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8 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Cat Crying At Night

8 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Cat Crying At Night

There is nothing unusual about a cat crying at night.

In fact, it was one of the usual sounds I would hear in my teenage years as my neighbor owned a big cat. At night, it would make some sort of crying sound.

A friend of mine whom I met up with recently complained about how loud her neighbor’s cat is.

My friend said that the cat at times would cry so loudly that she would wake up in the middle of the night.

She then asked me if there was a message in the cat’s cries.

Why does she constantly hear the crying cat? Should she be scared?

These are the questions she asked me. And so I thought of putting together this post.

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Cat Meow at Night

Cat Meowing

The meow sound is one of the first animal sounds I learned to mimic as a child. I think this is quite normal for most kids anyway.

But when you hear a cat making a meow sound at night, then take note of its spiritual meaning.

The cat is actually telling you to lean on your wisdom as you go about your daily life.

Wisdom means that you should be able to discern which stuff you can change or handle and which ones are unchangeable.

There are, after all, circumstances in our life where we seem to be at a loss on what to do.

If you are in this situation, and you hear a cat meowing at night, then it is the universe telling you to lean on your wisdom.

Know which ones you can change and which ones you cannot.

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Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Stray Cats Crying at Night

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Stray Cats Crying at Night

Sometimes, what you would hear are not cats owned by your neighbors.

Instead, these are cats roaming around the streets, or what we call stray cats.

When they cry at night and you hear it, it is because the universe is also sending you a message: be gentle with others as well as yourself. 

For one reason or another, we tend to be harsh towards other people and ourselves. We become too impatient and engage in negative talk toward others and even ourselves.

When others make a mistake, we are quick to criticize them too. We do the same to ourselves. 

And so when we hear stray cats crying at night, this is a strong reminder from the ones above to be gentle to other people and to ourselves.

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Cats Crying Like Babies: What Does it Mean Spiritually? 

Black and yellow cat

When you hear cats crying like babies this is because the universe is telling you to heal your childhood trauma.

Did any of these happen to you when you were a child?

  • A parent abandoned you;
  • You were harshly treated;
  • You were abused;
  • Nobody listened to you;
  • Nobody hugged or kissed you.

Sometimes our traumas from our childhood would continue to haunt us as adults.

And this would affect our relationships. If you’ve had an unhappy childhood, then hearing cats crying like babies is a sign from the heavens to take stock of your mental health.

This means working harder to heal your childhood trauma.

The heavens want you to heal so you can have fruitful and loving relationships and live a very happy adult life.

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What Does it Mean When You Hear Cats Fighting at Night?

Cats Fighting in Spiritual World

When you hear cats fighting at night, take it as a warning that there will be some turbulence in your home life.

Perhaps immediate family members will be fighting so badly. It’s a fight that is messy and ugly.

The fighting would cause some serious rift among family members.

The heavens are sending you a warning and telling you of this possibility so maybe you can do something about it.

Maybe there is an issue that is brewing and by talking to the concerned family members you can help avoid a serious and nasty confrontation.

Maybe the fighting is happening behind your back. And the cat fighting at night with you hearing it means that you are being told that there is a serious fight and problem within your family or household.

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8 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Cat Crying at Night 

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Cat Crying at Night

1) Check your ego

If you have been hearing cats crying at night several times in a row now, then it could be because the universe is telling you to check your ego.

Maybe you are the type to let your ego get in the way of having great relationships.

You have such high pride that others just refuse to have any close relationships with you because you always need your ego to be stroked.

When you constantly hear cats crying particularly at night, then take this valuable message from heaven: let go of your pride and things will be better. Don’t ignore the cat crying sounds you hear as they do carry valuable spiritual messages.

2) Live a balanced life

Many things occupy our days.

These include the following:

  • Family;
  • Work or school;
  • Friends;
  • Social activities;
  • Religion.

When you hear cats crying at night, think of how you spend your life.

Do you make every day count by living a balanced life instead of focusing on one aspect of your life? 

You need to find the right balance between the important things

3) You are tough

It is widely believed that cats have nine or at least several lives

The spiritual message of cats crying at night is close to this belief.

When you hear them crying at night it is because the ones above are reminding you that you are tough. 

Maybe you are going through difficult times and do not know whether you can weather this storm in life.

Take heart, heaven says. You have this strength that the ones above have given you. You can navigate any difficulties thrown your way.

Remember you are strong. If cats seem to have several lives, you too have been blessed with the strength to overcome life’s challenges.

4) Listen to your heart

How often do you listen to your heart? Are you the type to always list the pros and the cons of each situation when you make a decision, making you a cerebral decision-maker? 

When was the last time you listened to your heart and what it says? When did you last let your heart make the decision? Ask yourself these questions when you hear cats crying at night.

We should never ignore our feelings. And when we make decisions, we should also listen to what our heart says.

5) Stay away from negative people

Sometimes we can’t help but be surrounded by negative people.

These are the ones who always have problems and continue to see problems even when they are offered solutions.

You may encounter them at work or home. It may be difficult to completely keep your distance from them but when you hear cats cry at night, then make sure to stay away from negative people.

The universe wants you to have a clear mind and you won’t achieve that when you are with individuals who like negativity.

Stay away from them is the message of the crying cats at night.

6) Beware of the darkness in you

We all carry some darkness with us. It could be negative thoughts, anger, envy, and hopelessness, to name a few.

These are not wrong to feel or have but we should be mindful of the darkness in us.

This is what the heavens want us to know when it lets us hear crying cats at night.

We should know how to handle the darkness before they take over our lives.

7) Spend more time in prayer

When you hear cats crying at night, ask yourself how often and how much time you devote to prayers.

Do you only pray when times are hard? Perhaps you only talk to God when you are in need. 

When you hear the cries of the cats at night, reflect on the amount you’ve spent in prayer

Most likely, the heavens are simply reminding you to devote more time to prayer and communicate with God more often.

8) Be prepared for a major change

Many people are scared of change. They cringe at the thought of new routines, people, or places in life. 

But as we all know, change is necessary and is part of anyone’s life. We must then be prepared for it and be ready to embrace the changes as they come.

This is the message the ones above are trying to tell us when we hear cats crying at night. It is some sort of warning that change is about to come.

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Is Hearing a Stray Cat Crying at Night a Bad Sign?  

Stray Cat

No, hearing a stray cat crying at night is not a bad sign.

It does not mean that bad luck is on its way.

It simply means that the heavens want you to think of your blessings and be grateful for them.

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Final Words

Hearing cats cry at night may be common for some people. But these cries do have deep spiritual meanings.

The heavens may be telling you something when you hear cats crying at night.

Reflect on what the possible meanings or messages are.

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