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Stepping in Dog Poop Spiritual Meaning: Right Foot?

Stepping in Dog Poop Spiritual Meaning: Right Foot?

It is disgusting to step in dog poop – especially when you are going for a momentous occasion.

Now, when it starts happening consistently, the universe is trying to call your attention to something important. 

Sadly, a lot of people ignore the message behind this experience and only focus on the disgust they feel.

Because of these, they lose the opportunity to get spiritual insight and wisdom into the reason behind such an auspicious event.

If you have recently stepped on dog poop, then, you should read this article to understand the spiritual meanings of stepping on dog poopespecially with the right foot

What does it mean when you step in dog poop?

cleaning dirty shoe

Whenever you step on dog poop, the spiritual world is telling you to pause and think about your life.

A lot of times, we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle around us. We really don’t spend time reflecting on our lives or the choices we have made in the past. 

Without extra caution, mistakes are imminent

Therefore, to prevent this from happening, the spiritual world can orchestrate a dog to poop on the path you will cross.

The moment you step on it, the brief pause you took to assess the situation is telling you to also take a pause and spend time reflecting on your life as well

Additionally, whenever you step in dog poop, it indicates the need to be patient. You don’t have to speed your way through life.

Through patience, you can make consistent progress with contentment, peace of mind, and the absence of inner and external pressures. 

The spiritual world causes people to step in dog poop as a caution sign.

Most of the messages affect the mental and emotional aspects of our lives. It also gives us direction.

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Spiritual meaning of stepping in dog poop in real life

stepping in dog poop in real life

A lot of people have a misconception that stepping on dog poop in dreams is only spiritually significant.

They believe that experiencing the same in real life has no direct correlation to the spiritual world. Well, they are wrong!

Stepping in dog poop in real life has numerous spiritual meanings. In this section, our focus will solely be on this concept. 

Read on to discover the spiritual meanings of stepping in dog poop in real life. 

With right foot:

Whenever you step in dog poop in real life – with your right foot, cleaning it up spiritually encourages us to learn to clean up our mess

No matter how we try to reject it, at certain points in our lives, we will make mistakes. Some of these mistakes can be obvious while others might be private. 

Irrespective of the nature of these errors, we must build an inner strength to clean up the mess

This is the message from God to you through this seemingly disgusting experience you recently had. 

With left foot:

This experience teaches us to remain humble at all times

When things seem to be going well for you, never see yourself as a superhuman. Rather, see yourself as someone privileged by God to be on the positive side of life. 

Spiritually, whenever you step in dog poop with your left foot, it is a reminder to remain humble at all times. This is because life will always throw its messy moments at you

When this happens, your humility helps you to not take these moments to heart. It keeps you at peace and reminds you that God is in control of everything.

Stepping in dog poop barefoot:

In the spiritual world, whenever you step in dog poop barefoot, it is reminding you to stop taking your life issues too personally

Do you know why? It is because of the impermanence of things. 

The impermanence of things reveals that nothing in life is permanent – except for change. 

Therefore, even the difficult moment in your life will soon come to an end

When you step in dog poop barefoot, that moment seems like it will last forever. However, after cleaning up the poop from your foot, the freedom to walk around returns

In the same way, the situation of your life will not linger forever. Soon, it will come to an end.

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Spiritual meaning of stepping in dog poop in dreams

stepping in dog poop in dreams

The moment you dream of stepping in dog poop, it implies that God has a special message to deliver to you

However, because of how busy you are, it was impossible to get the message across to you in real life. 

Therefore, one of the things you should do is to meditate on this dream once you wake up.  Now, here are some of the spiritual messages from having this strange experience

  • The universe is telling you to forgive. Stepping in dog poop in your dream encourages you to let go of the hurts done towards you;
  • According to the African cultural belief, when you step in dog poop in your dream, it implies that something good is going to happen to you soon;
  • Another spiritual meaning prepares you for a transition. Having this dream means a new cycle of your life is about to begin;
  • This dream indicates the need to start trusting in your intuition for direction and precise decisions. 

These 4 spiritual meanings are important. This is why you should keep them in mind, and meditate on them after having this dream.

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7 Spiritual signs from stepping on dog poop

7 Spiritual signs from stepping on dog poop

When you step in dog poop, there are 7 spiritual signs you get from it

These signs are also spiritual messages you should pay close attention to. Read on to discover them. 

1) You need to establish enough boundaries

Anytime you step in dog poop, it means you have not established boundaries around your life. This is why a dog could cross into your territory to poop around you. 

In your life, this message is very important. When you do not have boundaries, you will become vulnerable to the manipulations of people, which eventually hurts you.

Therefore, when the spiritual world sends this sign to you, start looking for ways to create boundaries around your life, which nobody should cross. 

2) Release Negativity

Dog poop is seen as an omen of negative energy.

When you step in it and wipe it off your feet, it is a symbolic action. 

Spiritually, this is the same as letting go of every form of negative energy in your mind. 

It is time to let go of hurts, negative thoughts, negative feelings, and emotions bottled up in your mind. 

Holding on to negative energy is disadvantageous. It can affect your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

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3) Purification

Stepping in dog poop creates a need for spiritual purification and cleansing.

This sign means that you have not engaged in constant spiritual cleansing practices for a long time. 

As a result of this, you have been exposed to a lot of negative energy, which has affected your chakra levels, mental well-being, and spiritual sensitivity. 

This is why the universe created a scenario of stepping in dog poop. It is to spur you up to go for a spiritual cleansing exercise.

Doing this purges you of every evil deposit in your being. 

4) A New Season is Coming

Poop represents a new season. When someone steps in dog poop, it is a sign that a new season is approaching. 

You should have an open mind to this omen

Through it, you can be aware of a new opportunity to reinvent your life and take advantage of new opportunities. 

5) Make Mindful Choices

Stepping in dog poop is telling you to make mindful choices in your life.  What does this mean?

It means that you need to carefully consider the consequences of your actions before engaging in them. This sign is telling you to not make rash decisions based on emotions and sentiments alone. 

6) Adaptability

Spiritually, stepping in dog poop teaches us the power of adaptability

When you step on dog poop, you quickly change your schedule to adapt to the situation. 

You will have to stoop down and clean off this mess from your shoe before moving on with your life.

Now, this is going to take some of your time, which is a symbol of adaptability

Through this, you are trained to learn how to adapt to unforeseen circumstances that might happen in life. 

This sign reveals that life is not permanent. We must be ready for change

7) Watch the moves you make

Stepping in dog poop is a spiritual warning sign.

It encourages, inspires, and motivates people to be careful of the steps they take

When this happens to you, the universe is telling you to not make careless moves. 

Is stepping in dog poop good luck?

cleaning shoe

Yes, stepping in dog poop is a good luck sign

This is an African belief you should hold! According to the African tradition, poop is a sign of wealth

Stepping in dog poop indicates that wealth has come. 

When you step in dog poop, expect something good to happen to you – especially around the area of wealth and prosperity.

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Final Words

As we have discussed in this article, it is important to pay attention to the things that happen in your life. 

Stepping in dog poop is disgusting.  However, when you pay attention and meditate on the spirituality surrounding this event, deep insights will be released. 

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