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11 Spiritual Meaning Of Tears From Right & Left Eye

11 Spiritual Meaning Of Tears From Right & Left Eye

In the spiritual world, tears symbolize many things.

According to the Bible, tears are associated with prayer. There are numerous examples in the Bible where men prayed to God with tears in their eyes.

Furthermore, in the Book of Revelation, God’s angel gathered the tears of the saints, which were their intercession.

Moreover, the Bible tells us that tears are a sign of repentance.

Whenever you see yourself crying in a dream or real life, it is a sign of inner change. This is because tears are water, and water is connected to the source of life.

So shedding tears is also connecting yourself to the source of life. It is also believed that tears are a sign that your inner being is active. Tears are like, “Hey, I’m still here“.

It calls our attention to our inner presence.

In this article, we will learn the spiritual meaning of tears from the right and left eye. Let’s start.

What Does It Mean Crying From Just One Eye?

Crying in spiritual world

One-sided tearing commonly arises due to overproduction or impaired drainage of tears in the affected eye.

A range of conditions can trigger this symptom, and medical evaluation is required to determine the cause and treatment choices precisely. 

Tearing from one eye usually recommends various possible causes compared to when this sign affects both eyes.

  • According to Psychological Fact, when a person cries and the first tear falls from the right eye, it is of happiness.
  • But when the first tear comes from the left eye, it is from pain.

If you cry out of both eyes simultaneously, you probably stepped on a Lego, stubbed your toe, or bit your tongue.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Right Eye Watering

Right Eye Watering

The right eye is essential. This is how we notice the world around us.

Whenever your right eye begins to deteriorate, your body will be plunged into parietal darkness, which is not an excellent spiritual sign.

The right eye has many symbols and associations with many gods and goddesses.

Everything that happens with the right eye is connected to deep spirituality.

Always check your right eye to make sure everything is fine. Thus, whether a message has come from the spiritual world should be ascertained.

Additionally, sudden tearing is the most common in the right eye. Suddenly, you may start shedding tears that are not motivated by grief.

When this happens, it is not a reflex or unconscious activity.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Left Eye Watering

Left Eye Watering

This is because your left eye is watering for no reason. You should not shed tears from your eyes without sadness or extreme joy.

So, if both emotional energies were not responsible for your left eye-watering, it is spiritual. 

In the spiritual world, people can attain enlightenment through the water.

A watery left eye speaks of a deep search for answers in the spirit realm. This is why your inner Spirit has sent water into your left eye.

The water is believed to cleanse your left eye and increase your ability to see clearly. The myth is that people always get the answer after the water in their left eye dries up.

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5 Spiritual Meanings Of Tears From Right Eye

Spiritual Meaning Of Tears From Right Eye

Crying from the right eye has a spiritual effect that comes from the significance of the right eye.

The right eye allows us to see the world around us, and failing to function is a bad spiritual sign. It allows us to see into the spiritual world. 

Tears from the right eye have 5 spiritual messages; whenever tears suddenly flow from your right eye.

1) You want to heal

The right eye is related to the eye of Horus.

In Egyptian mythology, Horus is the divine healing god. So it is believed that the spiritual meaning of tears from the right eye is that you need healing.

Healing can mean that your body will be healed or that your health will be perfect. Tears in your right eye may indicate a desire to stay healthy. If you are sick, the tears will draw energy from the Eye of Horus to heal you.

2) Good luck

Tears will suddenly start flowing from your right eye as a sign of good luck. Spiritually, the right eye is connected to the eye of Horus, which means good luck.

So, whenever you see tears from that right eye, see it as a possible spiritual sign of good luck.

This is a sign that something good is about to happen in your life, making you cry tears of joy.

3) Spiritual vision

Psychics or those with the gift of prophecy may begin to shed tears from the right eye.

This is mostly when they are visionaries.

If you have these skills, the spiritual meaning of tears from the right eye is that you will see a spiritual vision.

Your Spirit informs you ahead of time so you can prepare yourself.

Tears indicate that your spiritual eyes, or inner eyes, are about to activate, opening you to dream.

This gives you plenty of time to prepare for the vision. It is experienced by people who have never dreamed before.

4) An internal change

It is believed that people will start shedding tears from their right eye as a physical sign of inner change.

It is believed that a tear coming out of the right eye is the end of all the wrong mindset, which has kept you stagnant for a long time.

So, take it seriously once your right eye is watering.

It signifies an inner change and transformation.

In the Bible, this is called the inner work of the Spirit or correction through the Word of God. So hold back the tears yourself.

Once this occurs, the procedure is complete.

5) You need strength

The Eye of Horus was an omen of success in battle.

In the spiritual world, the right eye represents inner battles and victories.

However, once something goes wrong with the right eye, it is a spiritual sign that you are losing the fight.

Spiritually it is related to the right eye.

However, whenever tears come out of your right eye, you are on the verge of losing the battle and need the strength to keep fighting.

From the universe, this sign is an assurance that the power you seek will come.

6 Spiritual Meanings Of Tears From The Left Eye

Spiritual Meaning Of Tears From The Left Eye

When your left eye is tearing, it can signify that you are overwhelmed or stressed. Or, it could mean something distinct.

There are many reasons why the eye may begin to shed. However, if it happens to your left eye, it may have some spiritual significance.

