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9 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing Knocking in Your Sleep

9 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing Knocking in Your Sleep 

Are you somebody who’s occasionally been startled awake by the sound of knocking in your sleep?

You may be one of many people around the globe who have heard these unexpected noises and are now trying to understand what it means.

This blog post looks closely at nine spiritual meanings behind hearing knocks while sleeping.

From representing inner Spiritual guidance to calling out for help from spirits living in another realm, find out what message lies behind that mysterious knocking noise!

Is hearing knocking in your sleep normal?

Knocking in your sleep

Hearing knocking in your sleep is a phenomenon reported by many people over the years.

While it is not considered a medical condition, it can be an uncomfortable experience for some.

Hearing knocks in your sleep can have different causes, from outside disturbances, such as noises from other rooms, to more complex physiological explanations. 

The first thing to understand about hearing knocks in your sleep is that it is relatively common.

Many people have reported hearing knocks during their sleep. It is important to note that this type of noise usually doesn’t last long and is often described as echoing or non-directional.

However, some people may find the sound so loud or disruptive that it wakes them up

There are several possible explanations for why someone might hear knocking during sleep.

One of the most common theories is that noises from other rooms might make their way into the sleeping person’s room and disturb their slumber.

This could include TVs being turned on, conversations in the hallway, or even traffic passing by outside.

Another explanation could be related to hearing sensitivity! If an individual has particularly sensitive ears, they could pick up on subtle noises that others wouldn’t be aware of.

Finally, some believe that hearing knocking in your sleep could be caused by changes in blood pressure or breathing patterns due to REM sleep cycles. 

What does it mean when you hear knocking in your sleep, waking you up?

Wake up with knocking sounds

When you hear knocking in your sleep, and it wakes you up, it can be a profoundly unsettling experience.

It can make one feel like something supernatural is at play or that some paranormal force is tapping into the sleeping world.

This feeling of unease is compounded by the fact that most people don’t know the source of the sound they hear.

In addition to physical disturbance, there are psychological explanations for why people experience knocking sounds in their dreams.

One theory suggests that dreams serve as an unconscious warning system for our inner selves; when faced with dangers in our waking lives, our minds may manifest them as knocks in our dreams so that we can give ourselves time to process and react accordingly.

Another school of thought believes these knocks could represent repressed memories or emotions in our subconscious minds; they act as reminders to address these issues before they become more serious problems. 

Whether caused by outside forces or self-generated psychological processes, hearing knocks during sleep can be frightening and disorienting for many people.

While it’s important to recognize this phenomenon and its potential causes, it’s best not to take immediate action until more information is gathered regarding its source.

If necessary, steps need to be taken in response to what’s happening inside your head.

At the same time, if you slumber, you’ll have all the facts at your disposal beforehand.

You won’t find yourself making unnecessary decisions in haste – decisions that could potentially do more harm than good in the long run!

9 Spiritual meanings of hearing knocking in your sleep

Spiritual meaning of hearing knocking in your sleep

Many people believe that hearing knocking in your sleep is a message from the spiritual world.

It could be interpreted as a sign of protection or guidance or seen as an omen warning of potential danger ahead.

Here are nine spiritual meanings associated with hearing knocks while asleep 

1) A call to action

It could be a wake-up call for you to take action on something important in your life.

2) A warning of danger

It could be an alert from the spiritual world telling you to stay away from certain people or situations.

3) An invitation for new beginnings

It could be seen as an invitation to explore new opportunities or paths in life that you may have been avoiding.

4) A reminder of the importance of self-care

It could be a reminder for you to take time for yourself and treat your body, mind, and spirit with care.

5) A sign of guidance

It could be a sign from the higher realms that you are guided in the right direction.

6) A message of protection

A calming sense of security can be found in the knowledge that spiritual protection is knocking on our door while we are asleep.

Hearing these sounds while sleeping could be a gentle reminder that our journey is being watched over by higher powers, enabling us to relax and trust the Universe to take us wherever we need to go safely and securely.

It can provide a feeling of comfort knowing that divine forces are there for us, guiding us and caring for us no matter what hardships may arise.

In this way, hearing knocks in our sleep may serve as the support system we all wish for during times of uncertainty.

7) A hint of understanding

It could be an indication that, in order to move forward, you must first understand the situation and yourself better.

8) A sign of spiritual growth

It could be a sign that you are entering a period of spiritual growth and transformation.

9) An indication of inner strength

It could be an indication that you have the strength to overcome whatever obstacles you may face.

No matter what the message behind hearing knocking sounds in your sleep may be, it is important to remember that such occurrences are rarely random and usually carry great significance.

If you find yourself regularly experiencing this phenomenon, take the time to reflect upon its meaning for you and make any appropriate changes you feel necessary.

With a little self-reflection and guidance, you can make the most out of whatever spiritual messages come your way during sleep.

Number of Knocks Meaning

Number of Knocks Meaning

Depending on the number of knocks heard in your sleep, they might have a deeper meaning.

