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9 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming of a Full Moon in 2023

9 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming of a Full Moon

Throughout history, mankind has looked to the moon for guidance and comfort. Its luminosity during a full moon is unforgettable.

Ever since its mysterious and awe-inspiring beauty began to light up the night sky, cultures around the world have attributed spiritual meanings to its phases

Have you ever wondered what it might mean to dream of a full moon? Is the universe trying to send you a message?

In this article, we will explore nine spiritual interpretations of dreaming of a full moon that can help us understand our subconscious.

What does it mean to dream about the Moon?


The Moon is the only natural satellite of Earth and has captivated humans since the dawn of time. 

Its mysterious luminosity, ethereal beauty, and remarkable changes have earned it a place in mythology, literature, and art throughout history. 

Our brightest celestial neighbor has provided us with light during nights along with inspiration for stories and songs that are still told today. 

Its influence on our lives is far-reaching as its phases can be used to tell time, predict tides, and inspire calendars. 

The Moon orbits around Earth approximately every 29 days and its appearance in the sky changes from a waxing crescent to the full moon – sometimes known as “the honey moon” or “the hunter’s moon” – before waning back into a crescent again.

This article is not about the geographical explanation of the moon. Therefore, let us discuss what it means to dream about the moon.

The things you see in your dreams are significant. You should never take these images and signs for granted

There are 3 major phases of the moon you should never joke with. Whenever you find one or all of these moon phases in your dream, below are the spiritual meanings you should keep in mind.

New Moon:

New Moon

The new moon is a time of tremendous potential and possibility. It’s an opportunity for us to reset and realign with the energy of the universe. 

During this phase, we can take stock of what we have accomplished thus far and plan for the future.

This important lunar phase offers us a chance to reflect on our innermost desires, dreams, and intentions. 

We can use this time to set goals, create plans, or simply sit in peaceful reflection

By connecting with this potent energy, we can become empowered and motivated towards achieving our ambitions.

The new moon is an invitation to re-evaluate ourselves and make powerful changes in our lives.

It is an opportunity for us to move forward with intention and purpose so that we may reach all of our goals with grace and ease.

Whenever we dream about this type of moon, what does it mean? Below are the spiritual meanings you should keep in mind:

  • It is time to align yourself with your purpose;
  • This is a moment of deep self-reflection;
  • It is a positive sign that opens you up to good luck;
  • This tells you to create workable plans;
  • In the spiritual world, this is an omen of inner strength;
  • This is a sign of divine illumination.

Full Moon:

Full Orange Moon

The full moon is a time of mystery and awe. 

It’s one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the night sky, drawing people from around the world to gaze up at its glowing face. 

It has been viewed for centuries, inspiring legends and representing life cycles within cultures everywhere.

The full moon is also an important astronomical event, as it marks the moment when Earth is directly between two celestial bodies – the Sun and Moon. 

This alignment causes both sides of the moon to be illuminated by sunlight, creating what we know as a full moon. 

This occurrence usually happens once a month but can sometimes happen twice if there are two new moons within one calendar month. 

During this time, its brightness increases tenfold and can be seen from any spot on Earth with an unobstructed view of the night sky.

This mysterious event has deep spiritual relevance in our lives today.

When you dream of standing under the full moon, there are 8 spiritual meanings you should keep in mind:

  • The universe is filling you up with divine power;
  • It indicates that you are attaining a season of manifestation;
  • This is a sign of inner strength;
  • In the spiritual world, it shows that you possess resilience;
  • It is also an encouraging sign from the heavens;
  • It is believed to reveal the intentions of God for people;
  • Spiritually, it is also a sign of clarity.

Dark Moon:

Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is an astronomical phenomenon that has fascinated astronomers and sky-watchers for centuries. 

The occurrence of a dark moon is when the moon does not appear in the night sky, leaving a pitch-black void for stargazers to observe. 

Every year around 2-3 times, this rare event of a dark moon occurs, making it a spectacular sight for those lucky enough to witness it.

The absence of light from the moon during these days makes it an ideal opportunity for amateur and professional astronomers to view faint stars or other astronomical objects that are usually outshone by their brightness.

When you dream about the dark moon, it brings the following spiritual meanings:

  • Work on your skill;
  • You are surrounded by a lot of confusion;
  • It is a sign of protection;
  • It shows an absence of inner peace;
  • In some instances, it reveals the end of a season of your life.

The moment you find yourself dreaming about the dark moon, it is time to pay attention. There is something for you from heaven.

9 Spiritual meanings of dreaming of a Full Moon

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of a Full Moon

Do you remember the last time you saw a beautiful full moon in the night sky? 

Well, if it’s been showing up in your dreams lately, there might be some spiritual messages behind it

Here are nine spiritual meanings behind dreaming of a full moon.

1) You are nearing the end of a cycle

Dreaming of this moon symbolizes that you are nearing the end of a cycle in your life.

This could mean an emotional arc is coming to a close or that some major event is on the horizon.

It could be the end of a relationship or the end of a toxic friendship.

2) Prepare for a change

When you dream of this moon, it can make us feel inspired and ready for change.

Through this, we are reminded of the power of transformation and growth that exists within all life forms — including ourselves.

3) Embrace courage

Have you felt the need to begin a new adventure? If yes, then, seeing a full moon is a GREEN SIGNAL. 

