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9 Spiritual Meanings of a Stray Cat Meowing at My Door

9 Spiritual Meanings of a Stray Cat Meowing at My Door

Sometimes we experience a moment and can’t put our finger on it, but a part of us knows that it’s an important element of the plot of our life.  

Did you ever return home and find a cat waiting for you? Or have you found one meowing at your door someday, and it keeps returning? Well, this is where you’ll probably pause for a moment and can’t stop to think about it.

While some might consider a stray cat’s presence a nuisance or trouble, those who know better will realize this animal’s arrival is a sign of something important or greater!

In fact, in history, Egyptians worshipped cats and have been known to be big spiritual messengers that bring forward guidance and protection for humans.

In some belief systems, they are the ones that guide the people who have passed away.

If you’d like to understand the importance of the situation that you’re experiencing, hold on! In this guide, you’ll be able to investigate the top 9 spiritual meanings of having a stray cat turn up and meow at your door.

Keep your mind open and dig into what message has sent you with a furry friend;

What does it mean when a stray cat comes to your house?

Orange cat laying down

A stray cat coming to your house always has significance. Animals are sensitive to energy, and to have a stray visit can mean that they sense something in the energy in your vicinity.

The universe has sent them to alert you of something very specific. Start paying attention.

What is currently changing in your life? Plus, what are your current experiences at the moment? 

Must ask yourself all these queries, and you’ll be shocked to explore the signs!

Seeing a stray cat come to your house in the morning

All timings of the day have some spiritual significance.

The morning is the time of beginning, of happenings, and is known to be the creating period. If a cat finds you at this particular time, you are being told to create something new for yourself

Take time out to think about what more you can want in the future.

Connect to your needs to see what you would like to attract. All journeys begin with a single step and for that, you need to know your direction.

If the cat visiting you is a tortoiseshell cat, it means a sign of success in your career.

Seeing a stray cat come to your house in the afternoon

The afternoon is when the day starts to wane. It is when the sky is now shifting towards the night.  This is symbolic of shifting your energetical approach.

A cat coming to your house in the afternoon means that you need to shift the way you approach things to keep a steady balance. You are growing.

Often after difficult times in our life, we become wired to only work things in a certain way because that is how we have survived.

When it comes to creating a balance of energy, we can now release past approaches for something better fitted for the present. It is safe to release & change. 

Seeing a stray cat come to your house in the night

For a nighttime visit, this cat is a nudge from the universe to explore your unconscious more. Cats can see very well in the dark so this is the time for you to look through your inner darkness.

Look into dreamwork. Start a journal. Take control of your subconscious. Sit with yourself and look at the parts of yourself that you keep repressed.

Do shadow work! We can only accept ourselves when we know all of us, the lights and the dark.

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What does it mean when a stray cat chooses you?

Cats paw cute

When a cat chooses to spend time with you, know that this is a special thing.

Cats are highly independent creatures, and for them to wander to your door or choose you to take care of them is a revered moment.

This is a deliberate choice. You are blessed.

Many people have reported cats visiting them during significant or difficult parts of their lives, staying for a certain amount of time and then leaving almost as if they only came to support them. 

Spiritual meaning of a cat coming to my house every day

Cat sitting at table

If a cat keeps visiting you, it can mean you’re long overdue for a companion in your journey, and the cat is here to remind you of the universe’s support.

This is for you to remember that you are not alone and keep persevering through.

You do not have to go through this alone!

The cat may also be looking for food and shelter and this is a practice experience from the universe for you to connect to your giving and nurturing side.

How we treat animals reflects a lot about ourselves, and this may be a time when you try to connect more with your emotions.

Let yourself be giving, abundant and loving.

 Spiritual meaning of a stray cat meowing at my door

 Spiritual meaning of a stray cat meowing at my door

Your door is the clue to understanding the cat’s message. With the cat bringing forward a new change, there are many messages the universe could be given.

Here discern, and then hold on to the messages that resonate with you. 

1) You are meeting a guide

For many people in history, cats themselves embody the spirit of a guide.

This is a sign from the universe that you will soon be meeting someone in your life that will be important in your journey forward.

This could be a mentor, a teacher, or even a friend you would look up to. The cat here is to remind you to stay open to the possibility of learning from others. 

Keep your doors open!

2) Time For Birth

When a stray cat meows at your door, it may seem like just another pesky visitor

But it said that when a cat visits, someone in the family might be getting a baby soon.

This is because cats can sense the change in hormones, but more than that, this has happened too many times that people believe a cat’s arrival at your doorstep will lead to pregnancy.

