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Right & Left Index Finger Itching Meaning: 7 Superstitions      

Right & Left Index Finger Itching Meaning: 7 Superstitions      

Did you wake up with a funny itching in your index finger today? Well…it might be a sign that the universe is trying to communicate with you

In this article, we’ll uncover all the spiritual meanings behind itching in the left or right index finger as well as the superstitions around it. 

So, let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

What Does It Mean When Your Finger Itches? (Spiritually)

Your Finger Itches

Spiritually, itching in the finger signifies wealth, power, justice, and willpower

It indicates that you have all the resources, skills, and knowledge needed to generate great wealth and control power.

You can be appointed leader and trusted with providing value or justice. Itching in the finger also means eagerness to do something big.

It means you have an actionable plan in mind that, upon execution, will not only surprise you but also garner appreciation from a large group of people or whole communities. 

You want to put out something into this world that affects people or helps them on a much larger scale and you won’t stop until you accomplish that.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Right Index Finger Itching

Right Index Finger Itching

Much like the right foot toe, itching in the right index finger is also associated with good luck and fortune.   

It means financial freedom, prosperity, profitability, and luxury is about to enter your life.

Which will not only help improve current living conditions but also get you closer to bigger goals in life

Peace, comfort, and motivation will also come along as a result of prosperity and significantly help develop your physical and mental well-being.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Left Index Finger Itching

Left Index Finger Itching

If your itching seems to be located in the left index finger, it may be a sign that trouble is coming your way

Life’s unexpected troubles can come in all shapes and forms such as a sudden:

  • Miscarriage;
  • Divorce/breakup;
  • Financial downfall;
  • Even the death of a family member. 

Such events can leave you severely heartbroken and demoralized which is why the universe may be trying to warn you beforehand so you can at least anticipate it.

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7 Superstitions About The Right & Left Index Finger Itching

7 Superstitions About The Right & Left Index Finger Itching

Having your left or right index finger itching has different meanings. Let’s dive into the superstitions and messages it has for you:

1) You’re Going To Have An Argument Soon

One of the most popular superstitions regarding itching in the left index finger is that you’re about to get into an argument with someone pretty soon

It may be with your mom, dad, little brother, wife, or even just a random stranger on the sidewalk. 

If you’re careful about things, you may be able to diffuse the situations quickly and not let much happen.

But, if you’re someone who’s usually hot-headed, things could escalate into hurt sentiments, a broken bond, or even a serious physical fight.

Although this is just a superstition, I would still advise you to keep your ego from getting the best of you during arguments.

Indulge in them with a mature and friendly attitude.

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2) You Think About Death A Little Too Much

If you feel itching in your left index finger every time you ponder over the subject of death, chances are that you’re not just “pondering over”, you’re obsessed with it. 

The superstition suggests that you’re either too afraid or too intrigued by the idea of death (yes, some people do find it intriguing) and often find yourself thinking about it. 

This may have led you to a point where you’ve started losing touch with reality.

You can’t help but have those intrusive thoughts hinder your work or personal relationships. 

If this superstition sounds somewhat familiar to your situation at the moment, getting yourself busy or spending more time with loved ones might be your best bet.

Get over those thoughts and gain genuine clarity about your present life

3) You’ll Fall In Love Just To Have Your Heart Broken

Another common superstition about itching in the left index finger is that you’re about to fall in love with someone who will break your heart soon. 

It could be someone whom you already are close with like your best friend OR a random stranger you meet at the coffee shop. 

Although the falling in love part may go well in the beginning, things could get pretty nasty afterward.

You may discover they’re in love with someone else or just not interested in you at all and it is going to shatter your heart into a million pieces. 

4) A Large Amount Of Money Will Flow Out Of Your Pocket

One popular superstition suggests itching on the right index finger means money will be received and itching on the left one means money will flow out of your pocket

There may be a sudden financial emergency, the need to buy something important or a friend may want to borrow money from you. 

It is believed that scratching the index finger can help avoid this outflow of money if your finances are looking tight. 

5) You’ll Be Shaking Hands With A Stranger

Itching in the right index finger is believed to mean that you’ll be shaking hands with a stranger

Yes, I know, it sounds quite odd. I mean…why would you randomly just shake hands with a stranger?

Your guess is as good as mine

You both could be making a deal, completing a transaction, exchanging items, or congratulating one another about an achievement. 

Who knows…

6) You’ll Outsmart Your Competitors & Enemies

If you’ve been lacking in life or just not feeling motivated enough to compete then you’ll definitely want to read this one. 

Itching in the right index finger supposedly hints that you’ll be outsmarting your rivals soon and leaving them behind in the race. 

Obviously, it doesn’t have to be a literal “race” race but it could be the race of life, business, financial freedom, fitness, or whatever it is that you’re running towards. 

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7) You’re Going To Turn Into A Werewolf!

As hysterical as it may sound, many cultures around the world still believe this superstition to be true. 

It suggests that itching in a man’s index finger means he’s going to go wild and turn into a werewolf.

One confusing aspect of this superstition is whether this “werewolf” would be channeled only through the man’s behavior or if he’s going to turn into an actual werewolf with fur, claws, and sharp teeth. 

Secondly, would it just be a phase or will the man become a werewolf forever?

Well…I guess there’s only one way to find out. 

If you do turn into a werewolf after feeling some itchiness in your index fingers, make sure to drop a comment below on what it feels like.

(Typing with claws might be harder though, haha!)

Is An Itchy Index Finger A Bad Spiritual Sign?

touching hands


Apart from itching in the right index finger which is supposed to bring good luck, itching in any finger of the left hand is a bad spiritual sign

It indicates that bad things or negative occurrences are about to take place that would really challenge your well-being and sanity. 

You might also find yourself sunken deep into trouble, stress, anxiety, and restlessness often because of all the mentally taxing events that could possibly unfold

Just make sure to take whatever trouble comes your way as a temporary circumstance instead of just completely giving in to it. 

Otherwise, your only stores of hope and optimism might start depleting too.

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Should I Be Concerned?

hands up

You need to be a little more careful and think twice before making any personal, professional, or financial decisions in the coming future. 

Stress due to the unfolding of negative events may increase the possibility of getting into a serious fight or argument with a loved one.

So, if you want to avoid that, better keep some distance for a while

Also, as a side note – although many people doubt whether superstitions are true or not, you must still be mindful and understanding of the other person’s feelings regardless of whether the universe sends you a sign for it or not.  

You DO NOT want to lose them because of your silly ego. 

Final words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now – itching in the left and right fingers could mean drastically different things

Although both are signs from the universe about a certain event (or chain of events) that may take place soon, positive life changes can be expected when the itching is located in your right index finger. 

But, even if it is in the left one that itches, no need to get TOO worried.

You may go through a temporary phase of unhappiness, grief, or extremely bad luck but, with a little patience, issues will resolve on their own and things will get back to normal in no time!

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