It is telling you to be courageous enough to begin the new project in your mind.

Don’t let those negative thoughts stop you from doing the things you love.

4) You are not alone

It is believed that seeing the full moon in your dream indicates that you are not alone. This alleviates every feeling of loneliness and helplessness. 

Whenever you get this sign from the universe, be filled with optimism.

It could be a message from a deceased loved one or even from God.

5) Watch out for opportunities

Dreaming of this moon inspires us to watch out for opportunities that may come our way

We may never know when they will appear or where they will take us but one thing is certain: remain aware and ready to explore all possibilities.

Then we will be able to seize upon whatever comes our way! 

6) Good luck

It’s said that the ancient civilizations believed that if they saw the full moon while dreaming they would receive good fortune.

This belief is mirrored today by many cultures, which use the waxing and waning of the moon as a means to set intentions for growth or abundance. 

If your dreams bring you visions of this powerful force, then it could mean that something wonderful is headed your way!

7) You are in your prime

Dreaming of this moon could be a sign that you are in your prime

This is the time when you come into your own, where all the stars align and your best self shines through. 

It’s a special period of life, where everything just seems to fit together as a puzzle and nothing can stand in your way.

8) Let go of the hurts in your heart

According to ancient spiritual teachings, dreaming of the full moon means that you need to let go of the hurts in your heart

By dreaming of this heavenly body, your subconscious is encouraging you to acknowledge any unresolved issues and make peace with them.

9) Make peace with your past

Dreaming of the full moon can mean something else entirely – that you need to make peace with your past

It’s time to move on from your past. Leave it all behind. You are stronger than ever.

The full moon is symbolic of letting go and embracing change. 

It can be seen as a reminder that even though we may have experienced difficulties or heartache in our lives, it’s important to forgive ourselves and move forward on our journey toward inner peace.

Meaning of dreams about the Moon being huge

Huge Full Moon

Dreams about this luminous object are just as fascinating, with many people believing that these dreams have special meanings. 

A dream wherein the Moon appears to be huge, or larger than its regular size, can be interpreted in multiple ways.

  • Those who interpret dreams often suggest that dreaming of an oversized Moon may symbolize one’s longing to feel emotionally secure and connected to others.
  • Alternatively, it could signify a strong desire to influence others or make an impact on society at large. 
  • It could also indicate feelings of insecurity and lack of self-confidence; feeling like one’s presence is insignificant in comparison with others’ accomplishments or reputation. 

Whatever the reason may be, such dreams can help us gain insight into our innermost thoughts and feelings.

Having this dream inspires you to:

  • Pay attention to your thoughts;
  • Gain mastery over your emotions;
  • Let go of unresolved inner conflicts;
  • Be open to changing situations;
  • Stay emotionally strong and connected with others;
  • Be spiritually sensitive.

Meaning of seeing multiple Moon in my dream

Multiple Moons
Multiple Moons

Dreams of seeing multiple moons can be a sign of transformation, manifestation, and renewal.

The meaning behind seeing two moons in a dream is deeply connected to the idea of duality – the balance between two elements that are often in opposition. 

This could manifest as the light and dark aspects within yourself or the balance between your current life path and potential future ones. 

Seeing multiple moons is also associated with fertility, abundance, power, and creativity – all things that you may be looking for in your waking life. 

The number of Moons seen in a dream also has significance; 

  • Two Moons typically indicates an inner struggle between two sides of yourself or two different paths you could take on your journey 
  • Three Moons symbolize growth and renewal.

Meaning of dreaming of 4 Full Moons

4 Full Moons in Dreams

Dreaming of 4 full moons is a rare spiritual experience. However, it does not mean you should not be open to this encounter. 

Now, whenever you have this dream, there are 11 spiritual messages to it. Read on to find out about these messages:

  • It is time to embark on a new project;
  • The completion of a cycle;
  • You need to gain more wisdom;
  • It is a sign of inner understanding;
  • This assures you that the goals you have set will be accomplished;
  • To some people, it indicates a sense of self-realization;
  • The universe encourages you to keep at what you do;
  • It encourages you to focus on self-development;
  • This means something unexpected is about to happen in your life;
  • Spiritually, it tells you to pay attention to your inner intuition;
  • This creates a conducive spiritual atmosphere.

Is the Full Moon a bad omen in dreams?

The negative messages and signs from the Moon in our dreams

No, it is not a bad omen in dreams.

The full moon has been a source of fascination for centuries, and it remains so today. 

It is often seen as an omen of bad luck in dreams, but that’s not necessarily the case

Many people believe that the full moon can be a powerful symbol of creativity and inspiration when it appears in our dreams. 

Dreams are highly individualized and subjective experiences, so what may appear as a negative omen to one person might have a positive meaning for someone else. 

For example, dreaming of a full moon could be interpreted by some as representing abundance or cosmic connection to the universe at large.

Others might interpret the same dream differently – such as being inspired to take on new challenges or embarking upon a spiritual path.

Final Words

The moon is a symbol that is deeply ingrained within our collective unconscious, and this dream interpretation is just one way to uncover its hidden meanings.

The spiritual meanings of having this type of dream can be interpreted in many ways. 

It can signify a time for renewal, a call to look more closely at our innermost selves, and perhaps even a sign of good luck and fortune.

Therefore, keep the information you just read in mind. The next time you find a moon in your dream, you are lucky to have such an encounter.

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