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​​​8 Spiritual Meanings of Burning Hands and Skin

​​​8 Spiritual Meanings of Burning Hand and Skins

Today I will talk about the spiritual meaning of burning hands, fingers, and skin. Let’s start?

Burning hands and skins are one of those highly painful sensations you can ever feel. The tingling and the pain from the burns are things you may never want to experience.

Fortunately, burns on the skin and hands are not something that always happens.

Many people never encounter it while others can overcome them. 

But what does it mean when you burn your skin and other organs like the hand? Is there a spiritual meaning behind it? These are things that I will discuss in this post.

Spiritual Meaning of Burning Skin

Burning Skin in Spiritual World

When you burn your skin you may experience the following:

  • Pain;
  • Discomfort;
  • Discoloration;
  • Tingling sensation;
  • Numbness.

All these you may feel, but what of its spiritual meaning?

Burning skin could be the universe’s way of telling you that change can be a good thing

Remember how some burn scars and others can live with the effects of burning. This is the same with skin burning.

When you experience a skin burn it is possibly because the heavens want you to know that you must learn how to embrace change.

That despite major changes or pain like burns, you can survive and go back to what used to be.

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Spiritual Meaning of Right Hand Burning

Right Hand Burning

When you burn your right hand, it could also be because you need to be clear about your intentions.

  • What have you been asking God? 
  • What are your prayer requests? 
  • What are the desires of your heart? 

Then ask yourself, did you get what you are asking for?

You need to ask these questions because one of the reasons why you have burned your right hand is because the heavens are having a hard time understanding your request and intentions.

You need to be clear about what you want, and what you are asking the universe.

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Spiritual Meaning of Left Hand Burning

Left Hand Burning

One of the spiritual reasons why you burned your left hand is because the universe is telling you to be resilient.

Are you the type to easily give up when things are going tough? Do you lose hope when the things you want seem out of reach no matter how much you try?

If you are easily discouraged all the time and have difficulties facing the challenges that come your way and you burn your left hand, then take a strong message.

Be resilient and all will be well. 

The universe knows what it is doing all the time.

You need to face everything with courage because you are never alone.

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Spiritual Meaning of Burning Fingers

Burning Fingers in Spiritual World

There are different ways of burning fingers. 

You could, for example, have burned them while cooking or when you accidentally touched the flame of the candle. If you smoke, you can also burn your fingers with your cigarettes.

When you burn your fingers, take this to mean a reminder from the ones above to live in the present. Many times we are focused on the past or future

For example, we could always be thinking of regrets or things you could have done better in the past. You can also be so consumed with the future that you spend more time on what can or you think should happen that you no longer are enjoying the present.

Be mindful of the present.

The present is important. These are the messages when you burn your fingers.

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8 Spiritual Meanings and messages From Burning Hands and Skin

Spiritual Meaning of Burning Hands and Skin

1) You may be betrayed

If you have burned your hand and skin, this is probably due to heaven’s warning that someone is about to betray you.

This could be someone close to you like a family member, a lover, a relative, or a friend. The person who would betray you could also be someone distant but still in a position to hurt you. 

When you burn your skin or hands, then consider thinking of ways that others can hurt you

Ask yourself who has been acting strangely towards you recently and why are they acting this way. 

The universe is also sending you this message so you brace yourself for possible hurt or burnout. Be prepared to deal with the betrayal.

2) Take care of your blessings

Many times the universe has blessed us but we fail to take care of these blessings. We tend to take these blessings for granted, thinking that everyone has them or can easily get them.

But most blessings can be taken away from us in an instant. 

By then, some of them we can never get back. We may bargain with the gods to give the blessings back but they are gone for good.

When you burn your hand, take this to mean as a strong reminder to take care and be grateful of the blessings that you have received

Our hands were always ready to receive these blessings, but if you have burned them then it could be a sign that in the future your hands won’t be holding on or receiving blessings.

3) Restore the peace within the family

Is there conflict or disunity in your family? Are your parents fighting all the time? Are your siblings not speaking to each other?

If there is fighting among family members, and any of you burn your hands or skin, then take this to mean that the universe wants you to fix the conflict.

Your family is the first one to protect and nurture you. And so if there is conflict you must prioritize fixing the problem within the family.

4) You can change

Our skin is always renewing itself. We cannot see it because it renews from the inside.

So, when you burn your skin it is a potent message from the ones above that you can change. Everybody can change, after all.

Perhaps, there are things in your life that you want to improve or change. Maybe you want to let go of some vices, take care of yourself better, or be a better family person. When you burn your skin consider the strong message from above: you can change.

Change is a good thing in many cases. And when you intend to change for the better, then 

remember that you can do it. You may doubt yourself whether you can make the changes but believe that you can.

The universe is on your side.

5) Make the most of your gifts

You have been given many gifts. Perhaps you are good with music, arts, technology, sports and so on. But what have you done with your gifts?

If you have burned your skin and hands, then think of the gifts that the universe has given you. Ask yourself whether you have put them to good use.

Are you using your gifts wisely? Are you using them to glorify the one above? Or are you using your gifts simply to enrich yourself or to do evil?

Burning your skin and hands should then be a reminder not to waste away the spiritual gifts you have received.

6) Sharing your blessings is always good

How do you use your hands? Is it always closed or open?

Think of these images after you have burned your hand.

When you are close-fisted it is because you are not sharing your blessings. But when your hands are open, then you are sharing your blessings and receiving more of them.

When you burn your hands then reflect on your level of generosity.

Do you close your fists so others cannot receive from you? Remember you are also closing off your hands to other blessings.

Open your hands and your life will be more meaningful

7) Mind your own life

Many times we are consumed by what others act or do with their lives.

We spend many hours trying to determine what they are up to. Then we criticize them heavily and even gossip about them. Simply put, we spend so much time minding other people’s business.

And so when you burn your hands and skin, you feel discomfort.

If you are one of those who like to gossip and judge others, spending hours discussing other people’s affairs, then it is time to change. 

The burning of your skin and hand is a reminder that you need to mind your own life rather than spend it talking about other people’s lives.

8) Stop being sensitive

You have burns, you are more sensitive to touch and other sensations.

It is not surprising then that burning your hands and skin is because the universe wants to remind you that you need to stop being overly sensitive.

Do not easily get offended by other people’s words and actions. 

Stop being sensitive and you can improve your relationships.

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Final Words

Burns are generally painful and uncomfortable. They can also take time to heal.

When you have burned your hands and skin, then think of the spiritual messages above. Many times, things happen for a reason.

And when you get burned, it is because the universe has a very potent message or lesson for you to learn.

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