Tears from the left eye have 6 spiritual messages; whenever tears suddenly flow from your left eye.

1) You care too much about what other people think of you

Tearing the left eye also has a negative spiritual meaning when combined with physical symptoms in your body.

For example, you may experience lousy asthma or a headache on a day when your left eye is weeping.

In this case, it could signify that you care too much about what other people think of you.

So, you should avoid doing this!

2) You should not talk to others about your problems

Another spiritual meaning of a tear from the left eye is to avoid discussing your problems with others.

If you do, it can make the condition worse. And by “worse,” I mean that someone who should be helping you can get you in trouble.

So please keep it to yourself and avoid discussing your problems or challenges.

3) You remember someone

Did you know that you can remember people without them knowing? Yes, it happens a lot.

However, the universe may give you a hint by making tears flow from your left eye.

Whenever a tear comes out of your left eye while thinking about someone, you remember that person. You don’t have to miss that someone.

Tears are the sign you need. If the person is nearby, go and meet him and remind him. However, if the person is away, call the person for old-time’s sake.

4) You realize that the world is unjust to you

Another purpose of tearing from the left eye is that the world is unfair to you and will never change. It can be very depressing.

So you should make sure that you don’t think like that. Think positive and always focus on the good things in your life.

Again, if this is the issue, you should take care of it as soon as possible. It could be something that is causing a lot of anxiety in your life.

5) If you are a woman, you will have good luck

On the other hand, if you are a woman and your left eye is tearing, it is considered a sign of good luck in Nepal and India.

And again, there is no real explanation for what this fortune means. It can be something big or something minimal.

There needs to be a way to learn for sure.

6) You think a lot about the past

Another common spiritual meaning of tearing the left eye is that you are constantly thinking about the past and worrying about it all the time.

If so, you should let go of your past, at least for a while.

And pay additional time with family and friends.

5 Superstitions About Watering Eyes

Watering eyes in different cultures

Only some people in these areas believe in superstitions. Some see them as fun stories to discuss, and some don’t believe them. However, these eye-tearing superstitions in each place are still part of the culture.

Eye-tearing myths exist worldwide, and in this section, we discuss some of the most popular superstitions in five different regions.


In Hawaii, there is a watering superstition that if your left eye is watering, it can indicate the arrival of a stranger or an impending death in the family.

There is also a right watery eye superstition that a right eye could signify that a child will be born soon.

West Indies:

Trinidadians refer to a watery eye as a “tearing eye,” which they believe has different a meaning depending on which look is affected.

In the West Indies, the people of Trinidad have many watery eyes, myths, and superstitions in their culture. 

Many West Indies superstitions originated in Africa and were brought to the islands by enslaved people during colonization.

The right eye watering means you will meet someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

If you have water in your left eye, you are about to hear bad news. Someone is talking bad about you.


Many Indian watering eye superstitions depend on whether the person with the watery eye is male or female.

  • If you have water in your right eye, it is good luck for a man and bad luck for a woman.
  • If you have water in your left eye, it is bad luck for a man but good luck for a woman.


Some parts of Africa, particularly Cameroon and Nigeria, have many eye-watering superstitions.

  • If your right eye is watery, it is believed that you will receive an unexpected visitor soon.
  • If your left eye is watery, you will start crying soon.

Especially in Nigeria, there is also the watering left-eye superstition that if your left eye is watering, it is a sign of bad luck.


In China, they have left-eye-watering superstition and right-eye-watering superstition.

The superstitions are that if your left eye is watery, it’s lucky, and if your left eye is watery, it is bad luck.

These superstitions are based on similarities between different words in the Chinese language. 

In Mandarin Chinese, the word for “left” is similar to the word for “money” (which may associate a watering left eye with wealth), while the word for “right” sounds identical to the word for “disaster.” And so it can indicate. Bad luck is coming.

Are Random Tears From The Left And Right Eye A Sign?

Random tears from the eyes and spiritual problems

Yes, if the first tear comes randomly from the right eye, it means happiness, and if it comes from the left eye, it means sadness.

Excessive tear production is usually caused by irritation or inflammation on the eye’s surface. 

This can happen for several reasons, including eyelash and eyelid problems or allergies.

Ironically, a dry eye problem can sometimes cause watery eyes, as the eye produces more tears to deal with the irritation and dryness.

Should I Be Concerned?

Spiritual problem and solution

Your eye has a tiny plumbing system that makes tears, and then washes them out of your sight and into a drain in your nose.

Tears back up when the duct becomes narrow or blocked, and your eyes become watery and prone to irritation or infection.

Symptoms include mucus, crusty eyelids, blurred vision, and pus or blood in your tears.

See a doctor if your eyes are teary, watery, and constantly irritated or infected. The doctor may 

flush the duct with saline, and then insert small balloons or tubes to open the blockage. You may need surgery to make a new drain.

Final Words

Tears from the right and left eye have many possible spiritual meanings.

The meaning varies from person to person, depending on where you are in your spiritual journey and the inner conflicts you face.

The best way to determine which of the above signs applies to you is to pay attention to your space. Meditate to gain clarity of mind, get help from higher powers, and know what to do.

Tears from the right and left eyes are highly spiritual and sensitize people. So, don’t take it for granted whenever it happens to you. There may be a message for you from the spiritual realm.

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