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Itchy Wrist Spiritual Meaning: 7 Crazy Superstitions

Itchy Wrist Spiritual Meaning: 7 Crazy Superstitions  

Do you often feel tingling itchiness in your wrist?

Well… Apart from being obviously stung by a bee, the next best thing it could mean is that the universe is trying to communicate with you. 

In this article, we’ll discuss everything about an itchy wrist, including superstitions around it and the hidden spiritual meanings it carries. 

So, let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

What Does It Mean When Your Wrist Itches?


Aside from all the spiritual reasons, an itching wrist could be a localized allergic reaction to substances such as latex, leather, certain lotions, or strong perfume.

If the itching persists, it may even develop small red rashes as a result of severe dryness and dehydration of the skin

Always keep in mind to do a patch test before applying new creams or products over your entire body since you may be allergic to the substances it comprises.

Also, don’t forget to frequently moisturize the skin during winter to help with conditions like eczema. 

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Itchy Wrist Spiritual Meaning

Itchy Wrist Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, an itchy wrist is supposed to be a positive message from the universe

It means blessings like good fortune, wealth, prosperity, and good health are coming your way. 

People suffering from mild conditions and diseases may see an overall improvement in their health and everyday performance whereas the financial burden will be uplifted, leaving you with more money to spend on yourself or your family’s well-being. 

Itchy Right Wrist Meaning:

If your right wrist is particularly itchy, it could be a sign of good luck

This good luck may affect both your personal and professional life by introducing good relationships, love, fulfillment, wealth, and happiness into your life. 

You could soon be winning a significant lottery that would allow you to fulfill your dreams, take care of your family and break through financial struggles.

Winning would all of a sudden become much easier for you and you’ll find yourself succeeding in things or unlocking new achievements in life more frequently

Itchy Left Wrist Meaning:

If the itching seems to be situated on the left wrist, it means that the next couple of days will be going to bring you unhappiness, grief, and low spirits

You may get fired from your job, see a loved one pass away, face bad judgment and criticism for a past mistake or have a terrible breakup. 

Dealing with this heartbreaking period may be A LOT harder than you could imagine right now.

So, be prepared for the worst to happen but don’t get too demoralized since the pain will just be temporary.

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5 Spiritual Reasons Why Your Wrist Is Itching

Left Wrist

1) You Came In Contact With An Unseen Entity!

I’m not sure if you know this or not but supernatural forces wander unnoticed around us more frequently than we may think! 

These may be angels, demons, or even just spirits of dead people.

And, if you’re wondering why we can’t notice them, it’s obviously because they’re invisible/unseen.

While going about their everyday routines (not sure if they have one though) or on the way to fulfill the purpose behind their visit, they can physically come in contact with you which is what the itching wrist may indicate. 

2)You’re Not In The Driver’s Seat Of Your Life

And, no, I don’t mean this literally.

Not being in the driver’s seat of your life means that your life is either driven by other people OR absolutely no one and in a constant loop of submission, purposelessness, and nothingness. 

You have no control over important aspects of your life because you’re too lazy, distracted, or just not taking things seriously enough

However, sooner or later you’ll realize the damage this behavior of yours has done to you or the people around you.

So, take the itching wrists as a sign to regain control and drive your life the way YOU want to

3) You Need To Get Back To Work

An itching wrist could mean that you’ve procrastinated enough and it’s time to get back in the game now.

Since everybody has a purpose in life, yours still remains to be fulfilled and you must go out there, figure out what it could be, and get it done!

If you’ve been going through a rough time, suffered the death of a loved one, or had a breakup/divorce recently, an itchy wrist may be a sign from the universe that you must move on now and get back to important matters in your life. 

4) You Don’t Look After Your Health!

Itchy wrists may signify negligence of health and well-being

It means the universe is suggesting you take care of your health since it’s a gift from god that must be cherished. 

However, taking care of your health doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you immediately go sign up for an annual gym membership!

Start eating right, do some physical activity that stimulates the body like running or even walking, spot physical weaknesses, and try to overcome them, and, most importantly, keep your mind healthy.

