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11 Spiritual Meanings of Swimming in a Dream With Someone

11 Spiritual Meanings of Swimming in a Dream With Someone

About two years ago, I suffered the worst financial crisis of my life. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I lost my job. I had absolutely no one to rely on for advice or any sort of moral support. 

It was a rough patch in my life but more than hopelessness or devastation, I felt trapped…SEVERELY TRAPPED. I used to dream of swimming and sometimes even drowning in deep water every night. 

Upon consulting a therapist, I was told that this dream might be linked to feelings of being trapped in real life. 

So, it was true — I did indeed feel trapped

But, apart from this, swimming in a dream could mean a lot of other things, and, in this article, we’ll be discussing all of them in detail. So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Dreams What Does Swimming Mean Spiritually?

Swimming in dreams

Spiritually, swimming symbolizes the path to knowledge and wisdom. It may signify the fact that you know the steps you need to take in order to achieve your objectives and life goals.

On the other hand, swimming could also be linked to freedom.

The freedom to completely be yourself, do whatever you want to, make your own choice be it big or small, and the freedom to stand up and fight for your rights as an individual. 

Another reason you find yourself swimming in a dream is that the condemnation of the wicked is at work in your life and destiny

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Swimming In A Dream?

Messages from swimming in dreams

Swimming in a dream could mean that a change is right around the corner.

At first, this change may seem small and meaningless but, eventually, over a few days, months, or years, you’ll realize that it significantly shaped your life

However, as I mentioned earlier, swimming in a dream could also be linked with feeling trapped and confined in everyday life.

You may feel like you’ve run out of options, have limited resources and mental capacity, or just can’t escape unpleasant things, situations, or people you may not want to be around anymore. 

Swimming alone:

Woman swimming alone

If you’re having dreams about swimming in water all by yourself, it could indicate feeling neglected or abandoned

Feeling neglected can root from: 

  • Growing up in an abusive household.
  • Lack of communication in a relationship.
  • Being ghosted or ignored by someone you deeply care about.
  • Not receiving praise or enough attention for your hard work. 

Feeling neglected could result in a lot of self-harm (both physically and mentally) which is why having dreams about swimming alone should be taken a little seriously

So, to deal with the feeling of neglect, try talking about it with someone you trust or book an appointment with a therapist.

Spending time with people who actually make you feel important or diverting your mind towards new goals and hobbies can work wonders too.

Swimming with someone:

Swimming with someone in dreams

If you’re having dreams about swimming with someone, it could fortunately or unfortunately mean that…..YOU’RE IN LOVE!

Yes, the good old but…scary…love. 

You may not necessarily recognize that person swimming with you in your dream but chances are they live rent-free in your mind all the tim.

Their presence gives you those butterflies every writer talks about in romantic novels. (Yes, that can happen even in your dreams!)

11 Spiritual Meanings Of Swimming In A Dream With Someone

Spiritual Meaning Of Swimming In A Dream With Someone

Swimming in a dream with someone carries many spiritual meanings. It’s a message from the universe about you and how you see yourself.

It also means that you need to look after yourself more and do more things that you enjoy, like reading or going out! It’s time to prioritize what you want in life.

There are 11 spiritual interpretations of swimming in a dream. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1) You feel guilty

If you’re having dreams about swimming with someone, it could signify that you‘re feeling extremely guilty and at fault

It might be because you cheated on your partner, broke someone’s trust, didn’t fulfill your promise or stole something.

Maybe you couldn’t get enough time to spend with a loved one but whatever it is, it’s eating you from the inside!

2) You’re Seeking Freedom

Freedom is a basic human right and need.

But, when you don’t have it or it’s taken away from you, dreams about swimming with someone might be trying to hint at that. 

If you fit into any of the above it brings a message for you:

  • Running the typical 9-5 rat race;
  • Feeling like a slave to others’ judgments;
  • Can’t get to truly express and let out your true self.

Dreaming about swimming with someone means that it’s time for you to let go of the “rules and regulations” of life and do exactly what you want to do.

Escape the mundane lifestyle, choose a career you like, love and accept yourself. Dispel limiting beliefs and avoid anything that makes you feel confined.

3) You Know Your Path In Life

If you had a dream that involved you swimming to the shore, it could possibly mean that you know your path in life.

Swimming to the shore could be linked to having knowledge of the right and wrong steps to achieve success.

Knowing your path in life is important. In fact, crucial, if you have huge dreams and goals to achieve which is why having such a dream could serve as motivation to keep moving forward.

4) You’re Swimming Toward Wealth

Having dreams about swimming in the water would mean that wealth, fortune, and financial freedom are just around the corner!

And, I bet this is blasting news for you if you’ve been going through a financial crisis or just have been tight on money lately. 

