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Dancing Candle Flame Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages For You

Dancing Candle Flame Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages For You 

As a child, I’ve always liked it when we would light candles especially when in the dark.

For me, there is always something romantic about candles being used even if it is not for a romantic dinner.

The sight of the flame of the candle is dramatic and picturesque.

My fascination with the candle’s flame has not gone completely. I still like seeing it. I still find it dramatic.

But by now, it is more than just about the candle flame’s appearance. My fascination has moved on to its spiritual meaning.

Why is My Candle Flame Moving So Much?

Candle Flame Moving a Lot

Most people do not pay that much attention to the candle flame until they notice that it seems to be moving so much. Has this happened to you?

Apparently, there is a strong meaning when the candle flame is moving so much.

This is the universe’s way of telling you that the higher beings are having a hard time determining what’s best for you.

Perhaps, you have been praying a lot and your prayers are diverse.

This means you are asking the higher beings for different things that seem to be contradicting each other.

The ones above are simply having a hard time understanding what you are asking them.

The universe is sending you a message when candle flame moves so much.

The message is to be clear about what you want so the higher beings can help you with your heart’s desires.

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Why is My Candle Flame Dancing A Lot?

Candle Flame Dancing A Lot

Just as your candle flame is capable of moving a lot, it can also dance a lot. It is a beautiful thing to see although it may make you worry that their flame will go out.

Is there a meaning when the candle flame seems to be dancing a lot? The answer is yes.

Your mind and your heart are not in tune.

The dancing flame is a reflection of the contradicting thoughts and feelings you are experiencing.

On one hand, your mind may be telling you to do something but your heart is pointing you in a different direction.

These conflicts could be related to any of the following:

  • Work;
  • Family;
  • Romantic relationships;
  • Friends;
  • Extracurricular activities.

When the candle flame is dancing a lot, it is because you are in conflict. Clear your mind and the universe can probably help you with your dilemma.

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7 Spiritual Meanings and Reasons For a Dancing Candle Flame 

Spiritual Meaning of a Dancing Candle Flame

When you see a dancing candle flame, consider these reasons and the meaning behind it. Difficulty fulfilling your request!

At certain points in our lives, we have asked the heavens for multiple requests at the same time. But as we all know, not everything we ask for will be given to us. In fact, many requests will be turned down. 

Did you light a candle and it seems that the candle flame seems to be endlessly dancing? If yes, then consider reflecting on your recent requests.

1) Negative energies nearby

Sometimes the dancing candle flame happens because there are plenty of negative energies nearby.

These could be people who are pretending to be friends but are actually saying bad things behind their backs. They can be wishing for our downfall instead of cheering for our success.

The negative energy nearby could be the conflict with the people close to us. They could be:

  • Family members;
  • Officemates;
  • Friends;
  • Lovers;
  • Church mates;
  • Classmates.

Are you fighting with any of these people? The conflict is probably the negative energy that is causing the candle flame to keep dancing

Also, consider that there are other possible sources of negative energies located nearby. Think carefully and determine which they are and get rid of them if you can.

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2) You are not having faith right now 

Are you in a bad place now and feeling abandoned? Or perhaps you are doubtful of what the future holds for you?

Many times in our lives, we seem to be unable to keep our faith going.

There are times when we are caught in a bad place and unable to see the light in the tunnel. We begin to lose faith that things will be better.

But we may also feel hopelessness even when things are relatively good. When this happens, it’s like questioning the heavens of how it has planned our future for us.

3) Bad spirits near you 

Are you feeling uncomfortable and then the candle flame starts to dance? Perhaps you are noticing unusual things lately and you light a candle and its flame just dances all throughout out.

Many times this is because there are bad spirits near you.

They could potentially harm you or simply want to scare you and make things uncomfortable for you.

Do not fret if this is the reason why the candle flaming is dancing!

Pray and ask for protection to ward off bad spirits. Keep in mind that not all bad spirits intend to hurt you. They may be nearby but they may not come too close to you

4) The candle wants to protect you, but it’s failing 

When the candle’s flame is dancing it could also be because it wants to protect you but it can’t.

Many times in life, we are faced with many challenges and can face many dangers. When you were a kid, this was more apparent.

Remember how your parents or guardians would do their best to keep harm from you. Like taking the dangerous side of the road when crossing the street. Or when adults carry you when the ground is not a safe place to walk on.

This is also how the candle works. It does its best to protect you from those that want to harm you.

But its flame dances because it is failing to protect you.

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5) Interferences from your Guardian Angel

It could also be because your guardian angel is interceding on your behalf.

This angel watching over you is sending protection your way, keeping you safe.

These actions are all meant to protect you so this is why the candle flame is dancing.

6) Are you praying? You need to have more faith

When the flame of the candle seems to be dancing and like it is about to go out, this can be a reflection of your faith.

It is not strong.

Much like the flame it is weak and in danger of getting dark. 

Get hold of your feelings then and seek ways to deepen and strengthen your faith. Find ways to trust what the universe has in store for you.

Do you even pray? And if yes, how do you do it? Do you let God speak freely to your heart? Are you praying with such intensity and concentration or are you simply mouthing words?

Have more faith that the one above knows your heart’s desire.

Have faith in such a way that you are ready to receive whatever plans the universe has for you.

That you can wholeheartedly embrace what the heavens will give you. It may not be what you want or have asked for but it is what the one above plans.

7) A Dancing Candle Flame Indicates Instability! 

Candle flames can also stand the test of time. This means the light or fire won’t go out for many hours.

A dancing candle flame also indicates instability. This means your life is turbulent right now that seems hard to get out of. 

  • The dancing of the flame is much like the troubles you are facing now.
  • You are pretty much feeling unstable like you do not know how to move forward.
  • You have become indecisive.

The instability could also be your current situation.

Such as if you are jumping from one job to another or one relationship to another. If you are in constant conflict with others, then that’s another sign of instability.

Reflect on your life because the dancing of the candle flames could be about the instability you are going through.

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When the Candle Flame Dances, Don’t Give Up! 

White candle

The candle flame dancing indicates many things. But that is not a reason to give up

Do not panic when the flame goes on an endless dancing movement. All is not lost. There is so much you can do like praying hard and with sincerity.

You can dig deep into your faith or ask for help. 

Do not take it as a sign to panic. Calm down and believe that all will be well.

Final Words

Candle flame dancing can be a cause of concern especially when you know its spiritual meanings and reasons.

But do not lose hope.

As long as you have your faith, know how to ask for help, and pray, then things will fall into place.

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