5) You’re Keeping Secrets

Frequently itchy wrists could also mean you’re keeping many secrets

It means you have a heavy heart that has been carrying the burden of your secrets for a while now. 

The itching of the wrist may be a sign that you’re eager to distribute some of the load with another person whom you can trust with your complete heart

If you continue to carry this burden by yourself, however, you could be compromising meaningful relationships, increasing stress in your life, and perhaps even putting yourself at significant risk of severe mental or physical disorder.

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7 Superstitions About An Itchy Wrist

Superstitions About An Itchy Wrist

1) Your Hands Will Be Flooded With Money

As odd as it may sound, the bloom of excessive money in one’s life has been linked to itchy wrists for centuries

In many cultures, the estimated amount of money forthcoming is determined by how strong the itching is. 

So, a stronger and more obvious itchy feeling could be linked to A LOT of money whereas smaller and less frequent itchiness translates to just enough/sufficient

2) You’re Going To Lose Money

Contrary to the last one, feeling itchiness in your wrist is also believed to be linked to losing money.

And, again, this is a VERY popular superstition.

It means you’re soon going to lose a significant chunk of your cash at hand or overall wealth due to unfortunate circumstances. 

Another similar superstition suggests that an itchy wrist may be a result of financial carelessness and reckless spending which could be leading you to poverty, homelessness, and deprivation very soon.

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3) Your Love Life Is Slipping Away

A common superstition suggests that itchy wrists relate to one’s love life

It means you’re not giving enough time, effort, and thought to your love life and soon you’ll find yourself being cheated on. 

Since you may not be physically or emotionally available, your partner could indulge in seeking fulfillment, happiness, or attention outside of the relationship.

However, there’s no need to go crazy and be mad at them since they’re NOT to fully blame for this. 

It’s equally your fault!

Although it is just a superstition, this one still sounds much more believable than 99% of superstitions out there, doesn’t it?

4) You’ll Be Receiving A Valuable/Expensive Gift Soon!

In many cultures around the world, it is believed that an itchy wrist (particularly the left one) means that a very expensive/valuable gift is forthcoming.

And, no, there’s absolutely no philosophy behind this since it will be a literal physical gift. 

Could be a brand-new car, precious metals, or something that probably has significant monetary value? 

Who knows…

5) You’re Fighting For Your Family

Another common superstition suggests that itchy wrists may be linked with fighting for your family.

It means you’re ready to take any risk and put down anyone that poses a threat to your family. You dearly love them and do not want them in harm’s way whatsoever. 

However, fighting for family doesn’t necessarily have to mean a literal physical fight. It could also mean that you work hard and even do jobs you don’t like just so that you can take care of them properly.

Your hands work for the betterment of your family and nothing else.

6) You’re Cheating On Your Partner!

If your right wrist itches in particular, it is known to signify guilt and shame for cheating in a relationship

The itchy wrist could mean that you are romantically/physically involved with someone else even though you might still be in love with your partner. 

It may also feel like you just can’t swim out of the pool of guilt and are soo afraid of letting them know about it because you know they’ll react badly or probably even leave you

7) Your Enemies Are Thinking About You

This one probably comes second after “money is coming your way” in the list of the most popular itchy wrist superstitions. 

It suggests that your itchy wrists are a cause of your enemies thinking about you. 

They could be planning an attack, setting up the perfect trap for your downfall or just looking for ways to negatively affect your personal or professional life. 

Whatever the reason may be, just know that they are thinking of you which means you should be prepared for any move they could make beforehand

OR, you can just ignore it and treat it like the superstition that it is.

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Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now – having an itchy feeling in your wrists doesn’t always have to be random. 

It could be the universe sending signs your way!

Now depending on some particular factors, itchy wrists can be seen as a bad sign but, for the most part, they bring positive changes into your life.

They’re also a common subject for people who believe in superstitions and, if you’re one of them, better keep an eye on your love life and wallet since both things could be compromised

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