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14 Spiritual Meanings of a Snake in House: It’s Bad Luck?

14 Spiritual Meanings of a Snake in House

Linked with medicine, eternity, and a person who’s about to stab you in the back, the humble snake is one with many spiritual connotations, both good and bad.

Charming, stealthy, and capable of turning their bodies into a complete circle (hence the eternity link), have you ever wondered about the messages they might be trying to convey?

Let’s take a look at the spiritual meanings of a snake in the house, and what it might mean for you.

What Does It Mean Spiritually When You See A Snake?

Snake looking at you

Snakes are often thought of as a bad omen, or a scary animal – one to be fearful of.

This is not always the case, however.

Just as there are ‘good’ snakes and ‘bad’ snakes (venomous and non-venomous, or aggressive and non-aggressive), there are both good and bad spiritual connotations to seeing one of these serpents.

Why don’t we take a closer look at how the circumstances of your snake viewing could change or distort the spiritual meaning or message

What Does It Mean Seeing A Snake Inside Your House?

Snake going to house

One thing this reptile is famous for is shedding its skin.

Because of that, this creature is commonly linked to the idea of rebirth or metamorphosis.

In that sense, the snake is a good omen.

It could mean that a new beginning or a form of rebirth is on your cards.

At the same time, this poor reptile is often demonized and seen as a bad omen.

The snake uses senses in a slightly different way to us, with better abilities to recognize threats.

It could be the case that your backbone-less visitor has been sent to warn you of an incoming threat.

14 Spiritual Meanings Of A Snake In The House

14 Spiritual Meanings Of A Snake In The House

Let’s take a deep dive into snake symbolism and spirituality over the years and across the globe.

1) Trusting Your Intuition

Snakes move close to the floor, giving them a direct connection to the earth.

They feel it, translating vibrations that travel through it, often moving around completely unseen.

To some, it can almost seem as if the snake has extra senses, which it kind-of does. And it might be the universe telling you that it’s time to start trusting yours.

How many times have you brushed off that gut feeling, only to find out that you were right about it all along? You should trust that gut instinct you have, just as the snake trusts the vibrations it feels through the earth.

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2) Tempted by Forbidden Fruit?

The snake is closely linked to forbidden fruit, originating from Genesis 3, The Old Testament, when the serpent lured Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit (apple) from the ‘tree of the knowledge of good and evil’.

If you’re thinking of doing something ‘forbidden,’ just know this: the universe has seen you, and it’s letting you know when it sends a snake right into your home!

3) You’ll Bounce Back

Whether you know of her as Hydra, Hydra of Lerna, or the Lernaean Hydra, one thing is true: she’s a water snake from both Roman and Greek mythology, and she’s a bounce-back story you definitely need to hear.

According to myth, Hydra had many serpent heads.

If one of them was chopped off, the water monster would simply grow it right back.

When Heracles attempted to defeat the beast by chopping a head off, it regenerated, which is why he needed to call in reinforcement – Iolaus, his nephew.

A snake in your home could be the start of your bounce-back story, especially if you’re in the mood for comeback. The comeback is stronger than the setback, or so they say.

4) A Passed-Over Loved One is Saying Hello

If you were to travel to Africa, you’d soon learn that it’s quite common in African cultures to have the belief that snakes are simply family members reincarnated into serpents.

If a loved one of yours has recently passed over, or you’ve been thinking about a passed-over relative a lot more recently, and then a snake enters your home, it might be sending you a message from beyond.

This is more so the case if you don’t feel scared or concerned in the presence of the snake, but instead feel calmer and more comfortable than predicted.

5) Rattlesnakes Are Warning You

If a rattlesnake enters your home, that rattle is acting as a warning to you.

Something you’re doing is potentially going to come back around and bite you – and rattlesnakes are venomous, so that bite can be fatal.

Have you been making a few silly decisions lately? Proverbially dancing with the devil? Playing a very dangerous game?

The universe might be warning you. Is it time for you to sit up and listen?

6) It’s Time to Face Your Fears

If you’re terrified of snakes and end up facing one inside your house, the literal facing-your-fears could translate into a spiritual one, too.

Have you been putting off applying for a promotion? The snake might be telling you to suck it up and finally do it.

Are you worried about making a big decision in terms of where you live or who you live with? Life isn’t going to get better until you face your fears – and sometimes that means doing unpleasant tasks, like purging bad roommates, first.

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7) Someone Might Need Medical Treatment

It’s no big surprise that snakes and serpents are linked to the medical professional and all things medicine.

The Greek god, Asclepius, carried a staff that consisted of a pole with a snake coiled around it.

The snake in or around your property, or in your dreams, could be an indication that someone in your life is going to require some sort of medical treatment.

Maybe you are the one who will become unwell.

(Don’t forget: unwell doesn’t mean dying. Medical treatment can be something as small as stitches for a small cut.)

8) Snakes in the Bed

If you find a snake in your bed, maybe you have a metaphorical snake in the bed, too.

For many years and in many cultures, the snake was seen as a symbol of lies, evil, and deception.

