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9 Negative Spiritual Meanings Of Running Over A Cat

9 Negative Spiritual Meanings Of Running Over A Cat

Today is a horrible day.

You didn’t mean to. It just happened.

You ran over a cat.

You’re still in shock.

It’s been a day, and you still feel sick thinking about it.

There is a knot in your stomach.

You feel horrible. You’re in denial.

So you search for meanings, hoping for answers and trying to understand what happened to you.

Here we’ve gathered the spiritual meanings that rise to the surface when such a tragic event happens.

What Does It Mean When A Black Cat Runs In Front Of Your Car?

Sad man in a car

A cat usually looks both ways when they cross the road, as with time, they’ve learned to cross the road in cities.

Sometimes you might see one at the edge of a street waiting for traffic to end or a human to follow across a road.

If a black cat ran in front of your car, it expected you to slow down.

If a black cat ran in front of your car, its life could have been in danger, and it was not thinking.

While black cats are wrongly known for bad energy, it’s important to remember no cat would willingly put its life in danger.

For a cat to be, there is the universe sending you a message, and that, too, is a strict one!

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Is It Bad Luck To Run Over A Cat?

Bad signs from running over a cat

Many people believe that death comes to you when it is time.

However, to think that injuring or destroying another life form is neutral is unacceptable.

With how many animals are run over due to the insensitivity of humankind, it is better to understand these deaths as bad luck.

The universe holds a cat’s life as precious as a human’s.

Taking away a cat’s life or even injuring it is terrible karma or luck.

The divine respects all forms of life equally!

At the same time, the universe may have put the cat in your path to remind you of the dire consequences of your actions and how they are leading to bad luck.

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9 Negative Spiritual Meanings Of Running Over A Cat

Spiritual Meaning Of Running Over A Cat

Running over a cat has spiritual lessons from the divine that you must pay attention to now. See what it is pointing out for you in your life!

1) Nothing is Guaranteed In Life

What happens to you in the future, you do not know.

The events that lead forward cannot be predicted.

We can have a general understanding of the energy in the future, but this is flexible again.

Running over a cat is a shocking incident that will remind you the truth is nothing is guaranteed in your life.

Neither safety, neither health, and neither success.

It is your belief that helps you truly move forward in life.

You are driven by hope and purpose. This is what gives you direction!

This is one thing to remember when you make decisions for yourself.

Remember this when you take risks, when uncertainty scares you.

This uncertainty is not a bad thing.

Knowing this piece of information will set you free.

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2) Count Your Blessings

Running over a cat means you have forgotten to be grateful.

At this point, you need to be thankful for your present reality.

You have yet to appreciate what you already have in your life.

While nothing is wrong with wanting more, you barely acknowledge anything when given.

If you have come out of this incident unharmed, remember that you are lucky.

Do not take things for granted at this point!

Appreciate them while you still have the chance before you are put in a situation where you lose them too!

We don’t know what we have till it’s taken from us!

3) Underlying Issue

There is an issue in your life that you have been putting mud over.

The universe is letting you know that the energy of your issue is expanding and affecting other areas of your life.

This can longer be put to the side.

Being in denial will only make things grow worse.

You can’t keep hiding the truth from yourself forever.

It will be hard to acknowledge and work through, but you must take the first step.

4) Stay Present In Your Life

This incident was meant to give you a reality check.

You clearly have yet to be present in your daily situations or interactions.

Start taking care of things that have been keeping you from staying present.

This means fixing your routine and your habits.

Stop any unhealthy patterns.

This is a big call out.

If you are not in the present, you are not living.

You will miss out on life.

There will also be a greater chance of you hurting people or causing accidents.

Time for you to ground your body and connect with what is around you, even if it is scary.

Otherwise, life will pass you by.

5) Death Is Instant

What is a more humbling experience than death or pain? To realize the universe can deal you these cards at any time.

Make the most of life right now when you can.

This is the time to spend your energy on your loved ones.

You are not guaranteed time with them.

You do not know when they will leave this life or not be around.

Do not ignore your relationships or treat them with less importance.

You might regret it later, but then you won’t be able to change anything!

Take time out for things that are important to you right now.

This time will never come back in your life.

6) A Wakeup Call

This is the time for you to become accountable for your life.

The universe tells you that things can no longer go as they were.

The universe will have to keep putting horrible moments like these until you wake up and take control.

Your actions affect the world around you.

You are not cursed; your attitude is holding you back.

You are the one who has been limiting yourself.

You are responsible for your behaviors and the pain that you caused yourself, just like you are responsible for the cat’s injuries.

Stop denying your power in your reality!

7) Follow Your Intuition, Or They Will Be Consequences

The universe is sending you a warning with this incident.

In the same way, the cat had the chance to be hurt; you are putting yourself in the same situation.

The universe is asking you to stop ignoring your intuition.

If you ignore the basic cues and wisdom of your body, it will be dangerous.

This can lead to harmful and damaging situations.

Time to change your behavior before you are dealt with harsh consequences!

8) Are You In Alignment With Your Life

At this point, you are being asked to re-examine the direction of your life.

You and the cat had contact in the wrong direction at the wrong time.

The universe is reminding you to pivot and align yourself. 

Whatever it is that you are going for, are you aligning your actions with it?

This is a shocking way to say it, but you are being asked to change directions.

Take this very seriously and see what changes you need to make immediately.

9) Be More Empathetic

When such an incident happens, the universe looks at how you react.

Such a situation should bring up a strong emotional response.

The universe is asking you to be careful with how you treat others.

Do not be insensitive and uncaring!

This creates more bad karma for you.

  • This is the time for you to connect with your heart space.
  • Running over a cat should sensitize you to your emotions.
  • Question your basic empathy skills.

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It Was An Accident! Does The Meaning Remain Negative?

Street cat

Even if it was an accident, the loss of life should not be glossed over.

Ignoring or neutralizing the death of life points to a larger issue in you.

The idea of negativity is to be pondered on.

If you do not recognize your life’s toxic, self-sabotaging behaviors, how will you work through them?

Sometimes a negative meaning can give us a reality check.

This event may have been jarring, shocking, and downright uncomfortable, but that is how you have been brought to the truth.

There will not always be a positive meaning to every lesson or loss in life, which is also a part of learning.

Should I Be Concerned With This Incident?

The negative messages from this incident

It is important to stay within reason and emotion after this incident.

When such violent incidents happen in your life, it is a moment for you to pause and re-examine all your values.

Take your time to feel your emotions but also understand the grim reality of things happening by chance.

Give yourself a chance to heal from the inside.

Process your internal world.

Final Words

In the end, bury the dead cat’s body and pay your respects.

Know that life is fleeting and can be taken away by mere accident.

Remember to live every day as you can!

Time alive is precious.

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