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Royal Birthmarks Meaning: 7 Superstitions You Should Know

Royal Birthmarks Meaning: 7 Superstitions You Should Know

Do you have a mysterious birthmark on your arm or forehead that intrigues you a lot?

Well, believe it or not, it could be a royal birthmark that may be passed down to you through a wealthy/royal family!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about royal birthmarks and why YOU may have one

So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

What Is A Royal Birthmark?

Royal Birthmark

Back in the 18th century, the children of royal kings, emperors, or leaders were all believed to have specific birthmarks on their bodies indicating their royal blood

This was obviously a superstition since wealth, power, or royalty DO NOT determine birthmarks. Yes, some could be inherited but that’s highly unlikely in most cases. 

Birthmarks are mainly a result of chance

Today, a lot of people think royal birthmarks hold miraculous powers or capabilities that can help an individual gain great emotional strength, wealth, success, and beauty.

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Royal Birthmarks Spiritual Meaning

Royal Birthmarks Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, it is believed that a person with a royal birthmark has all the qualities of a true leader

That includes firmness, bravery, selflessness, self-control, and integrity. 

If you have a royal birthmark, you may naturally be inclined towards being in a powerful position that allows you to lead and make important decisions

You may also be the first choice for a leadership role in other people’s heads because of your persona or just the overall “predator vibe” you give off.

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7 Superstitions About Royal Birthmarks You Should Know

Superstitions about these birthmarks

1) You’ll Have Fewer Heartbreaks

A popular superstition around royal birthmarks suggests that people with this type of mark are often cold-hearted and emotionally strong

If you have one, it could mean that you’ll experience fewer heartbreaks in life and always bounce back from unfortunate situations no matter how bad they were. 

Although this is a sort of “comprehensible” superstition, it’s still really hard to determine if the emotional strength is actually coming from the birthmark or not. 

I mean…what if it’s stemming from the dark circumstances you went through in the past? They could’ve made you stronger too, right?

2) You’re Going To Be A Great Singer

As weird as it may sound, it is said that people with a royal birthmark make for great singers

If they utilize this natural talent effectively, they can reach new heights of success, fame, and prosperity as well as unlock doors to new musical genres with their ethereal voice.  

Now, I know what you might be thinking – “I do have a royal birthmark but my voice is absolutely TERRIBLE”… 

Yeah…I guess that is exactly why they are called superstitions; they’re not really supposed to be true…

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3) Stunning Beauty/Attractive Physical Features

Royal birthmarks are often associated with top-notch physical features and attractiveness

If you’re a girl with this type of birthmark, looking young, gorgeous, and fresh will be a constant for you even when you’re not wearing makeup or “trying” to look good. 

If you’re a guy, on the other hand, great muscular genetics, a good build, and Disney Price-like looks will be on the plate for you. 

But, again, this is obviously one big superstition since birthmarks DO NOT determine overall masculine or feminine attractiveness.

Simply put, if you’re an average-looking male, you’ll remain an average-looking male whether you have a royal birthmark or not. (or any kind of birthmark for that instance)

4) Your Family Will Become Very Wealthy

Back in ancient Egypt and some other cultures, wealthy/wealthy families were recognized by the royal birthmark. 

Today, a common superstition suggests that people with this type of birthmark will grow up to be a part of a royal family that deals in art and luxury

This means, even if your living conditions do not align at the moment, sooner or later tables may suddenly turn and you may find yourself living in a palace with hundreds of guards at the front door, gold furniture, overly shiny fruits on the table, and a stable of beautiful horses. 

To be honest, however, you shouldn’t rely on such a miracle.

Some hard work, dedication, and a great plan could get you onto the path of wealth too. (It’ll just be a little slower though)

5) You Are God’s Favorite

Having a royal birthmark is believed to be a sign that you’re god’s favorite. (I don’t have one and I’m definitely QUITE offended)

You’ll receive his protection, guidance, love, affection, and blessings while also being able to effectively communicate with him through hidden signs and heightened intuition. 

It is also said that he’ll erase all your past sins and give you second chances no matter how many mistakes you make in life; all because of that one damn birthmark!

OBVIOUSLY, this is just a ridiculous superstition because, if god made such exceptions, the world would’ve turned upside down by now. 

6) You’ll Go Straight To Heaven!

Alright, YES, I know it sounds quite ridiculous but you’ll certainly be shocked to know how many cultures around the world believe birthmarks are a direct ticket to heaven.

This means that no matter the sins you committed while being alive, God will NOT hold you accountable for any of them and allow you into his land of light, goodness, and purity after you die

And, while this could be possible in a few instances like when you genuinely repent for your past sins, it’s again better to not hope for such miracles if you spent your entire life spreading darkness, injustice, and evil into the world without any guilt or shame. 

Remember: The only way to heaven is to love God, do good, uphold your morals, and seek forgiveness for your wrongdoings; nothing more, nothing less. 

7) You Will Be The Savior Of Society

Being a savior DOES NOT always have to mean that you’ll be running around with a weapon trying to save children from dangerous bad guys

You could be a savior of society in little but meaningful ways like providing justice to hurt communities, bringing genuine reform, or even guiding people to the right path. 

This also suggests that you were born for a purpose much bigger than you think and, soon, there will come a time when you’ll be fulfilling that purpose and giving true meaning to your existence.

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I Have Royal Birthmarks! Is It A Bad Sign?

The positive spiritual signs from these marks

From a spiritual standpoint… NO

From a superstition standpoint… Again NO.

Royal birthmarks are just NOT a bad sign

They are supposed to bring out the best version of you that excels in life, relationships, and dreams. You’ll be more focused on what you can become instead of what you are at the moment. 

This creates a long-term vision in the mind that helps clear away distractions and further define your goals as you go through different phases of life

Royal birthmarks also make you stand apart from the herd as a leader and uphold unity and integrity within a group of people waiting to be directed to the right path. 

Should I Be Concerned Spiritually?

About these important spiritual birthmarks

No, having a royal birthmark is nothing to be concerned about

In fact, you should consider yourself lucky for all the good qualities it surfaces and adds to your personality!

Yes, the superstitions surrounding it may sound a little too crazy but that doesn’t erase the fact that having a royal birthmark is a GREAT spiritual sign.

It serves as an indication of good luck, justice, leadership, and power, which, as we all know, are things almost every human being longs for.

Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now – birthmarks could mean much more than you may have expected.

Different people have birthmarks in different areas of their bodies and there is even a huge variety of birthmarks like Mongolian spots, strawberry marks, hemangiomas, and whatnot. 

However, the one we talked about today; the royal birthmark is believed to set an individual apart from the crowd.

It hints towards a leadership attitude within the heart and mind that one must take control of in order to achieve great things in life

The royal birthmark is also popular in the world of superstitions and blind beliefs but trusting them really depends from person to person.

Some people may label superstitions around it as COMPLETE BS while others may act upon them even to this day.

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