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Hole In (Top) Of The Ear Spiritual Meaning: 11 Messages

Hole In (Top) Of The Ear Spiritual Meaning: 11 Messages

Have you ever noticed a hole in your ear? Is it normal? Should you worry about it? But t there’s no need to worry about it!

As it was placed there by the universe to act as a sign.

So, you should consider yourself lucky as you’re a part of the 1% who were born with this blessing from Heaven.

The hole on top of the ear has a beautiful spiritual meaning as it symbolizes that you have a special connection with the spiritual world and higher realms.

Let’s explore the 11 messages that the universe has for you as it chose you to be a part of something bigger and greater!

I Have An Hole In My Ear: Is It Normal?

Hole in ear spiritual meaning

Well, first and foremost, just know that, if you have a hole in your ear, it’s NOTHING to be insecure about even if it may seem big and quite noticeable. 

A hole (or holes) in the ear is a completely normal thing and is simply a harmless congenital defect called Preauricular Pit.

But, only 1% are born with this condition. It means that you’re truly special and those around you are blessed to be close to you.

The hole can either be on the side, in front or even in both ears.

Recurrent infections may require surgery.

About The Preauricular Sinus

Preauricular Sinus

Preauricular sinuses (ear pits) are common congenital abnormalities.

A Preauricular Pit and Preauricular Sinus are the same things. In fact, they may even go by other names like:

  • Preauricular Cysts;
  • Preauricular Tracts;
  • Preauricular Cysts;
  • Ear Pits.

Although these ear pits are nothing to be worried about, their connection with the underskin may be an invitation to bacteria that can cause infection.

And, if you have these pits on both ears, things could be worse for you.  

Meaning of Preauricular Sinus in Spiritual World

Hole in the ear in spiritual world

Although you may think Preauricular Pits carry negative connotations, it’s actually quite the opposite. 

Having a tiny hole in your ear may indicate possession of supernatural and psychic powers that can help you communicate with spirits and the dead.

It may also help you obtain and decode messages or signs from God faster and more accurately. 

You’re spiritually aware and you’re special! You were chosen from the above.

It means that you’re sensitive to the universe’s spiritual vibrations and your path on Earth was written by a higher realm.

Sometimes you may even feel like an outsider but don’t worry about it or feel insecure. In fact, you need to be happy now that you know you were blessed.

Don’t let anyone drag you down!

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Meaning of Preauricular Sinus in the Bible

Preauricular Sinus in the Bible

Biblically, having a Preauricular Pit may mean that you’ve been appointed by god to fulfill a certain task or purpose on earth

This purpose may be:

  • Serving humanity;
  • Reuniting families;
  • Inviting more people toward Him;
  • Spreading divine knowledge.

You could also be a bridge to one’s dreams and accomplishments and, intentionally or unintentionally, help one achieve them. 

So, as you can see there’s nothing wrong or bad associated with the hole in your hear.

In fact, it says in the Bible in Isaiah 50:4-5:

He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed The Sovereign Lord has opened my ears; I have not been rebellious, I have not turned away.

This means that you must follow your life according to God’s path for you. As He will guide you through the challenges of life.

You were blessed while you were in the womb because God knew you’d understand His message. Now, you must prove to Him that you’re worthy of this blessing.

Spiritual Meaning Of An Hole In The Ear

Spiritual Meaning Of An Hole In The Ear

As you’ve seen so far, a hole in your ear means you were blessed by God. You are spiritually aware!

But the place where the hole is in your ear carries a special message and trait that was given to you.

Since you are a part of something special, God made sure that each one of you would understand their path on Earth.

So, if the hole is in your left ear it doesn’t mean the same as if it were in the right ear. Let’s see:

Hole on the top of the ear:

A hole on top of the ear indicates good hearing skills.

You may be considered an excellent listener which, if you ask me, is equally if not more important than speaking or communication skills.

However, having good hearing skills could also be a sign that you can:

  • Spiritually connect with god;
  • Listen to Him;
  • Interpret His messages accurately

Hole above my ear:

A hole above the ear symbolizes bravery and acceptance of challenges

You may often feel this urge to try new things, obtain new experiences, and push your boundaries to figure out what you’re truly capable of.

Unlike a lot of people, welcoming challenges with unshakable eye contact is in your blood and you’re either confident about succeeding or just don’t care much about failure. All you care about is trying

Hole in my left ear:

If you have a hole in your left ear, it indicates that you’ve been under divine protection all your life

It means that you’re special. God loves you and wants to take care of you.

Divine protection can not only protect you from physical harm but even ward off unseen demonic forces and other negative energies. 

Hole in my right ear:

Having a hole in the right ear could be a sign that you’re born with great luck

So, if you’ve ever wondered why everything goes well for you or the people around you, this is exactly why.

Although it may be a common belief that patience, hard work, consistency, and determination are the only ingredients for success, the truth is – luck plays a HUGE ROLE in it as well

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5 Superstitions About Having A Hole In The Ears

Superstitions from the spiritual world

There are also many superstitions associated with having a hole in your ear. Some say you can hear God and others that you can see the future.

Let’s now see 5 superstitions about your unique trait:

1) You Can Hear God?

One of the biggest superstitions about people who have a hole in their ears is that they can hear god. 

Now, it’s hard to confirm whether this is true or not and if they actually hear the voice of God speaking to them.

But, as I mentioned earlier, people with Preauricular Sinuses do have the ability to interpret god’s signs and revelations

So, chances are…this might actually be true!

2) Dead People Can Directly Communicate With You

Again, it’s quite hard to figure out the authenticity of this but since the concept of mediums does exist, chances are this might actually be true. 