Combined with the phallic connections, it wouldn’t be a big stretch to see this as a warning for your sex or love life.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you’re the only dish on your partner’s menu, the snake turning up quite literally in your bed might be the sign you need to convince you, you’re not crazy.

9) You’re About to Shed and Regenerate

Just a snake sheds its skin when it outgrows it, you might go through a period of transformation, coming out bigger, better, and stronger on the other side.

Are you currently struggling with a particularly patch of depression or anxiety?

The snake in your house might just be the sign you needed.

Could it be telling you that the light at the end of the tunnel is just within reach?

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10) A Battle to Win?

Battling a snake in the home, whether that’s physically or emotional (phobias), is said to be symbolic of having to defend yourself against those speaking bad about you.

The snake could be trying to warn you that someone, perhaps a proverbial human snake, is attempting to destroy your reputation.

Have you been struggling with a certain person at work? Experiencing a few difficulties with your significant other? Feuding with a family member?

It might be time to nip the trouble in the bud, before your reputation gets destroyed right before your very eyes.

11) Let’s Talk About That Person You Know

Someone born in the Chinese year of the snake is said to be very funny, passionate, and wise.

On the downside, they are also sometimes a little on the greedy side, fickle, and can easily get jealous.

Do those personality traits remind you of someone you know?

Perhaps the snake in your house is the person the message is about rather than the message itself.

This is a good example of taking the bigger picture into account.

So, for example, if you have a snake in your house, it could be related to the person with the traits linked to people born in the Chinese year of the snake.

Snakes are sometimes associated with phallic connotations, so perhaps the snake represents a new romance, or the rebirth of an old one.

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12) Someone’s Going to Do You Wrong

The adder is a symbol linked to being stabbed in the back or being wronged by someone you put your trust into.

If this snake species happens to come into your home, it doesn’t mean that you are about to be wronged; it just means that someone is potentially considering or plotting to do you wrong.

You still have time to change the outcome by being alert and making sure you’re aware of everything going on around you.

13) You Need to Protect Yourself from Cold-Blooded People

Snakes are cold-blooded creatures, and that’s exactly what they can represent, spiritually.

Is that snake lingering around your home, or getting inside, warning you of someone you know that has a nasty sting in their tail?

Perhaps you don’t know how toxic they are yet; but the universe and/or your spiritual self does.

They’re telling you, screaming at you, to listen to the gut instinct you have about that toxic person.

Stop forcing yourself to like, help, or respect cold-blooded people who would never do the same for you.

By eliminating those forked-tongued threats, your life will be much more easy-flowing.

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14) You Need to Protect Yourself… from Yourself

I’m going to ask you a question, and I want you to answer it honestly: Are you self-sabotaging?

If everything is going fine in life but you keep feeling the need to add a little ‘spice’, doing things that you probably shouldn’t do, you’re self-sabotaging.

If you see a snake in or around your home, particularly a rattlesnake, your subconscious self might be pointing out your destructive behavior.

Do you feel guilty or uncomfortable as you read this? Yes? Then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You should probably stop hitting that self-destruct button.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Black Snake In Your House

Black snake

The cobra is one dark, often black snake that you might find in your home if you’re unlucky!

The venomous snake is regarded as one of the most revered serpents in Indian history, and commonly linked to fertility, spiritual awakening, and death/rebirth.

The black snake, also known as pilot black, black rat, or western rat snake, is a non-venomous black snake that you might come across.

Non-venomous, it is slightly less threatening in nature for most people.

In Buddhism, snakes like this one are seen as a sign of protection, which has a slightly more positive connotation.

Is A Snake Entering Your House Good Or Bad?

Snake and eggs

Just like many other spiritual symbols, a snake entering your house can be both a good and bad omen.

It can be just as much of a sign of healing, rebirth, and transformation as it can ill health, jealousy, and betrayal.

Sometimes, the snake symbolism can be something as simple and neutral as reminding you to set strong boundaries for yourself, just as the reptile would do.

For the most part, these are not aggressive creatures. They’ll leave you alone as long as you leave them alone, and that’s called setting good boundaries. Maybe it’s a lesson you might need to learn?

Are Snakes Bad Spiritual Signs?

Snake up

Snakes aren’t bad spiritual signs by themselves.

In fact, in some cultures and circumstances, seeing a snake, dreaming of a snake, or finding a snake inside your home is seen as a good omen, that will bring very good things.

You should take everything into consideration, including how you feel.

If something about the snake calms you when you would otherwise be scared, perhaps that snake is the reincarnation of someone you already know (or knew).

If you are frightened and normally wouldn’t be, on the other hand, it’s wise to take the sign as wither a bad omen, or a warning.

A lot of the interpretation will come down to you, how you feel, and your specific circumstances.

Final Words

Wearing a bracelet or necklace with a charm or pendant in the shape of a snake can bring you protection.

In many cultures, the serpent is a positive symbol, with links to bravery, strength, setting healthy boundaries, fertility, and stealth.

Snakes also generally avoid one another, so by wearing a ‘good’ one, you can avoid attracting a ‘bad’ one.

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