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Dead Bird On The Porch Or Yard Meaning: 9 Spiritual Signs

Dead Bird On The Porch Or Yard Meaning: 9 Spiritual Signs

Were you sipping early morning coffee in your backyard today when you noticed a dead bird just lying there?

Apart from wanting to figure out what killed it, you might also be curious about what the whole occurrence could mean for you, so you started searching the internet for answers and landed here, right? 


In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about dead birds and why they specifically died in YOUR backyard or porch. 

So, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Dead Bird Spiritual Meaning

Dead Bird

In spiritual terms, dead birds symbolize rebirth and resurrection

They represent the transition of the heart, mind, and soul from one phase to another; the new phase obviously being the greater one.

It brings wisdom, strength, emotional detachment, and healing that can be used to forge a dark past into a weapon and utilize it during tough situations.

This rebirth phase also lifts the soul from the ocean of evil and sins and places it on the path of repentance, which is rewarded with strength, protection, and guidance from God.

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Spiritual Meaning Of A Dead Bird In My Yard

Dead Bird In My Yard

As I mentioned, a dead bird represents the rebirth and resurrection of the soul

Therefore, finding one in your yard certainly hints towards an upcoming transformation. 

This transformational phase can bring small but meaningful positive changes in your life. 

You might lose a lot of your bad company, disconnect with toxic family members, find your purpose in life, move into another town and turn over a new leaf, or enter a relationship that will keep you happy and fulfilled for a VERY long time. 

All in all, your life is about to go from miserable to GREAT in no time, so better be ready for it!

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Spiritual Meaning Of A Dead Bird On My Porch

Spiritual Meaning Of A Dead Bird On My Porch

A dead bird on your porch could be a sign that people around you are very toxic and staying with them for long could be harmful for your mental well-being

These people don’t necessarily have to be your enemies or haters. As a matter of fact, best friends, family members, or partners who’re supposedly “close” with you can all be VERY toxic at times. 

So, you must listen to the universe when it’s telling you to recognize these toxic people in your inner circle and eliminate them from your life as quickly as possible. 

If you fail to, however, the consequences can be gnarly…

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Spiritual Meaning Of Finding A Dead Bird At Your Doorstep

Dead Bird At Your Doorstep

If you find a dead bird at your doorstep, it could be the universe trying to tell you that your wrongdoings will come back to you one day

I mean… You shouldn’t really be shocked. That’s literally how the universe works. 

Everything you do does a full 360 and comes back to you. So, if you do good, you’ll receive good. But, if you don’t, you know the consequences…

Take the dead bird as a sign to prepare yourself for incoming heartbreak, theft, broken promises, and receiving a taste of your own medicine.

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9 Spiritual Signs & Meanings Of Finding Dead Birds


1) Stop Trying To Be Someone Else!

Oftentimes in life, we’re soo intrigued by other people’s mindsets, goals, morals, and personalities that we slowly start to forget our own. 


Not only is it a waste of who YOU truly are but also the unique things you could potentially put out into the world. 

Listen to the universe when it’s telling you that you have a completely different purpose in life and you shouldn’t waste your energy purposely trying to deviate from it

2) Your Routine Is Damaging Your Mental Health!

If you’re often coming across dead birds, it could be the universe trying to warn you about your horrible routine

Although this issue might sound quite petty, your routine plays a huge role in determining how good of a life you’re living. 

Yes, waking up at five in the afternoon and doing nothing might sound like a fun cozy life but it can’t get you anywhere near the fulfillment that comes from productivity

You’ll also be ruining your mental health and sleep pattern since the human body is programmed to function optimally only when aligned with the universe’s cycle. 

So, take action and set up a balanced routine that you can follow in the long run!

3) You’re Still Mourning The Loss Of A Loved One

Death is an unfortunate reality of life, and it becomes even more unfortunate when people near and dear to us die. 

Mourning the death of a loved one is perfectly normal. It is a process of channeling grief through a wide range of emotions such as sadness, anger, guilt, or remorse. 

