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7 Female Left Sole Itching Superstitions: Crazy Meanings!

7 Female Left Sole Itching Superstitions: Crazy Meanings!

Were you dangling your feet under your work desk today when you suddenly felt strong itchiness in your left sole?

Well…aside from being bitten by a mosquito or some small bug in your shoe, that itchiness you felt could mean A LOT more than you might think. 

In this article, we’ll discuss all the spiritual reasons why you may feel itching in your left sole, the superstitions around it, and its possible hidden meanings.

So, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

What Does It Mean When Your Left Foot Sole Itches?

Left Foot Sole

Well, the first and most obvious reason why your left sole may be itching is that you’ve been wearing tight shoes for a long time.

They invite fungal infections or dermatitis that may cause skin irritation and even leave small rashes on the surface. 

Secondly, you may have come in contact with a bug or some sort of insect inside your shoe and it stung you pretty hard. 

In that case, you can wash the affected area with soap and water and apply ice to the sting wound to reduce swelling or irritation

Spiritual Meaning Of An Itching Left Foot Sole

Spiritual Meaning Of An Itching Left Foot Sole

Spiritually, the RIGHT foot sole itching is believed to bring good luck and prosperity

Therefore, the left one means completely the opposite – bad luck, famine, scarcity, and poverty. 

If you’ve always been well off in life, things might suddenly take a sharp turn for you and you’ll find yourself in a lot of financial struggles, helpless situations, and dead ends

You’ll see happiness being snatched away from your life and a rise in misery, unfairness, pain, and, most importantly, having to face the trauma that surrounds not being able to take care of your family the way they deserve to be taken care of.

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7 Superstitions About The Left Foot Sole Itching

7 Superstitions About The Left Foot Sole Itching

1) Life Is About To Test You

One of the most common superstitions surrounding left sole itching is that life is about to test you. 

There are three different categories for this test:

  • Physical Tests:Life will throw physically challenging tasks your way or maybe even put you in danger to help you discover physical weaknesses and lacking areas within your body. 
  • Mental Tests:You’ll be faced with heartbreaks, failures, stress, and trauma to help you determine your self-awareness levels, sift through certain beliefs or stigmas and question your delusions. 
  • Emotional Tests:You’ll undergo certain emotionally triggering experiences that would help surface your true fears, emotional vulnerabilities, trust issues, or anxiety. 

All these tests are meant to do just ONE thing – make you realize your insecurities and weaknesses so that you can work on them one by one which therefore leads to more fulfillment in life.

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2) Your Family Is Going Through A Tough Time

If you feel your left foot sole itching, it is believed to be a sign that your family is going through a tough time.

Now, it’s obviously hard to determine whether this is true or not but if you’re far away from your family, you could at least call to check up on them.

They may be facing threats and physical danger OR just going through a financially difficult phase in life

However, if you’re 100% sure that there’s nothing wrong then…yeah…it’s probably why people call it a superstition, right?

3) You Feel Stressed & Uncomfortable

Another common superstition regarding the left sole itching suggests that you may be feeling stressed and uncomfortable

There could be millions of reasons why you may be stressed but work, family issues, relationship problems, and big decisions seem to be common in most cases. 

If your stress is accompanied by restlessness, insomnia, inability to concentrate, and a decreased attention span, chances are that things are quite serious

But, again, if there’s absolutely no sign of any of these things in your life then that probably explains the whole superstition part. 

4) You’re About To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

One superstition suggests that itching in the left foot sole means you’re about to set out on a journey that’s WAYYY out of your comfort zone

And, although this may sound like a bad thing, trust me when I say IT’S NOT

Not only will getting out of your comfort zone allow you to experience more of what life has to offer but also grow and develop new possibilities for doing basic everyday things.

It’ll also help you understand and unlock your true potential or capabilities you never knew you had

Even if this is a superstition, you will eventually have to get out of your comfort zone one day or the other. 

So, just take the itching as a reminder of that.

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5) You Want To Travel Badly

In some cultures, superstition runs that itching in the left foot is a sign of wanting to travel.

It may be photos of the beautiful beaches in the Bahamas that are tempting you to make a visit or just the urge to see the Eiffel Tower from up close, whatever country or place it may be, it seems to be calling you by your name and you can’t help but want to answer it

Generally, you should listen to your heart and travel as much as you’d like BUT if your finances or workload is holding you back, better take care of those things beforehand so that traveling is actually enjoyable and stress-free. 

6) You’re Moving In The Wrong Direction

Itchiness in the left foot sole is also known to be an indication of moving in the wrong direction

This could be taken both in the literal and figurative sense. 

Literally speaking, you may feel itchiness in the left foot if you have turned in the wrong direction that does not lead you to your destination. 

Figuratively, it could be a sign of diverting from a moral and ethical path.

You may be involved in illicit activities that harm other people’s lives or unfairly take away what’s theirs.

This could involve robbery, drug trade/use, fraud, smuggling, or trafficking.

7) An Upcoming Trip Might Get Canceled

If you were planning a huge girls-only trip with your friends this summer, feeling itchiness in your left foot is considered to be a hint that it might get canceled

Reasons behind this cancellation may include a lack of proper planning, injury/illness, a sudden death, too much workload, or other personal problems. 

An important point to note here is that I’m not entirely sure whether the superstition applies to just one upcoming trip or multiple in the future but I guess that’s the mystery of superstitions, right? 

You just never know…

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Is Feeling Itchiness In My Left Foot Sole A Bad Spiritual Sign?

Left sole

Unfortunately… YES.

Itching in the left foot is definitely a bad spiritual sign. 

It means life is going to get really tough for you in the coming future and you’ll have to become stronger and more patient to tolerate and fight through the struggles, hardships, and heartbreaks that are thrown your way

You’ll need to get out of your comfort zone and experience things you’re afraid of which may take a toll on both your physical and mental health.

Should I Be Concerned Spiritually?

Spiritual problems

Not only should you be concerned but also be mentally prepared to face the struggles that are about to enter your life

Try to keep your hands out of big financial decisions for a while and keep in touch with your family because they could be needing you for help soon. 

If you’re someone who believes in superstitions then you should be even more concerned since none of the superstitions around the left foot itching appear to be good or positive whatsoever.

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Final words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now – feeling itchiness in your left sole doesn’t always have to be a sting or infection. 

The universe could be trying to send you a secret message about what’s coming

Obviously, it won’t be anything good, so you must be prepared for the worst to happen. Soon, you may have to face things you never thought you would and see yourself or your family in demoralizing situations. 

To break through this, however, you need to keep your hope alive and be patient enough to let the tough time pass on its own

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