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7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Woodpecker: Day and Night

7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Woodpecker: Day and Night

You were sleeping during the night and you heard a woodpecker? You don’t know where that sound came from? This has happened to several people, including me.

That’s why I decided to write this article. I will reveal what is the spiritual meaning of hearing a woodpecker, whether during the night or during the day.

Believe me, the sound of this animal has a message for you.

Let’s find out what it is right now.

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Woodpecker at Night

Great Spotted Woodpecker

When you hear a woodpecker at night, then this is a strong reminder from heaven to hold on dearly to those who love you and care for you deeply, just like hearing crickets at night.

Think of the woodpeckers’ feet— strong and meant to cling on to the branches of trees.

This is similar to the spiritual message of hearing woodpeckers at night. It is a sign from the universe to cling to those we love even when these people can be hard to love at times. 

Cling on to the love you have for these dear people in your life just as much as a woodpecker’s feet hold on to the trees.

Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Woodpecker in the Morning

Hearing a Woodpecker in the Morning

When you hear a woodpecker in the morning, then this could be heaven’s way of telling you to hibernate for a while.

Take a cue from the woodpeckers who basically live solitary lives.

This doesn’t mean that the ones above want you to be alone for most times and days.

But if you are going through something tough or are about to make a major decision, then consider making them or dealing with your issues alone.

Sometimes, you have more clarity of thought when you are away from everyone.

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Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Woodpecker During the Day


Woodpeckers peck into wood for a variety of reasons such as to produce a nesting site, look for food, or establish territory.

So when you hear woodpeckers during daytime then consider these messages:

  • Hearing them early in the morning means that the heavens are reminding you that the early bird catches the worm. This means that if you want to be blessed with material things, get up early and work hard for the rest of the day.
  • When you hear the woodpecker during lunchtime, then this could be a sign that you may soon experience some empty nest if you are a parent. One of your kids may also leave the house earlier than you have expected.
  • When you hear the woodpecker late afternoon, then this is a reminder to review your financial goals. Check where you are in your financial journey and find other opportunities if you are far off from achieving your goals.

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7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Woodpecker

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Woodpecker

1) Communicate honestly

The Woodpecker makes various sounds to relay a message.

For example, making rhythmic beat patterns is a territorial call while drumming sounds are used during the courtship stage. Indeed, woodpeckers have distinct sounds to communicate their intentions and thoughts effectively.

When you hear a woodpecker, the spiritual message is quite the same.

It is a sign from the heavens to pray for what exactly is in your heart rather than hiding your true feelings.

The heavens also want you to communicate honestly with other people by saying exactly what you mean to avoid any miscommunication.

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2) Have faith

All of us will be tested at some point in our lives.

Sometimes, we may feel overwhelmed by all that is happening and we might even go as far as losing our faith or questioning the heavens on why we are going through so many challenges.

When you are at this point where you are doubting whether there is a supreme being and you hear a woodpecker, then take this as a sign that the heavens are telling you to have faith.

The heavens want you to focus on the positives of your life such as your family, friendships, work, and other blessings.

The message from the heavens is clear: Have faith in the ones above and focus on what you have and what is good.

The heavens then will make sure that you will be okay.

3) Watch your back

Woodpecker sounds you hear could also be a warning from the ones above.

The universe may be telling you to be careful of the people you trust because someone who knows you well may use your words and actions against you.

So, when you hear the woodpecker, then reflect on how trusting you have been towards others and ask yourself whether these people deserve the kind of trust you give.

Moving forward, be more circumspect about who has access to your innermost thoughts and secrets.

4) A new big furniture

Hearing woodpecker sounds may also mean that a blessing is on its way- a new big piece of furniture.

It may be furniture that you buy with your own money or won in a raffle. It could also be a gift from a loved one or a hand-me-down.

This big furniture could likely be something you’ve been praying for and the heavens are now telling you that you will soon receive it.

5) Take a break

Woodpeckers are known for working very hard during the day and roosting at night.

When you’ve been working hard lately and you hear a woodpecker then this could be a sign from the heavens to take that much-needed break.

Do not feel guilty for taking the rest as even the creator rested on the seventh day after he created all things.

6) A nature trip

Hearing a woodpecker could also mean a good thing.

Sometimes the heavens will let you hear the sound of a woodpecker to let you know of an upcoming trip to nature.

This means that in the next few days or weeks, you might go somewhere like a beach, forest, or lake, to name a few.

It is a place where you can hear natural sounds and yes, the humming of the birds although not necessarily a woodpecker.

7) A fall

You may also want to take some extra precautions when you are hearing a woodpecker.

This could also be a sign that you or a family member might experience a fall.

You may, for example, fall from the stairs or slip on any hard flooring.

A family member may also be involved in a similar accident.

When you hear the woodpecker be mindful of your travels and walks and consider warning other family members as well.

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Is Hearing a Woodpecker a Bad Spiritual Sign?

Woodpecker sound in spiritual world

Sometimes hearing a woodpecker is a bad spiritual sign as it is a warning of tough times about to happen.

But other times, it could be about a good thing about to take place or simply a reminder of how to live well.

Final Words

Woodpeckers may make various sounds depending on what they hope to accomplish.

Sometimes the sounds they make are also signs from the heavens that we should know.

The woodpecker sounds are actually heaven’s way of talking to us.

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