With this piercing, it signifies you are ready to transform as it could be part of heaven’s plan for you to change no matter how drastic they may be. 

No more resisting changes as transformation could be the next step in your spiritual journey.

11) Readiness for a deeper love

We all love someone deeply in our lifetime. And they say that the right side for many is also a person’s softer side, the less analytical side of our physical body. 

This is why getting your right nose pierced is an invitation for a deeper kind of love.

Not the shallow love that fades quickly or runs away when times are tough. Deep love will weather storms with you and enjoy life’s greatest moments.

Wearing that nose piercing on the right side is a spiritual message inviting the universe to send you the love that you deserve and perhaps secretly long for.

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I got my nose pierced on the right side: It’s a bad thing?

Woman laughing

There’s nothing wrong with getting your nose pierced on the right side. It’s not a sign that bad things are ahead of you. 

However, you must pay attention to how this piercing makes you feel spiritual. Spend a substantial amount of time discerning what the universe is telling you with the right-side nose piercing. 

The piercing may be a matter of style, but many times it comes with a deep spiritual message. Be in touch with your spiritual side to know what this is.

Final Words

The nose piercing on the right side has several spiritual meanings. Observe how you feel when you get this piercing and as you wear it to determine what these meanings are. 

Don’t ignore whatever feelings you may have about this particular piercing as the universe might be sending you spiritual messages.

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