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Red Admiral Butterfly Meaning: 8 Spiritual Signs

Red Admiral Butterfly Meaning: 8 Spiritual Signs

The red admiral butterfly is spiritually significant across several cultures and traditions.

Its appearance exudes a different energy vibration, which only the spiritual world can emit.

With this, it is clear that there are spiritual messages embedded in this creature.

Have you recently been followed by the red admiral butterfly? It indicates that something is going on around you, which you need to be spiritually alert to. 

In this article, we will discuss what it means to see or dream about this butterfly. 

What is the universe trying to say about this creature?

Does it bring good luck or bad luck to you?

Read on to find out more about this fascinating creature and what it has in store for you. 

Red Admiral Butterfly Symbolism

Red Admiral Butterfly Symbolism

The red admiral butterfly symbolism is as follows:


Red admiral butterflies are believed to be extremely dogged and resilient.

When faced with difficult times like cold weather conditions, these butterflies will survive through such tough moments.

Therefore, whenever they show up around us, it indicates resilience.

These special messengers remind us of our inner strengths to push back at tough times. 

Inner Beauty:

One of the major symbolisms of this butterfly reveals that we all possess inner beauty. This transcends physical or external beauty.

It is a quality of life that makes us special and unique.

We must discover and appreciate our inner beauty because it eventually reflects on the external. 


The red admiral butterfly is seen as a guardian spirit.

Others believe that they can be possessed by guardian angels.

Therefore, seeing them is an omen of protection from danger, ill luck, and evil spirits


The beautiful symmetrical patterns on the wings of red admiral butterflies symbolize the importance of finding balance.

Seeing these butterflies inspires you to find your balance, and harmonize yourself with the elements of nature.

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Spiritual meaning of a Red Admiral butterfly flying around you

Red Admiral butterfly

The moment you see a red admiral butterfly flying around you, it indicates that the spiritual world has taken a special interest in you.

There are certain spiritual meanings you should also keep in mind concerning this special moment of experience. 

Here are some of the spiritual meanings of a red admiral butterfly flying around you:

  • Divine guidance: Have you recently prayed for guidance? Do you need clarity concerning an issue? Then, the red admiral butterfly around you is a sign that your prayers for guidance have been answered. Seeing a red admiral butterfly flying around you is a sign of divine guidance. It is an omen of clarity. 
  • Creativity: This is for those who need inspiration. The moment you constantly see a red admiral butterfly around you, it means that the universe is encouraging you to tap into your inner potential. This sign helps you to explore new things about yourself. Additionally, it helps you express yourself in unique ways. 
  • Spiritual Awareness: Spiritually, the moment you find a red admiral butterfly flying around you, it means that the universe is awakening your spiritual senses. This also helps with enhanced intuitive powers.

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Spiritual meaning of a Red Admiral butterfly in the house

Red Admiral butterfly in the house

In the spiritual world, when you find a red admiral butterfly in your house, it means that God has decided to visit you.

It could also imply that your guardian angel is around you. 

When this happens, certain spiritual meanings and messages will be communicated, which are beneficial to your transformation. 

  • The presence of red admiral butterflies in your house means a blessing. This omen indicates that God’s blessing is upon you and your family. 
  • Also, this sign represents harmony and love. For example, if there are conflicts among your family members, the presence of this butterfly means that all conflicts will be resolved. It assures you of the restoration of harmony and love in your family. 
  • With the presence of this butterfly in your house, the universe reminds you to stay faithful to your friends. It inspires you to contribute to the well-being of those around you.
  • Generally, this is a good luck sign. Therefore, expect something good to happen. 
  • A red admiral butterfly in your house means a spiritual connection with the spirit of the dead. This means that the spirit is present and wants to communicate with you.

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8 Spiritual Signs from seeing a Red Admiral Butterfly

Spiritual meaning of a Red Admiral Butterfly

In this section, we will discuss the 8 spiritual signs you can get from seeing a red admiral butterfly. 

In addition to the several spiritual meanings already discussed, keep the following 8 spiritual signs in your mind and apply them to your life when the need arises. 

