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Right and Left Shoulder Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Superstitions

Right and Left Shoulder Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Superstitions 

Having pain in your shoulder is a really discomforting experience. You should determine the cause of the disease, otherwise it will keep growing.

To treat the disease, you should know its cause first.

It is mainly related to medical problems but sometimes you start wondering, maybe it’s a sign from heaven or that nature is delivering you some message.

A Chinese proverb says:

“Any illness is an opportunity and not a judgment. The purpose of the disease is to lead the man to himself”.

What does right and left shoulder pain spiritually symbolizes? Let’s find out:

What does shoulder pain mean spiritually?

Shoulder pain in spiritual world

Shoulder pain have really great spiritual significance.

Shoulder pain is connected to guilt.

It is representative of not shouldering your responsibilities and also a reminder of something that you have done wrong in the past.

It is also connected to anxiousness.

Shoulders are usually burdened by all those stress and anxieties.

It represents the burdens and stress that we experience in your life.

So, experiencing shoulder pain is not just related to effort and physical illness. That pain or heaviness in your shoulders could be connected to your soul and your aura.

It could be an indication that you are too tired spiritually. It’s a sign that you need to rest, relax and enjoy life.

It’s a clear sign that you have a lot “on your shoulders” and that you need to take some time off to relax.

But that’s not all… Continue reading below to find out more!

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Spiritual meaning of shoulder pain

Spiritual meaning of shoulder pain

Shoulder pain represents emotional, spiritual and energetic imbalances calling for a change. It literally represents not shouldering your own responsibilities.

It is connected to the guilt present at the back of your conscience. Shoulder pain is a wakeup call to fully understand yourself.

When you truly know your own self and all your shortcomings, then you will become prosperous in your life.

Nature is trying to warn you.

Maybe you have ignored several spiritual warnings and now the universe is trying to tap you on the shoulder.

It is a signal to relax and unwind, to take that vacation and spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

It is also believed that an angel is sitting on your right shoulder and devil on your left shoulder. In ancient times, salt was valuable, as it was hard to obtain.

So, spilling salt was believed to bring bad luck.

To cancel that bad luck, they used to throw salt over left shoulder as devil was supposed to be sitting on the left shoulder, so by tossing salt in the devil’s eye kept the devil away.

Right shoulder pain meaning:

Right shoulder

The right shoulder pain represents guilt caused by not taking responsibility for your own self, not taking stand for yourself and underestimating you own potential and capabilities.

Feeling the weight of your world on one shoulder could flare up your body in unpredictable ways.

In Chinese medicine, everything have either yin energy or yang energy. Both of these energies are in balance.

When an imbalance is caused, it results into disturbance in your overall body aura.

The right side of your body is yang dominant, which is representative of:

  • Action;
  • Decision making;
  • Light;
  • Energy.

When yang energy goes out of balance due to your wrongdoings, it needs to be balanced with yin energy, which is related to patience, softness and rest.

Pain in right shoulder could also signify that your yang energy has gone out of balance.

Left shoulder pain meaning:

Left shoulder

The left shoulder pain represents guilt caused by stopping yourself to become responsible.

This guilt is due to lack of understanding yourself. 

In traditional Chinese medicine, everything have yin and yang energy in perfect balance. When this balance goes out of balance it causes disturbance.

Left side is Yin dominant which is representative of:

  • Patience;
  • Softness;
  • Rest.

When yin energy goes out of balance it needs to be balanced with yang energy. Pain in left shoulder signifies, that your yin energy has gone out of balance

Left shoulder is also connected to your heart. Pain in left shoulder signifies spiritual imbalance of emotions in your heart. Your heart maybe burdened by guilt, stress, anxiety and unable to take care of yourself.

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7 Superstitions about pain in shoulders

Superstitions about pain in body parts

Meriam Webster defines the term superstition as:

“A belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation”. 

Superstitions are unreasoning beliefs among people arising from fear, helplessness and coincidences.

They don’t have any scientific reasoning.

These beliefs exists in the minds of people, since the creation of mankind.

Religion is not necessarily the basic source of these beliefs.

They have formed so strong roots into people’s conscience, that they could not be eliminated from the minds of people.

Although these beliefs vary from person to person, they have some common aspects.

Without further ado let’s discuss some superstitions related to shoulder pain.

1) Defending oneself against a condition

Left shoulder have direct connection to the heart chakra.

Pain in the left shoulder symbolizes spiritual imbalance of the heart. It is also representative of the guilt caused by unable to take your own responsibility.

It is a sign to start taking your own responsibility and fully understand yourself.

Prioritize yourself to make yourself worthy.

2) A lack of faith

As shoulder pain is related to the heart chakra, it also symbolizes a lack of faith.

It represents the spiritual imbalance created by the lack of faith.

This uncertainty is taking a toll on you.

The universe is trying to tap you on the shoulder in hope, that maybe it will become a wakeup call for you.

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3) An uncertain belief

Maybe all those uncertainties of your belief is making you anxious and causing you a lot of stress.

These uncertainties are causing you shoulder pain. You should deeply analyze yourself and get to know yourself.

At the end you will find all the answers to your uncertainties.

4) A harm from family members

It is related to the harm caused to you by your family members.

You might be blinded by the love of your family members and could not see their bad intentions.

It might be a wakeup call for you to watch out and be aware.

5) Money related issues

Pain in your shoulder is also connected to financial crisis.

It is believed that all your financial issues are burdening your shoulders.

You should take a deep breath and calm yourself down, and not to let it disturb your peace of mind.

Take this moment to reflect on your financial life. Nothing is lost! So think what you can do to improve it!

6) Health issues

Shoulder pain can signify big health issues.

Left shoulder pain is often connected to heart problems.

You should take your shoulder pain seriously and consult your physician.

It is very important that you never ignore health problems. The truth is that shoulder pain may not be connected to the spiritual world. If that’s the case, you should consult a doctor quickly.

7) An inability to adapt

Shoulder pain is connected to your inability to adapt to your new environment.

Those unknown surroundings might be making you anxious and causing you uncertainty.

  • You may be having trouble adapting to a new job;
  • You may have difficulties adjusting to new people in your life;
  • You may also be having difficulty settling into a new home;
  • Or even getting used to new ideas.

Intense pain in the shoulders reveals difficulties in adaptation.

Now, you just need to see what is being difficult for you to adapt.

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Is shoulder pain a bad sign?

Negative messages from physical pain

Shoulder pain is definitely a bad sign. It is cause by imbalance in your physical, emotional or spiritual wellness.

It may point towards some serious health issues, which should be treated immediately.

It may also indicate heart problems.

It also point towards spiritual imbalances, which also need immediate treatment. It is also caused by guilt, stress, anxiousness and all those burdens of your world.

Shoulder pain is also caused by the imbalance of yin and yang energy in Chinese medicine.

Yin and yang energies should be in complete harmony with each other.

When these both energies goes out of balance, its ripples could be felt throughout your body aura.

  • Right side is yang dominated energy which represents action, decision making, light and energy.
  • Left side is yin dominated energy which represents patience, softness and rest.

Final Words

Shoulder pain have physical causes but it may also make you wonder about its spiritual meanings.

Its aspect may change according to different school of thoughts in religions and culture.

But it depend on you how you analyze yourself and truly understand the real source of the pain.

It could only be treated when you know its real cause.

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