Typically, you may see a rise in the sales and profit of your business, receive a bonus at work, or win a huge lottery out of nowhere within a week of having this dream!

5) You’ve Bottled Up Your Emotions

Dreaming about swimming with someone could signify bottled feelings and emotions

You may think you’re strong enough to hold everything in and continue moving ahead like nothing’s wrong. But, in reality, bottled emotions are quite easily detectable through someone’s behavior.

Symptoms of bottled emotions may include:

  • Short temperedness;
  • Violent or defensive behavior;
  • Avoiding confrontation;
  • Constantly looking for distractions;
  • Lack of sleep.

6) You Need To Let Go Of Your Past

If you’ve been through childhood trauma or any other tragic experiences in the past, you may constantly tend to drag them into your present and future as well. 

However, there are extreme consequences to this and it can leave you with a completely dull and unfulfilling life haunted by past experiences. 

You may isolate yourself from the present moment and the rewards and blessings it brings for you. Don’t deprive yourself of the hope of a better tomorrow, unlock your strengths and full potential. 

So, if you have dreams about swimming with someone, it might mean that time has come for you to turn over a new leaf. Let go of your past tragedies, mistakes, struggles, fears, and setbacks.  

7) Be Patient

Patience not only plays a crucial role in helping you achieve your goals and objectives.

However, if you’re not patient, you’ve already taken the first step to failure and self-destruction.

Impatience can quickly escalate into fractured relationships, physical fights, hurt sentiments, and missing out on the bigger picture. 

It can also make you severely unmotivated and inconsistent as you’ll be expecting quick results from every step or decision you take. 

Remember: As cliche as it may sound, good things ALWAYS take time

8) You’re Drowning In Past Regret

As kids or even teenagers, we all do things or make decisions that we regret today. But, that DOES NOT mean we always have to keep those regrets glued to our minds till the world ends. 

If you’re having dreams about swimming with someone, that might be your case. 

You’re not only drowning in past regret and ruining your present but also severely damaging your future.

Your regret may be stopping you from enjoying your chosen path, damaging your mental and physical health, and making it harder for you to work for a better future. 

9) You’re Jealous

There’s nothing to be ashamed of or worried about here. We see someone doing better than us in life…we get jealous. It’s just another human emotion, right?

Well…yes…it is but when jealousy starts getting out of hand, that’s when you need to intervene and acknowledge your feelings. 

Yes, I get it – you might be jealous of your best friend who just bought a new Rolex or a Porsche 458 while you’re over here stuck with your boring 9 to 5 job. 

But, how about you convert these feelings of jealousy into energy/fuel to work as hard if not harder than him? 

How about looking at it from a different perspective, and, instead of feeling jealous, you channel it to make yourself feel more motivated?

It’s a little hard to control and convert your feelings into fuel but once you get a hang of it…you’ll become unstoppable.

10) You’re Constantly Surrounded By People

Dreams of swimming in dirty water with someone chances are that you’re constantly surrounded by people.

Okay, now, this is neither a positive nor a negative meaning but more of a hint. 

These could be your friends, family members, office colleagues, relatives, or even just new people if your work involves lots of outside socialization. 

If you feel good about it, you can take the dream as a positive sign (or a pat on the back) for socializing and making new friends.

But, if talking and interacting with lots of people isn’t really your thing, the dream may indicate feeling overwhelmed or drained of social energy. 

11) You’re Confident & Know Your Worth

Dreams about swimming with someone (specifically swimming naked) could signify high self-confidence and worth

Being confident is not only an attractive trait but it also helps you unlock doors and opportunities that shy or fearful people can’t just.

You may socialize easily with a new group of people and tend to go about things your way without having the fear of being judged or laughed at. 

You may also attract quality people and opportunities since you tend to make your importance and worth evident.

Did you see crocodiles while swimming? Check here the meaning of this dream.

Is This A Positive Dream?

The positive and negative messages from this dream

Well…this is a little to answer. 

Swimming with someone in your dream could obviously have both negative and positive roots.

It could be trying to make you realize and accept feelings of neglect or guilt that you’ve buried inside yourself. But at the same time also signify forthcoming wealth, wisdom, and freedom. 

This dream could also signify being in love and constantly thinking about it or developing feelings for someone.

If that’s the case, it could be your sign to make the first move, go and say hi, build a connection, or directly just ask them out!

Sometimes this can be a warning dream.

So, all in all, I would say that dreaming about swimming with someone could be a positive dream in disguise. 

It may seem like the dream is trying to indicate your unpleasant situation and feelings but, at the end of the day, it’s just trying to make you accept and let go of them. 

Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now —Having dreams about swimming with someone could be warning you about a lot of things.

But, more importantly, it’s trying to make you REALIZE and ACCEPT your feelings and reality which is something I’ve particularly stressed a lot in this article. 

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