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Raining While The Sun Is Out Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs

Raining While The Sun Is Out Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs

As a child, I was perplexed at how it can rain when the sun is out. Frankly, this annoyed me because I felt that the rain was depriving me of my time outdoors.

After all, I am supposed to be having fun outdoors when the sun is out but the rain changes all these.

My mother or whoever adult was looking after me would call me to go inside the house. The rain for me would cause my day to be ruined

I was more tolerant of the rain when the sun was out as an adult. These days, I would be grateful if the sun remains up despite the rain.

The streets are easier to navigate when driving or taking trains or buses and would be easier when the sun is up even when it rains. 

Rains were dropping on my windshield as I was driving when I thought of my rain and the sun being up recently. And so in this post, I intend to discuss what it means when the sun is up and it is still raining.

What Does It Mean When It’s Raining and The Sun Is Out?

Raining and The Sun Is Out

When it is raining despite the sun being out, this is because the ones above are trying to remind you to have hope.

This is heaven’s way of telling you that there is a rainbow after every storm.

We all go through tough times in our lives. And when we are at the lowest point in our lives, we tend to question heaven’s faithfulness.

We also spend so much time worrying and feeling hopeless.

When it is raining and the sun is out, this is the heavens telling you to relax, all will be well.

The challenges in our lives do happen but it doesn’t mean that you cannot overcome the difficulties of life.

The heavens are telling you to hold on to your faith because better days are coming soon.

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Spiritual Meaning of Sunshower


Sunshowers are the heavens’ way of reminding us to be grateful for all the blessings bestowed upon us

Most of us are so focused on what we failed to receive rather than being thankful for the blessings that have been gifted to us by the ones above.

Many of us pray to ask for so many things, spending so much time reciting the things we wish to receive related to any of these things:

  • Financial/material things;
  • Romantic relationships;
  • Career;
  • School;
  • Church;
  • Social groups.

Our list of wants during our prayers is long but the list of things to be grateful for is forgotten.

We may spend a couple of minutes enumerating things that we want to get in life but only spend a few seconds saying thanks to the heavens.

When there is a rainshower, remember how the heavens have been faithful by giving you so many blessings.

The rain shower is a reminder of how the ones above have been generous to you and everyone around you.

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7 Spiritual Meanings of Raining While The Sun Is Out

7 Spiritual Meanings of Raining While The Sun Is Out

The sun always brings hope and light into your life. So, when the sun is out and it’s raining it gives you the message to keep going.

Keep fighting, because you are strong and worthy. The heavens are reminding you of your worth and that you hard work is being noticed.

But, it also comes as a reminded to be thankful for the blessings you have in your life.

Let’s now see 7 spiritual meanings of raining while the sun is out.

1) Pray harder

When it is raining while the sun is out, ask yourself how you pray.

  • Are you praying incessantly or just as part of your routine?
  • Are you wanting something but aren’t exactly praying hard about it?

When you are experiencing rain when the sun is out, then consider how well you pray.

It is not enough that you mouth some words to the ones above. Neither is it ideal to simply say the same words every time we pray.

The rains when the sun is up and shining means that the heavens are reminding us to pray harder.

This means praying more sincerely and attentively. We need to speak what’s in our hearts and do so more frequently.

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2) Good Luck

When it is raining and yet the sun is up, then take this to mean that some good luck will soon be your way.

This is heaven’s way of telling you that luck is recently at your side and so something good will happen.

You may, for example, win a small prize or even a major win at raffles or lottery. A loved one may also be preparing a gift for you, something that you have always wanted but never bought for yourself. 

Good luck could also be good news at work such as getting the position you are eyeing for or working on a high-profile project.

It could also be family-related like one of your kids announcing some good news or news of a coming baby soon.

When it is raining and yet sunny at the same time, this might mean good tidings coming your way.

3) Tears are coming

When the sun is shining and yet it is raining, this could mean the opposite of good luck.

The heavens may also be telling you that tears may be coming soon. It could be that the heavens are soon out to test you lightly. 

Some minor challenges may soon be coming your way such as some illnesses while not life-threatening could still be difficult to deal with.

You could be having some minor financial problems that would test your resilience or endurance. Someone in your family might lose a job only to be replaced by a better one in the coming weeks.

The rain that comes while the sun is out could signify tears.

The challenges are not like storms that would test even the strongest men on earth but something like some minor difficulties that would still force us to pray.

4) Have fun

Movies show us that it is fun to play in the rain. And when there are rains even when the sun is very much present, then take this to mean that the heavens are telling you to have fun.

The heavens want you to live a happy and balanced life and this includes having fun. You can: 

  • Do something that you enjoy;
  • Go out with friends;
  • Take a trip;
  • Cook a new dish or eat out;
  • Play sports.

Remember that the heavens are reminding you to have fun when it’s raining and sunny at the same time.

5) Maintain boundaries

Another message from the heavens is that you need to maintain boundaries as well as follow the boundaries of others.

This means that you don’t let other people take advantage of you by disrespecting your time, space, and efforts.

Don’t let others get used to disrespecting you like showing up hours late, calling you off-peak hours, and assuming that you are at their beck and call.

Likewise, make sure you follow the boundaries of others by treating them with respect.

6) Cherish your loved ones

When the sun is up and raining at the same time, then take this to mean that the heavens are reminding you to cherish your loved ones.

Many times we forget to show how much we care for those we love. We do not spend as much time with them or tell them what they mean to us. 

The heavens know of our inability to make others feel special and loved.

And so the ones above let the rain fall even during sunny days to remind us all to make sure we cherish those who are important to us.

7) Loyalty

Loyalty is one of the spiritual meanings of rain when the sun is up. The heavens are reminding us of the importance of being loyal when this phenomenon happens.

The supreme beings want us to be loyal to those we love as just they have been loyal to us.

This means never leaving other people’s side and sticking up for others even when they are not around

Think of the kind of loyalty the ones above show us. They remain by our side even if we don’t see them and take care of us even when no one is watching.

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Biblical Meaning of Raining While the Sun is Out

family walking

The biblical meaning of rain, while the sun is out, is God’s love. This rain is actually a reminder of God’s faithfulness to us.

Even the strongest storms or being eaten by a whale does not stop God from loving us.

On the contrary, the Lord proves His love time and time again of his faithfulness especially when we are in the middle of a major challenge in life.

Is this a Sign from God?

Sign from God

Yes, the rain when the sun is up is a sign from God. When raindrops on sunny days, this is because the Lord is telling us something important.

Should I Be Concerned?

rain drops window sun

Yes, you should be concerned when it rains while the sun is up because this is a message from the Lord. After all, anything that God says should matter to us.

Final Words

It’s not every day that we encounter rain as the sun is shining so brightly.

Pay attention when this happens because the Lord is telling you something important.

Quiet your heart so you can determine what the spiritual message is.

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