The only difference here is that mediums can only receive signals and indirect responses from spirits that ordinary people may not be able to.

But people who have a hole in their ears are believed to literally be able to hear the voice of spirits and the souls of the deceased speaking verbally. 

3) You’ll Be Aware Of Future Events

It is a common belief that people who have holes in their ears can accurately predict the future.

This could be a prophetic gift bestowed upon you or just a sixth sense you may naturally possess from the start. 

The best part about this is that you’ll be able to mend your path according to what you see happening in the future.

Which should also help you figure out anyone or anything that’s temporary and meaningless in your life

4) You Have The Ticket To Heaven

Another common superstition about holes in the ear is that people who have them, receive a direct ticket to heaven

Upon death, you won’t be asked any questions about your life here on earth or the sins you committed and will be sent directly to the gates of heaven.

And, if you’re someone who has spent their whole life drowning in sin, this might be mind-boggling news for you. Yes, I see you. Smiling with joy while reading this.

But it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to do whatever you want without consequences!

5) You’ll Be Extremely Rich & Wealthy

Well…SURPRISE SURPRISE…how could I miss out on this one

In many cultures around the world, it is believed that having a hole in the ear links to great wealth and fortune

Again, it’s quite hard to figure out if this is actually true or not but just know that one day or the other, you’re definitely going to succeed at something and make LOTS of money!

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7 Characteristics Of People With Holes In Their Ears

Happy woman

The funny thing is that people with holes in their ears have the same personality!

People enjoy being around you and know that you’re a blessing in their lives. But you must also be thankful and show how much you care about them.

Every beauty mark has a spiritual meaning, so here are the characteristics of having this unique feature:

1) Impulsive

If you don’t already know what impulsiveness is, it’s simply just an action without thought.

People with holes in their ears may have the tendency to make impulsive decisions about work, relationships, or their future which could result in deep regret, emotional damage, and weakened bonds. 

However, being impulsive isn’t always bad as it may allow you to unlock the most important aspect of lifeunpredictability.

You may experience new things and stumble upon outcomes that you never thought you would which can sometimes be quite fulfilling. 

2) Short Tempered

As humans, we all get a little angry sometimes but the short-temperedness present in the nature of people with holes in their ears is quite rare. 

These people tend to overreact in situations that may be pressuring or not within their grasp which not only harms their own physical and mental health.

But also hurts the sentiments of other people around them

3) Easily Intimidated

Another common trait of people who have holes in their ears is that they get intimidated very easily

A lot of times, people may unintentionally make us feel small and insecure because of their own success or capabilities. It may cause one to feel intimidated, shy, overwhelmed, and inferior around them.

Now, I know what you might be thinking; don’t we all get intimidated sometimes? And, yes, we do. But, for these people, this feeling can be 10x worse!

4) Strong Intellect

One of the most prominent characteristics of people with holes in their ears is their strong intellect.

In fact, just their words should be enough to give you the impression that they’re knowledgeable, sharp, and not easy to fool.

These people always seem to have an idea of everything and are able to deal with problems or obstacles in new and creative ways.

Their strong intellect roots from their will and desire to learn, explore and dig out what they’re truly capable of. 

5) Wise Plans & Decisions

Stemming right from the last one, another key characteristic of people with holes in their ears is their shining wisdom. 

You’ll notice that these people often know exactly how and when to execute something and base their decisions around every minute detail or information they have.

They have a horrible connection with regret and always seem to take decisions that lead them to everything but regret.

Their wisdom, knowledge, and experience of things really shine through their words, actions, and mindset which instantly makes them the leader of every social circle.

6) They Pick The Right Company

As I mentioned earlier, people with holes in their ears are believed to predict the future quite accurately.

This could be the reason why they only choose to spend time with quality people and completely avoid bad company. 

Bad company is the perfect example of something that is totally meaningless and temporary but can permanently damage your mental health as well as your future. 

7) Courageous and Not Afraid Of Losing

People with holes in their ears are believed to be very courageous and unafraid of failure

Courage is a rare but meaningful characteristic that can help you achieve your dreams and ultimate goals in life.

But, apart from this, it can also allow you to dig out more of what life has to offer and turn your boring mediocre life into a more fulfilling one.

The concept is pretty simple and straightforward – it’s always the ones who dare that make it big and have brought significant changes to our lives.

Remember: Some people are soo afraid of losing that they never win

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I Have A Preauricular Sinus: Am I Special?

Special person: A chosen one

Yes! You are special!

You’re god’s messenger and soldier that possibly possesses supernatural powers and abilities such as being able to communicate with the dead or comprehend divine revelations. 

Your devotion and passion keep distractions at bay, therefore, allowing you to focus on fulfilling your purpose and achieving goals in life

You may also possess a sharper sixth sense that helps you accurately decode people’s intentions, desires, motives, and their next move.

Should I Concerned?

Spiritual impçlications from this condition

No, you don’t need to be concerned at all!

In fact, you should be happy to know that you’re special and unique! You were chosen by God to share His word in our world.

You have a great connection with the spiritual world. Don’t worry as you’re always being protected and guided by someone from the above.

Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: Having a hole (or holes) in the ear is nothing to be insecure about.

It’s a sign that God has blessed you with psychic powers and abilities that an ordinary human being does not possess. 

Your hearing abilities may be heightened which can allow you to contact spirits and deceased entities or possibly even hear god!

The hole could also indicate that you’re blessed with the golden ticket to heaven or will be rich and wealthy in the coming future! Well, I guess those holes in your ears aren’t that bad after all.

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