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Spiritual Meaning of Digestive Problems: 7 Causes For You

Spiritual Meaning of Digestive Problems

Whether it’s a tummy bug, heartburn, nausea and vomiting, an urgent need to run to the bathroom, excess gas, or gurgling noises, digestive problems are never fun.

Sometimes, you can pinpoint the exact thing you ate, to cause that stomach upset… but what about the times you can’t?

What if there’s a spiritual meaning of digestive problems about which you should know? 

Let’s find out if you have a message waiting for you.

Spiritual Meaning of Digestive Problems

man suffering with stomach pain

The spiritual meaning of your digestive problem will depend on the digestive issue itself alongside a host of other factors.

These include your current life situation, things coming up, your state of mind, other health issues, and more.

Generally, though, it usually relates to swallowing something down, not being able to process (digest) something, or a ball of pent-up emotion (such as anger or confusion). 

Different cultures have their own spiritual connections with the stomach.

Ghost sickness” is an idea held by Polynesian communities, Navajo communities and other Northern American indigenous folk.

It is characterized by digestive, sleeping, and energy problems, and happens when a human body has been taken over by witchcraft or spirits of the dead when stress, anxiety, and other negative energies have taken over and essentially opened the door. 

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What Do Gut Issues Mean Spiritually? 

Constipation Spiritual Meaning

Gut issues often mean that there’s something wrong with the inward-outward flow of life.

Emotions, knowledge, thoughts, trauma – they’re struggling to move in or out, causing blockages in your energy and disrupting your overall life alongside your eating and toilet times. 

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Spiritual Meaning of Digestive Problems: 7 Things Your Gut Is Trying to Tell You 

woman with digestive pain stomach pain

It’s time for us to try and work out which spiritual meaning of digestive problems fits with your life and situation, but you must read these potential meanings with a clear and open mind.

Just because you don’t want to admit to something, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Honesty is required above all else – with yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you lie to me; I’m not the one in charge of your fate

1) Blocked or Misaligned Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra is the third of seven chakras, located just below the rib cage and about two inches above your belly button.

Also known in Sanskrit as the Manipura chakra, it is considered to be the fire energy center in the body.

When it is unblocked and perfectly aligned, you can expect happiness, motivation, confidence, energy, and quite literally fire in your core. 

When this chakra is misaligned or blocked, things will work in the reverse. The fire in your core will have dampened or even gone out entirely, and confidence and self-esteem decrease quite dramatically.

The Solar Plexus is associated with the color yellow, so incorporate yellow healing crystals and other yellow items in your life, for alignment. 

2) Running From Your Discomfort

Sometimes in life, we’re going to face things that are uncomfortable, unpleasant, or just unwanted.

There will be times when we can avoid or side-step up… but there are also going to be times when we can’t.

Stomach issues including loud gurgles, excessive gas, diarrhea, and frequent pooping can be indicative of running away from uncomfortable things that you should actually face instead. 

What are you avoiding? Your gut is quite literally telling you to get on with it

3) Your Perfectionism is Taking Over

Being a perfectionist isn’t a bad thing, but it can cause bad situations when the need for perfection takes over your life, which it so frequently can. 

Not everything in life is going to turn out as perfectly as you desire. It’s just not.

You can put all the energy, time, and perspiration into a challenge or task as possible, and it will still go awry. That’s the nature of life.

It’s unpredictable, always finds ways to challenge you, and will leave your desire for perfection longing. 

Sometimes, it’s okay to be okay. Not everything needs to be perfect

4) Learning and Growth Channels Are Blocked

There’s something blocking any knowledge, wisdom, and creativity that should be heading your way.

Stomach upsets often point to learning and growth channels being blocked. You won’t retain important information, but you might make some bad, uneducated decisions

Emotions are buried deep inside of you, built up over so long that they’ve come together, similar to a blood clot, and blocked all access.

You can’t get rid of any ‘bad’ stuff, nor can you absorb any ‘good’ stuff. 

Until you deal with those emotions and work out why they’re stopping you from any kind of spiritual growth, you’ll stay in the same stationary, stalled spot. 

5) Burning Rage or Anger

Has someone or something made you really angry?

A bloated stomach (with or without other digestive problems) could be a sign that you’ve been bottling up that anger, rage, or aggression for too long. You need to get it out. 

Although some people like to take their anger out at the gym, some spiritualists advise looking for more calming, soothing practices.

This means choosing yoga over kickboxing, or meditation rather than going for a ten mile run.

You need healthy, aggression-relieving activities, not ones that will amp your aggression and anger up even further. 

6) Incorrect Rejection

If you’re experiencing an upset stomach with diarrhea, you are physically and spiritually rejecting something – and in the spiritual sense, you are incorrectly rejecting something that would otherwise have benefited your life. 

Sometimes referred to as premature, early, or poor rejection, you are saying no to things before you’ve even heard the full story.

This is foolish and detrimental to your own growth. You must hear the full story, warts and all, before you can say yes or no.

Stop rejecting everything that comes your way. How are you ever going to find happiness that way? 

7) A Strong Need to Control

Digestive issues can sometimes come with a fair amount of restrictions when it comes to allergies, avoiding flare-ups, and avoiding toilet troubles.

In turn, it means you need to have a certain amount of control when choosing what to eat

Does this strong need to control cross over into your life, such as in jobs, relationships, friendships, and other places?

It’s okay to want to have control over some things, but you can’t have control over everything and everyone at every time.

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What Does the Stomach Symbolize Spiritually? 

man laying in pain on sofa

The stomach is the place where certain emotions, mostly negative ones, are stored when you keep hold of them for too long.

The organ is also closely linked with themes of change and transformation, and also healing and regeneration. 

In Chinese medicine (traditional), the stomach is considered the main processing center of the body for emotions, using them to promote personal and spiritual growth whilst providing the organs and your soul with everything they need.

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As you nourish your body with food, you should also remember to nourish your soul, mind, and spirit with healthy, positive activities and thoughts.

In the same theme, as you excrete waste products from your body, you must also excrete waste energies and auras that don’t align with yours

When you do, your body, mind, soul, and spirit will be healthy and happy! 

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