In any case, some good news may find you soon! Stray cats are known to bring good luck.

3) Spirits Are Nearby

They say animals see spirits, and so the cat may turn up to your door to alert you to the spirits, to warn you of other presences in the area.

If spooky things have been occurring at your house, this is a sign from the universe that your suspicions are true.

The cat brings you the message of confirmation. Yes. You can do a cleansing and protection ritual to ease your mind. 

4) The Tables Are Turning

This is the universe’s confirmation that things are about to turn in your favor.

Have you heard about how cats always land on their feet? If you feel like you’re falling, know that your life is about to turn for the better.

You’ve got this. Keep moving forward with the same effort. The reward is near.

5) This is the time to heal

Did you know a cat can heal its bones through purring? Their vibrations make the bones stronger. A stray cat turning up at your door signifies that it is time to choose yourself and bring self-healing.

Be curious about what might make you feel better. Ask yourself:

  • Would you prefer to be alone or around loved ones?
  • What things make you feel happy and supported?
  • What brings you comfort?
  • What can you say to yourself to hold space and reassurance for yourself?

Do your favorite things. Be kind to yourself.

Take care of yourself, as if you’re taking care of a loved one. This is the time to hold compassion and care for you.

6) Check Your Boundaries

If you’ve ever noticed, most people don’t like cats because they have very apparent boundaries.

These beautiful animals will be strict with being pet or even held if they don’t like a person. This is a lesson in itself if a cat turns up at your door.

This is the universe asking you a question:

What are you willing to allow in your life and what is not acceptable?

You are being reminded of your accountability in the creation of your current reality.

This cat meowing is a reminder that you will need to revisit the dynamics and relationships in your life to get what you want.

Being friendly doesn’t mean compromising your boundariesYou have the right to tell people how to treat you.

A cat can choose pets but has no scratches. Can rub against your leg but does not prefer to be pet. It can choose to be loved at a distance too.

7) Time To Explore

In history, cats have also been associated with magic and mystery.

If you’ve been hesitant to learn something new or venture fully into the unknown, this is the universe’s playful nudge to encourage you. Keep yourself energetically open.

Trust your intuition.

Let your imagination and curiosity run free! Be prepared to see the world in a completely new way!

This universe is, after all, a gift to be explored and known by you.

8) You Are Good

Stray animals have a sixth sense to approach only people with good energy.

If you’ve doubted yourself and your integrity lately, this stray cat has turned up at your door to remind you of your self-worth again. 

You are important and valued. Your life is important. 

This cat is the universe’s way of telling you that you are loved and not alone.

Here is the universe turning up to tell you: “You are good. You are worthy. You are deserving of all the things you want and even more.”

9) You need more fun and community

Cats, while they are ferocious hunters, take time out to play and amuse themselves in nature.

If you’ve been staying a lot at home, then this is an intervention. A stray cat meowing at your door is the universe’s cheeky way of saying you might need to get out. 

Time to let go of being alone and surround yourself with others.

Your furry visitor is reminding you that you need company and interaction as a human being too, to thrive.

Spiritual meaning of a stray black cat meowing at my door

Black and white cat

Bad luck is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they see a black cat. However, this superstition is far from the truth, like black dogs.

Black cats attract bad luck but only to neutralize the energy. Their presence clears your space and you of bad energy. You are being protected!

This ensures that they bring you good luck, whenever you encounter them as they offer protection and a clearing of bad energy.

So, be friendly to this feline guest and even offer some food. Your home is now under protection.

At the same time, as symbols of protection, stray black cats also ask you to be more careful and hyper-aware of the energies surrounding you.

As cats can sense danger, this beautiful animal might be turning up to remind you to pay attention to protect yourself. This is a good time to be skeptical.

These could even be small hints from the universe to catch on if someone is deceiving you, lying to you or perhaps being unfair.

So keep a trained eye out and be prepared to get catty if anything arises! 

Is this cat a sign from the spiritual world?

Kittens in basket

Well, you already have the answer to this question. Trust yourself!

If you’re still confused about the cat being a sign, it’s okay to take your time to ponder over it. 

It’s okay to trust your instinct on this matter, for cats themselves are instinctual creatures.

Yes, you are free to trust yourself completely!

Final Words

Time itself is divine. Know that these creatures were created by nature for a reason. You can learn a lot just from watching and understanding them. Their qualities can teach you a lot about how to move through life in a practical way.

You can never choose a cat; it is the cat that chooses you. You are the special one! Choose to receive your message from the universe. Listen.

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