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Why Can’t I Remember My Dreams? Spiritual Meaning

Why Can't I Remember My Dreams? Spiritual Meaning

I’m not much of a dreamer. I don’t remember frequently dreaming even as a kid. My dreams would be far and few.

It is no different now that I am an adult as there would be weeks when I would go on without dreaming. 

Lately, I had two nights where I dreamt consecutively. The first one was a lengthy dream, which I remember all too vividly.

The second night’s dream was something I cannot remember.

I just woke up knowing that I dreamt of something and I spent the rest of the day trying to remember what my dream was but no recollection ever came.

So, why do I remember some dreams but others I forget? And is there a meaning when I cannot remember my dreams? Should I be bothered?

These are just some of my questions then.

And now I have written what the answers are to these questions so you’d know what it means when you dream of something but cannot remember ti

Why Can’t I Remember My Dreams Anymore? Spiritual Meaning

Why Can't I Remember My Dreams Anymore? Spiritual Meaning

This happened to me a lot of times even if I don’t dream as much as other people.

 I remember falling in and out of sleep of some sort as I was dreaming. In between feeling awake and drifting to sleep, it would seem that I would feel the sensations in the dream. 

Everything just felt so real. But as soon as I woke up, I couldn’t remember anything about the dream. 

Not remembering my dream used to bother me a lot before. But not anymore. I now understand why I cannot remember my dreams anymore.

This is because spiritually not remembering your dreams is a reminder that every day is a new day.

But what does this mean?

  • This means that if you’ve had a bad day, then remember that tomorrow will be a new one and it could be better than the one you are presently having.
  • This also means that while the past helped you shape the person that you are, you always need to look forward. Do not stay stuck in whatever happened in the past.
  • A new day also means that you need to focus on the present and stop feeling about your past or worrying too much about tomorrow. Be present at the moment.

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Spiritual Meaning of Forgetting Dreams

Forgetting dreams in spiritual world

When you forget dreams, do not just dismiss this as something normal. While it happens to many people, forgetting dreams has a spiritual meaning behind it.

The meaning of forgetting dreams is that you can always start anew. 

Sadly, many people desire to make changes in their life or want to make their current circumstances better.

But their beliefs prevent them from doing so since in their minds and hearts, it is too late to make the changes happen.

They will stop trying then, thinking that their past weighs a lot. Their past mistakes have been so costly that now they have made so many mistakes in the last weeks, months, or years that they no longer deserve something better or to change. 

Their disappointment with how they acted before makes them think that it is too late to become even better now.

Some people believe that they do not deserve a second chance.

If you are one of them and you are forgetting your dream, then take this as a sign from heaven that you can start again.

Do not let the past version of yourself dictate what you can be now or in the future.

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Biblical Meaning of Forgetting Dreams

Forgetting dreams in the Bible

When you forget your dreams, then this could be because the ones above are telling you to forgive.

The Lord commands us to forgive as many times in the bible as we can. It doesn’t matter how many times a person has wronged us or hurt us.

We need to forgive this person as many times.

This is what the Lord commands.

So, when you dream of something and forget it, then this could be because there is so much hatred for a person.

The one above knows our difficulty in forgiving this person and so the heavens have to send us a reminder to keep working hard so we can forgive.

Sometimes, forgiveness doesn’t come automatically. It takes a lot of work and prayers before we can forgive someone.

When you forget what your dreams are then pray that the heavens help you forgive a particular person.

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If You Remember Your Dreams Is It a Message? Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual meaning of not remember dreams

Yes, if you remember your dreams this could be because there is a message from the heavens.

The message being brought to you varies depending on what you dreamt of.

  • Sometimes you could be dreaming of an animal in your house and the meaning of the dream would be different depending on which part of the house the animal is at. For example, you may have dreamt of a cat but if the cat is in your garden then the message may be different if you dreamt of the cat inside the kitchen.
  • You could also be dreaming of a departed loved one and the spiritual message would be different from dreaming of living loved ones far away.

The messages of your dream would be different each time. Try to remember what your dream was and reflect on what it could mean.

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5 Spiritual Reasons Why You Can’t Remember Your Dreams Anymore

Woman dreaming

1) Be kinder to yourself

When you can’t remember your dreams anymore, this could be because the heavens are telling you to be kinder to yourself.

Many people can be quite unkind to themselves, refusing to forgive themselves for past mistakes or current deficiencies.

Some may also strive for perfection, pushing themselves harder every single time without knowing when to stop.

When you know you dreamt of something but can’t remember what it was, then think of your relationship with yourself.

Are you kind to yourself? If the answer is no, then start being a kinder person to yourself now.

2) Protection from a spiritual attack

It is possible that you are being spiritually attacked by the devil. The evil forces could be working hard to condition your mind through your dreams.

But if you do not remember what you dreamt of, this could be because the heavens are protecting you from the spiritual attack.

The ones above are working harder to protect you. 

The reason why you can’t remember the dream is that the heavens erased the dream from your memory to negate the spiritual attack of the devil.

3) Prioritize your mental health

When you can’t remember what your dream was, this is probably heaven’s way of nudging you to put your mental health on top of your list.

There are various ways of prioritizing health like taking the time to rest even before your body asks you to.

Making sure to get enough rest is not for your physical body but for your mental health too. 

Staying away from people who make you feel bad about yourself is also crucial.

When you can’t remember what your dream was this could be because you are being told to check your mental health.

4) Be authentic

If you can’t remember your dreams, this could be because you are not being your true self. 

Oftentimes you are pretending to be someone you are not to many people.

You may be pretending to be richer than you are or well-connected with the powerful to reach a goal or an ambition.

You may be pretending because you wish to fit in.

Not remembering your dream could be the universe’s way of telling you that pretending won’t get you where you want to be. It is a useless endeavor

5) Something’s not for you

If you are asking the heavens for something as well as a sign that you’re getting it, then you don’t remember your dream.

Then this is the sign; you are not getting what you asked for.

This is the sign you are hoping for. This is heaven’s way of telling you that something better is in store for you and it is not the one you’ve been praying for.

How to Remember a Dream You’ve Forgotten

About this lost of memory

When you are having a hard time remembering your dream, then take the time to relax. You can sit or lie down and meditate.

Try clearing your mind and just try to remember the sensations or how you felt when you woke up.

You may then remember what you dreamt of.

If this is still not working, then quit forcing yourself to remember.

The dream may come back to your memory again later in the day when you are no longer forced to remember it.

Prayers may also help. If remembering your dream is very important to you, then pray to the heavens that you have a recollection of what your dream was.

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Final Words

There is nothing highly unusual when you don’t remember what your dream was.

If this happens then keep in mind that the heavens may be telling you something important.

There could be a message from the one above after all.

Don’t be hard on yourself trying to remember what you dreamt of.

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