For example, three knocks could indicate that something important is coming your way, while four knocks could indicate taking care of yourself and staying healthy.

Similarly, five knocks could mean that you should be prepared for change, while six knocks could signify a need for more balance. 

No matter the number of knocks heard in your sleep, it’s important to take the time to reflect on their deeper meaning and understand what message they could be conveying.

With proper self-reflection, you can make positive changes based on the insights you receive while dreaming.

Hearing 2 knocks meaning:

Hearing two knocks in your sleep could be interpreted as a sign of good luck.

Two is often seen as a symbol of duality, and thus it could mean that you have the potential to create balance within yourself and your life.

It also suggests that you are allowed to make changes or choices to improve certain areas of your life.

If you find yourself regularly hearing two knocks during sleep, it might be time to reflect on the areas of your life that could use more attention.

With some self-reflection, you can make the necessary changes in order to bring more balance into your life and create the positive outcomes you desire. 

Hearing 3 knocks meaning:

Hearing three knocks in your sleep could be interpreted as a sign that something important is coming.

Three often represents the trinity, so this could mean you are being given a chance to make positive changes in multiple aspects of your life.

It could also imply that you are being allowed to create more balance and harmony within yourself and your environment.

Hearing 4 knocks meaning:

Hearing four knocks in your sleep could be interpreted as a sign to take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Four often represents stability, so this could mean that there is an underlying message for you to focus on creating a more stable life with healthier habits.

It could also suggest that it’s time for you to prioritize your well-being and create more balance in your life.

Hearing 5 knocks meaning:

Hearing five knocks in your sleep could be interpreted as a sign to be prepared for change.

Five often represents the cycle of life, so this could mean that there is an underlying message for you to accept and embrace the changes coming your way.

It could also imply that you are being given an opportunity to create more balance and harmony within yourself and your environment.

Spiritual meaning of hearing knocking at the window

Knocking at the window in spiritual world

Hearing knocking at your window can be seen as a spiritual sign that something is trying to get your attention.

Whether it be an angel, a spirit guide, or something else, the knocking can represent a message from the divine realm. 

Knocking at windows has been reported as far back as ancient times and was seen as a way for the gods to communicate with humans.

For example, in Greek mythology, Zeus would send his messenger Hermes to deliver messages through knocks on window sills.

In Asian cultures, it is believed that hearing knocks at night indicate the presence of ghosts. 

The presence of spirits can also be felt when you hear someone or something knock at your window.

Some people believe this is the spirit world communicating with them, letting them know they are here and present in their life and guiding them through difficult times.

They may also use this opportunity to pass on important messages or warnings about things occurring in their lives. 

Could it be a ghost?


It is possible that a bad ghost or spirit could be behind the knocking sound.

However, it’s important to remember that not all spirits are bad, and some may simply be trying to give you a message.

Many cultures believe that ghosts or spirits are capable of communicating with people in this way and that hearing knocking can be an indication of their presence.

If you feel like there might be something dark or evil around you, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself.

What should I do to protect myself?

Spiritual protection from hearing knocking

To protect yourself from any negative spirits or entities that may be present, it is important to create a spiritual shield around you and your home.

This can be done using visualization or prayer, and it will protect against any negative energies that may be present.

You can also use crystals, incense, and other spiritual tools to raise your space’s vibration and keep away unwanted spirits or entities.

It’s important to remember that although you may feel scared, there is nothing to fear as long as you remain positive and keep your energy uplifted. 

If the knocking continues over time, it might be a good idea to seek help from a spiritual practitioner who can offer guidance on clearing away any negative energies.

Overall, hearing knocking at your window can be seen as a warning sign and an opportunity to reflect on the areas of your life that could use more balance.

Be sure to take the necessary steps toward creating positive outcomes and prioritizing your well-being. 

Final Words

Hearing knocking in your sleep can be a normal occurrence or a sign of something more spiritual.

There are many different meanings to the number of knocks you hear, depending on the context and culture.

Some believe that hearing two knocks means someone is trying to get your attention from the other side, while three knocks might mean that a loved one has passed away.

Hearing four or five knocks could indicate a bad ghost, so it’s important to take precautions if this happens to you.

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  1. Ha! So interesting!

    I found my way here after yet another morning being awakened by the sound of two knocks, and wanting to know if there’s any science behind that.

    I woke-up and turned-on the security monitor, partly expecting to find someone knocking at the front door (the only door that would elicit the solid wood thump of the knocks I “heard”), and partly expecting to find nothing awry, based on every previous experience.

    What’s unusual is how real the knocking seems. I would think a dream knock would be fantastical…perhaps too close or too loud to be someone as far away as my front door.

    I DO have very sensitive hearing, having been annoyed by the ticking of someone’s watch in his pocket. But it’s just me and my husband at home, so no chance of it being caused by others’ activities.

    Undoubtedly, it was just my inner alarm clock, this morning. I needed to get up before 6AM, and the security cameras read 5:35AM when the knocks awakened me.

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