To a certain extent, mourning is actually important as it helps the mind absorb and process the shock of the whole occurrence.

However, if you’ve been oddly coming across dead birds after the death of a loved one, chances are that you’ve been mourning for far too long and the universe wants you to move on.

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4) You Are Very Lonely

If you often dream about seeing dead birds, it could mean that you are very lonely in life.

This may be because you have social anxiety and find it hard to make friends or the ones you had abandoned you for some reason. 

Nonetheless, you might often find yourself wanting to talk to someone, share things, or go on a road trip with some good company but just can’t seem to make the right moves to propel you there. 

It may have led you to feel even more lonelier, worsen social anxiety, and possibly even develop mild depression.

5) Stop Fearing Love & Give It A Chance

Stemming straight from the last one, seeing dead birds could also be a sign of fearing love, relationships, and attachment. 

Again, this could be linked to your introverted attitude or some sort of past trauma where your partner cheated on you.

You could also be one of those people who think attachment will make you weak and vulnerable.

Regardless of your traumatizing experiences with love, the universe still wants you to give it a chance or at least be open for it to enter your life because as hard as it may be to accept, love is still an important aspect of human life. 

6) You’re Afraid Of Losing/Failure

Admit it or not, almost all of us still have scars from the first time we learned to ride a bike and fell off quite painfully. 

But, did you stop riding because you were afraid of falling off? HELL NO.

Eventually, you got the hang of it and were successful at controlling the bike even at higher speeds.

Well… Life is sort of like that…

It throws failures your way to test how far you will push through to succeed.

The dead birds you keep seeing could represent failures in your life. The universe wants you to know that more failures are coming your way but you must NOT let them stop you. 

7) You Don’t Have The Same Drive/Motivation Anymore

One possible interpretation of seeing a dead bird could be that your drive toward achieving your goals in life has died down.

This doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you’ve become lazy or anything; maybe you’ve just shifted to another path in life or trying to figure out a different way to do things. 

But, whatever the case may be, take the dead bird as a sign to deeply explore your heart and figure out what exactly you want from life. Also, be sure to make it quick.

8) Let Go Of Unreal Expectations

Seeing dead birds frequently could also be the universe signaling you to let go of your unreal expectations. 

You see, whether you like it or not, it is nature’s rule that whenever things don’t turn out the way you expected them to, you’ll be greatly disappointed. 

The best solution to this – simply let go of unrealistic expectations

Now this DOES NOT mean that you completely put an end to all your expectations because, to some extent, they are quite an important driving force for reaching one’s potential and achieving goals in life; just let go of those that are towards the unrealistic end of the spectrum.

9) Financial Trouble Is Coming Your Way

Dead birds can also be an indicator of incoming financial trouble

It means your job, business, investments, or overall financial health may see a downfall and monthly income will be a little shorthanded for quite some time. 

But, DO NOT think the universe deliberately wants to see you in a tough situation. In fact, it is tough situations like these that allow you to realize your true strengths and capabilities. 

So, instead of looking at it as a problem, consider it an opportunity to explore how strong you are.

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Why Do I Keep Seeing Dead Birds?

Dead sparrow

If you happen to see dead birds frequently, it may be a sign that you’re hallucinating

More often than not, such hallucinations about specific animals or things may be linked to trauma or visions from your past.

However, often seeing dead birds and having that feeling in your heart that they were almost “meant” to be there could mean that the universe is trying to warn you about an upcoming emergency.

Pay attention and listen to your intuition for more signs that could provide you with a clearer picture of the whole situation. 

Final words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now – although you may think seeing dead birds is a bad sign or some sort of trouble indicator, often that’s NOT the case. 

It’s just a simple sign that you should fix your life. 

This can be done either by removing toxic people from your life, embracing who you truly are, letting go of past trauma, moving on from a loved one’s death, and making a few other changes that can help you become a better version of yourself. 

Remember: A better version can only shine through once the older version dies; it’s the message the dead bird is trying to convey. 

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