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Rooster Crowing At Night Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages

Rooster Crowing At Night Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages

Hearing rooster crows during the daytime is a perfectly normal thing.

However, a rooster crowing at night is definitely rare since they’re diurnal birds that sleep at that time. 

In this article, I’ll be explaining to you the spiritual significance and different hidden meanings behind hearing rooster crows at night.

So, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Spiritual Meaning Of A Rooster

White Rooster

In the spiritual context, roosters symbolize power, success, dreams, and well-being

They’re the early risers of the day and conquer before anyone else can.

Being first is their biggest advantage in anything, be it sighting the first ray of sunlight or making a sound and alerting others of their presence before the day starts.

However, roosters are also believed to mean strong possessiveness and jealousy. (particularly about their females) They’re loyal creatures that aren’t fond of forming external bonds but can make for an exceptional friendship with their owners.

In many cultures around the world, roosters are considered to be divine and majestic creatures that shine light and goodness upon mankind.

For some, they even serve as a symbol of shelter and protection from unseen dark forces.

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Spiritual Meaning Of A Rooster In A Dream

Black and white Rooster

Seeing a rooster in your dream could mean that the universe is sending good things your way

These little blessings may be in the form of financial help, lottery wins, or a lover that will eventually help you out of your misery or hopelessness and breathe positivity, freedom, and confidence into your life. 

If you’re in a toxic relationship, things may start to get significantly better after the dream, and the love, respect, and desire between you and your partner could experience a boost as well!

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7 Spiritual Meanings Of A Rooster Crowing At Night

Spiritual Meaning Of A Rooster Crowing At Night

1) People Will Start To Support You!

Whether it’s your parents, friends, colleagues, or even just random strangers, winning someone’s support is the hardest thing these days

However, hearing a rooster crowing at night may be a sign that things are about to get easier for you

If you run a business, people who work with you may start to finally realize your vision, thought process, and the effort you put into work which will eventually get them and other people to start supporting you

Although this may sound like a small thing, having other people’s trust and support can take you places self-motivation just can’t.

So, be grateful for it!

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2) A New Chapter In Your Life Has Begun

When a rooster crows in the morning, it signifies a new day.

However, a rooster crowing at night could spiritually mean that a new chapter in your life has begun

Now, it certainly is unclear whether this chapter would positively change your life or worsen things.

So, depending on the events that take place in the next couple of weeks, you may be able to figure out that part as well

3) Reflect On Your Past

A rooster’s crow can be interpreted as a reminder from the universe to reflect on your past.

Not only do your past mistakes, regrets, and bad decisions provide you with an excellent learning opportunity but also make you wise enough to advise other people not to repeat them. 

Reflecting on your past can also help you work through problems in the present or future since it helps your brain connect different dots within a situation that may relate to something we may have witnessed/experienced in the past. 

4) There Are Angels Nearby!

Yes, you read that absolutely right! 

A rooster crowing at night could mean that it senses the presence of angels nearby!

These angels may be there to leave a message for you or for someone else or could even just be wandering around but whatever the cause they may have visited for, they have been spotted by the rooster and it’s trying to make you aware of it. 

In some cultures, it is believed that roosters crow at night because the guardian angel has sensed incoming danger. Since the guardian angel’s job is to keep you out of harm’s way, it uses certain hints to try and make you aware of things beforehand so that you can AT LEAST anticipate them.

5) You Feel Threatened By Someone

A little-known fact about roosters is that they DON’T only crow at the sight of early morning sunlight.

In fact, they crow whenever they feel threatened, like when someone enters their coop or when they hear another rooster crow. 

Thereby, if you hear a rooster crowing in your head throughout the whole night, it may signify feeling mentally threatened by someone powerful.

This particular someone may be in a higher position than you, more successful, intelligent, or perhaps just a little more authoritative.

You fear that this person will leave you redundant, beat you in the race and people will choose him or her over you.

Their presence could also make you feel a little intimidated and doubtful of your own strength, skills, or capabilities. 

If that’s the case, getting to know them better, focusing on improving yourself, and being aware of your own strengths are all things that can help mitigate the feeling of threat you get from them!

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6) You Want Freedom

Hearing a rooster crowing at night may be a sign that you feel trapped or suffocated and desperately want freedom

There could be plenty of reasons why you may be feeling trapped such as:

  • Too much workload;
  • Certain physical or mental conditions;
  • Being in a toxic relationship/marriage;
  • Being constantly reminded of past trauma;
  • Having too many responsibilities.

If left untreated, constantly feeling trapped or suffocated can quickly lead to developing severe anxiety and depression. 

So, take a break from things that may get your head in that zone and spend some time pondering over the freedom you’re looking for and how you can achieve it

7) You Need To Face The Harsh Realities In life.

Hearing rooster crows at night (particularly in your sleep) could be the universe telling you to stop dreaming and wake up to reality

No, don’t get me wrong. Dreaming and thinking of yourself as the best is a great thing and it can help develop much-needed self-esteem and confidence.

But, if you completely move out of reality, things can go downhill pretty quickly

Therefore, accepting and living with certain harsh realities is inevitable in life. 

Some harsh realities you will eventually need to come to terms with are:

  • You aren’t special and life won’t be any less tough for you. 
  • Happiness often fades away during the transition from childhood to adulthood.
  • Your friends will no longer be your friends.
  • Not everyone can like you.
  • Nothing can prevent heartbreaks.

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Meaning Of Hearing A Rooster Crowing All The Time

Hearing A Rooster Crowing: What is the correct meaning?

Hearing a rooster crow all the time could be a sign that you’re a very optimistic person.

It means you don’t fit well in today’s world that romanticizes negativity, sadness, or pain and prefer old school and genuine happiness over anything. 

You also bring sunshine, hope, and joy to other people’s lives and they absolutely love being around you for that. 

However, being optimistic all the time, especially in situations where optimism is actually counterproductive and inefficient, could bring a few heartbreaks and disappointments into your life as well. 

Is Hearing A Rooster Crowing A Good Sign?

Brown rooster


If you hear a rooster crowing in the morning, it means that the rest of your day will be great. You’ll get all things done on time, beat your competitors, make money, and even celebrate something big!

The sound they make is also linked with the clearance of negative energy, laziness, and uncertainty from the surroundings.

It boosts motivation, drive, and energy needed to conquer your dreams and push through tough times. 

So, all in all, hearing a rooster crowing is a GREAT sign!

Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now – hearing a rooster crowing at night shouldn’t be ignored

It’s a special message from the universe informing you about all the good things that may happen soon!

You could experience a boost in finances, family love, courage to socialize, and garner support from people around you.

All the blessings/gifts you receive will be soo much more than what you may have expected or wished for which will truly make it a huge surprise!

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