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Bluebird Meaning in The Bible: 6 Biblical Meanings 

Bluebird Meaning in The Bible: 6 Biblical Meanings 

I once went to an apple orchard with my family for a day trip. I loved being in that orchard with the smell of the apples and all. Plus birds were humming, which was a real treat for me, someone who lives in the city.

As I was enjoying the bird humming, I saw an elegant-looking bird in blue. It was a bluebird, perching in one of the trees’ branches.

I was mesmerized because this bird was a real visual treat for me. It wasn’t the first time that I had seen one as I had encountered a bluebird before.

Back then I was praying for something so fervently and was hoping that the heavens would give it to me. I didn’t get what I had hoped for but I have gained a better understanding of the spiritual meaning of things. 

I realized then that the spiritual meaning of seeing a bluebird was patience, especially for what the ones above have in store for us.

And so seeing this bluebird in the apple orchard when I went to visit with my family brought back that memory.

What Does a Bluebird Mean Biblically?

bluebird on tree branch

Biblically, the bluebird stands for peace and how each of us should strive to have and attain it.

Without peace, life would be harder and more complicated. Peace, after all, is something that is promised biblically.

As such, any encounter or thoughts of the bluebird should prompt deep introspection

  • What have I done to maintain peace in my relationships?
  • What can I do to make peace with the people I am in conflict with?
  • How am I prioritizing peace in my daily life?
  • How can I avoid getting into fights with family and friends?

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Bluebird Meaning in the Bible

bluebird eating

The meaning of the bluebird in the bible is joy and optimism. It is a reminder from heaven that being happy is part of heaven’s plans for any of us.

At the same time, the bluebird’s meaning in the bible stands for happiness with responsibility. Think about it, many people prioritize their happiness, forgetting that joy does not last if it hurts others intentionally

What this means is that while one strives to be happy it should never be at the expense of another person.

Some simply indulge themselves without regard to whether what they are doing is wrong or right.

For example, a person may say that having a nice lifestyle makes him or her happy but affording that lifestyle means doing illegal activities. This is not the kind of joy being pertained to by the bluebird in the bible.

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Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Bluebird 

bluebird sitting on wood

Seeing a bluebird has a biblical meaning of patience.

In a way, this is the universe’s way of reminding you about patience, especially since most of us think that once we’ve asked the heavens for something it will be given to us.

Seeing the bluebird carries the biblical meaning just because you already asked the heavens doesn’t mean that what you have asked will be granted quickly.

Sometimes you need to wait and other times you need to accept that what you asked for will not be given to you.

Seeing a bluebird has the biblical meaning of being patient for what the heavens have in store for you. This may be vastly different from what you have or what you have in mind but you need to trust the heavens. 

Sometimes the wait may take a while but it could also be a short wait. You will need patience when waiting for what the heavens have in store for you.

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Biblical Meaning of a Bluebird in Dreams 

eastern bluebird

You may be dreaming of a bluebird and this has the spiritual meaning of hope.

Many times in the bible, there are stories of the hopeless people and how the lord blessed them.

When you dream of the bluebird this could be because you have been feeling hopeless lately and the ones above want to encourage you to keep moving forward.

The heavens are reminding you that you are never alone in your journey no matter how difficult things may seem at times. The supreme being is always there for you and is guiding you.

It is possible that somebody close to you is feeling the hopelessness in their hearts and you are dreaming of the bluebird to lead you to help this person

You may want to think of those around you who may be feeling down lately and consider each out and offer your help. You may be the instrument to bring back this person to the light.

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6 Meanings of a Bluebird in the Bible 

6 Meanings of a Bluebird in the Bible 

1) A time for a fresh start

One of the meanings of the bluebird in the bible is a fresh start. Starting anew is no stranger in the bible as many stories have allowed people to have a fresh start in life.

When you come across a bluebird it could then be a signal from the heavens that you may be better off starting anew.

Going back to the time when I went to the apple orchard with my family, it was a time when I was having some relationship problems. 

My partner and I just kept fighting the last few weeks and it seemed like we were not going to make it to our next anniversary. And so we broke up shortly after I saw that bluebird. I again had to start fresh

2) Spiritual vulnerability

One of the biblical meanings of the bluebird is spiritual vulnerability. This means that you are at a vulnerable point in your spiritual journey.

The heavens are sending you a sign that they are well aware of your current spiritual state. 

You may be at a point where you are doubting whether a supreme being exists. You may also be questioning whether the ones above know what they are doing or have good intentions for you.

You may be going through some bad times and accusing the heavens of being ruthless and vengeful towards you

3) A visit from a departed loved one

The bluebird may also be a biblical message that a departed one is missing you.

This person loved you dearly and deeply when he or she was still alive and now misses you in the afterlife.

This departed loved one may want to check whether you are doing well and needs to see you from the higher ground like the tree. You may have been thinking of this person and so he or she came out to see you.

4) Big news coming your way

You may want to brace yourself with the spotting of the bluebird as it also carries the biblical meaning that big news is coming your way.

The big news may be a positive or a negative one so that is why either way you will experience strong emotions with this news. It could be work-related such as getting a promotion or getting fired or suspended.  

It could be about your romantic relationship such as your partner asking you to get married or breaking up with you. 

5) Heaven’s protection 

The bluebird is a biblical sign of heaven’s protection. The one above wants to remind you that they are on your side and that they will and are protecting you even if it does not seem so.

If you are feeling vulnerable or unsafe, then the thought or sighing of the bluebird should remind you that the havens know every danger and threat that comes your way.

Sometimes you end up being harmed but this is not due to the lack of protection from the ones above but rather because it is part of the grand plans.

6) Set your standards high 

Many people set their bar too low and that is why the heavens have found ways to remind them never to settle for anything less than what they deserve.

The bluebird carries the biblical meaning that you should set your standards high.

Think of the creator and every single person or thing in this world. The one above made sure that each persona and thing was created special, never settling for merely just good enough. 

You should do the same and never settle for anything less than what you want or have in mind.

Is Seeing a Bluebird a Good Sign? 

mountain bluebird

Yes, many times seeing a bluebird is a good sign that positive things are on their way to you.

Other times, a bluebird sighing is heaven’s way of reminding you of what is important in life.

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Bluebirds, many times, are the universe’s way of sending you a message you should not ignore.

When you encounter one, whether in real life or your dreams, make sure to take the time to reflect on the biblical meanings they carry. The heavens are trying to get to you through this bluebird.

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