1) Trust your instincts

Sighting a red admiral butterfly reminds you to trust your instincts. When it comes to decision-making, this butterfly helps you to make decisions without fear.

It helps you to develop self-confidence in yourself

Rather than sourcing for outward confirmations, the red admiral butterfly encourages you to look inwardly and trust your instincts. 

2) Embrace Change

The metamorphosis of butterflies encourages people to look forward to such changes and transitions

Dreaming of red admiral butterflies also speaks of this. It tells you to be positively disposed towards transitions. 

Sometimes, this sign could mean that a new season of your life is coming. It prepares you for what lies ahead and also helps you to take advantage of unique opportunities that come with the new season. 

3) Be Grateful

Whenever this butterfly shows up in your life, one of the signs it brings speaks of thankfulness. A red admiral butterfly tells you to think about the present phase of your life and express gratitude

You have been suffering from negativity and depression because of ungratefulness. This is why you are getting such an auspicious sign. 

Therefore, rise, look for amazing things in your life, cherish some of these unique moments, and be thankful for everything that has happened to you

When you do this, positive energy is released. Furthermore, you are given the inner strength and encouragement to stay consistent on the path you have chosen. 

4) Protection

Just like eagles and other forms of birds, a red admiral butterfly represents protection.

Finding them around you indicates freedom from negative energy, bad luck, and evil spirits. If you have felt vulnerable in recent times, pray to the red admiral butterfly spirit animal.

Open yourself to its energy. 

One of the ways to harness the energy of this butterfly for protection is by keeping its picture around you. This can substitute for its presence.

Sometimes, it can attract the butterfly to you

Therefore, for protection, this butterfly is a perfect omen and symbolism. 

5) Emotional Healing

This is for those who have gone through an emotionally difficult experience. Finding a red admiral butterfly indicates emotional healing. This sign means that the universe is healing you of various emotional issues and traumas. 

Therefore, open yourself up to the butterfly. The moment you find it around you, release every negative energy in your heart. Let them go!

Another unique message you might get during your emotional healing journey is to let go of the hurts.

Sometimes, this is one of the ways to overcome the pain you feel. 

6) Stay Passionate

The fiery red color of this butterfly inspires you to be passionate about your dreams.

In the spiritual world, a butterfly of this nature indicates the need to never give up on your passion.

Whenever you dream of seeing a red admiral butterfly, it is a sign of passion, desire, and motivation. 

Keep this in mind!

When you feel less motivated to continue on the path you’ve chosen, meditating on the spirituality of a red admiral butterfly helps your inner fire to be reignited. It releases motivation and helps you to stay on the path. 

Through this butterfly, the universe helps you to stay passionate and motivated. 

7) Courage

One of the signs of seeing red admiral butterflies is courage

These butterflies inspire us to stay courageous. They remind us to step out of our comfort zones and dare things. 

If you are scared to make a decision, dreaming of this butterfly reveals that you have nothing to fear. 

8) You are on the right track

Whenever you dream of being followed by this butterfly, it is a sign that you are on the right track.

This is an affirmation sign.

It helps you to confidently stick to the path you have chosen.

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Is seeing a Red Admiral Butterfly a good spiritual sign?

Red Admiral

Yes, seeing a red admiral butterfly is a good spiritual sign

This sign indicates that something good will happen. Also, it fuels your passion and helps you to stay motivated on the path you have chosen. 

In the spiritual world, this unique-looking butterfly empowers our inner self to lead, guide, and help us to evolve in unimaginable ways

Final Words

The impact of red admiral butterflies cannot be denied.

Whenever they show up around us, an indelible mark is left in our minds, which leads to spiritual awareness and a heightened sense of intuition

This is why you should not joke with the 8 spiritual signs explained in this article. 

Finally, when the universe speaks to you through this butterfly, expect transition and progress.

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  1. Thankyou for writing this post .Today is new moon in cancer and this morning I set intentions for new beginnings new home ,I currently live with ex partner so very stressed .
    I went outside and a red admiral butterfly was around me .I sat and it settled in front of me .When I got up to go it went too .
    And now I’m at work ,another one flew round or with me again settling for me to watch it .
    I am so grateful

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