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8 Intriguing Spiritual Meanings of Finding a Nickel

8 Intriguing Spiritual Meanings of Finding a Nickel

Nickels have a special place in my heart. As a child, I collected them, putting them in some kind of piggy bank.

I also loved finding nickels by accident like on the street. Finding them helped increase the number of nickels I had.

I remember wanting to buy something back then. So, aside from selling the usual lemonade for what I wanted, I also took out my precious savings—my nickels.

The nickels I kept helped me buy what I wanted eventually. I no longer collect nickels being an adult and all. But I love the happy memories of it.

As this coin has a special place in my jar of happy memories, I write about the spiritual meanings of finding a nickel. And I must say that these are quite intriguing.

What Does Finding a Nickel Mean Spiritually?


When you find a nickel, this is a sign from the ones above that your needs will always be met.

Many of us worry excessively about provisions. We may fill our thoughts and days by asking:

  • How to put food on the table?
  • How can I afford the school for my kids or put myself through college?
  • Where will I find work or income?
  • How will I pay for hospital bills?

The list of concerns about provisions can be longer. We worry about it every day and may start and end our prayers asking for our financial needs to be met.

When you find a nickel, take this to mean that the heavens are telling you not to worry.

Your needs like food, shelter, clothing, and education will be met. The ones above know what your needs are so you must trust them and the timing.

Your prayers will be met in heaven’s own time.

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Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Nickel Heads Up

Finding a Nickel Heads Up

When you find a nickel heads up, this is a reminder or even a rebuke from the ones above about your pride.

Many let their pride or ego do the talking or decision-making.

This means that when faced with a situation and they have to make tough choices, people will choose according to their ego

If something does not suit their ego or if they feel that their pride will take a hit, then they will do whatever it is to protect their ego.

But pride is a sin. And too much of it can get you into trouble. The heavens know that your pride can make it harder for you to do the right thing and so it sends a nickel heads up to remind you not to let your pride take over.

The nickel heads-up is a sign from the heavens to let go of pride and be sensible instead.

Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Nickel Tails Up

Finding a Nickel Tails Up

When you find a nickel with tails upside, then be happy. This is a sign from heaven that good things are coming soon.

The good things may cover various aspects of your life. This could be work-related, for example.

You may get that promotion you’ve been working hard for. Or you could be involved in a prestigious project that will allow you to learn or be ahead of others.

You may also get that scholarship you applied for. You can also find love or a romantic partner in the next few days. 

Finding a nickel with tails up is a reason to rejoice. This could be heaven’s way of telling you that good news is coming your way soon enough.

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8 Spiritual Meanings of Finding a Nickel 

8 Spiritual Meanings of Finding a Nickel 

As you could see so far, finding a nickel is related to a blessing from the heavens. It’s time to thank God or your guardian angel from send you this little gift.

But know that you are being protected and taken care of. So, let’s now explore the 8 spiritual meanings of finding a nickel.

1) Message from a dead loved one

When you find a nickel this could be a message or a sign from a dead loved one. This person is likely someone you miss all the time.

And often you cannot help but wish that you can talk and hug this departed person.

The nickel is the dead loved one’s way of telling you that you remain in his or her heart.

The dead loved one is telling you that he or she misses you just as much but soon both of you will be reunited. The person may be reaching out to make you feel special.

Perhaps you will find the nickel on a day or time when you are missing this person dearly. Maybe this nickel will find its way to you during your low points as the departed loved one’s way of reassuring you that all will be well.

2) Message from God

The nickel you find may carry a spiritual message from God. It is a sign that you are loved, cherished, and supported by the ones above and in the universe. 

You will never be alone, and you will find that help is always available to you. Many times you just need to

  • Trust in your intuition;
  • Follow what your heart says;
  • Let God take care of the rest;

The nickel could be God’s way of telling you you are on the right path. Just keep believing in Him and everything will work out perfectly for you.

3) Message from your guardian angel

Your guardian angel is watching you all the time. And when you find a nickel, then this could be from the guardian angel sending you a special message.

Maybe you have been praying for help in solving your problems. Perhaps you are carrying a burden that is overwhelming you.

Your guardian angel knows that you are going through this heavy stuff which is why he or she sent the nickel. It is her or his way of telling you that all will be well. 

4) Message from an unborn child

An unborn child can also be telling you a special message when you find a nickel.

This unborn child can be yours or somebody else’s child.

This infant who didn’t come out in this world is probably reminding you to do your share in making the world a better place.

Perhaps this baby wasn’t born on earth for a good reason. Maybe the heavens decided it was best to let the baby remain unborn because the world isn’t the best place for a pure soul.

This child is reaching out to you to remind you to do your best to contribute well on earth so their likes can be born under better circumstances.

5) Message from the universe

Finding a nickel could also mean that the universe is telling you that they are always working in your favor.

Your present circumstances may make you feel otherwise, but the heavens are on your side even when things and situations don’t seem like them

The universe is telling you to trust and just have a quiet heart full of love and hope. The message is that whatever is happening presently is happening for many good reasons.

Trust your intuition and the universe, and you will always be led astray but instead, you will find the right path.

6) Message from a beloved departed pet

A beloved pet that already passed on can be sending you a message as well when you find a nickel.

Much like the unborn child, this departed pet is asking you to make the world a better place for animals.

Sadly, many people have become unkind to animals. Some individuals are causing pets or even stray animals to suffer unnecessarily.

The nickel you find could be a message from your pet telling you that he or she is well in heaven. But other animals in this world may be suffering and perhaps you’d like to help them.

7) Message from a departed foe

The nickel you find could have been sent your way by a foe who has already departed this world.

Maybe the nickel is his or her way of telling you that you have been forgiven. That even before he or she left this world, you already received the gift of forgiveness.

The message from your departed foe could also be the opposite.

He or she could be telling you to reflect on your ways so you do not end up having so many enemies in this lifetime.

8) Message from someone else’s guardian angel

If you find a nickel, then you might consider that another person’s guardian angel is reaching out to you.

Is there any family or friend who seems so down and troubled in the last few days and weeks?

The guardian angel is probably reaching out to you to seek help for your relative or friend. Think of who possibly needs help and reach out to this person.

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Is Finding a Nickel a Good Omen?

silver coins

Finding a nickel could be a good omen. It could mean that good news is coming your way soon.

But there are also other spiritual messages being sent your way when you find a nickel.

Final Words

Finding a nickel may give you a good feeling but consider that this occurrence happened for a reason.

You likely found a nickel because someone from up above is reaching out to you for an important message.

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