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7 Spiritual Meaning of Leaves: Colors and Types

Spiritual Meaning of Leaves: Colors and Types

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment in time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole.”

In spirituality, that’s exactly how leaves are seen: as a small thing that, along with other small things (such as leaves), makes up the entirety of something – such as a tree.

Have you ever wondered about the specific meanings of leaves falling at an unnatural time, for example, or wondered what it means when you about falling bright-red leaves?

The good news is: it’s mostly good news!

Why don’t we take a closer look?

What Does A Leaf Represent?

Holding a leaf

The humble leaf means so many different things in so many different cultures, we might actually be here all week if I were to try and list every single one of them.

Different types of leaves will also make a hug difference on the meaning of the symbol, alongside the color, and more.

In general, leaves are said to represent life – the constant changing and evolution of it.

Just like the leaves on trees, we sprout (are born) and grow, turn old, change in appearance, and then die.

It’s the same with most things on the planet; the circle of life.

What Does A Leaf Mean Spiritually?

Variety of leaves

Leaves have different spiritual meanings depending on the circumstances surrounding them.

If you were to dream of being in the garden and raking leaves, for example, you are clearing away at the end of the season.

Spiritually, this could symbolize the ending of a project – you have finished it, and it is now time to clear away after it.

Are the leaves you in your dream dying? Brown, withered, and curling over?

The connotations of this might not be overly positive, sadly.

Dying or dead leads are spiritually linked to feelings or sadness and loss, or a sign that your hopes will be dashed.

Remember: these spiritual links can be bother introspective and retrospective.

If you are experiencing a patch just like this right now, with all of your hopes seemingly fallen and dashed, the dream of dying or dead leaves could just be representative of your current struggles.

It does not necessarily mean that you are going to get more bad luck and sadness on top of how you already feel.

Spiritual Meaning Of Leaves

Different trees

Different types of trees and their leaves will have different spiritual meanings, and the bigger picture will also need to be taken into account.

Leaves you make you feel good when you see or dream about them are usually a spiritual message with good content.

If they make you feel bad, uncomfortable, upset, etc., there’s a chance that the message is a warning, or a negative one.

Palm Leaves:

Palm tree

If the palm tree is in good condition, with leaves that are in good health, the spiritual meaning is a positive one.

Things are good for you, and they are likely to stay good for a while yet.

You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Withered, dying, or falling palm trees are not such a good sign.

This can mean that your good fortune is going to wither up and die, just like the leaves.

Bay Leaves:

Bay Leaves

When you see a bay tree or bay leaves in your dream/real life, it is meant to be a positive symbol.

The tree is closely linked to feelings of good luck, victory and success, and protection.

Growing one in your back garden is said to bring the household protection.

Alternatively, if you see this tree in your dream (or in real life) and it makes you feel sad, uncomfortable, or anxious, and you’re not sure why, it could be the case that you have been running from your inner feelings.

Your inner spiritual self is telling you to start facing whatever it is you are trying not to feel.

Falling Leaves:

Fall leaves

Have you been night/daydreaming of falling leaves? Maybe you keep seeing falling leaves around you, even in circumstances when you probably shouldn’t?

Falling leaves could signify the end of a cycle, season, or patch.

At the same time, however, it could also be a symbol of essentially falling from grace.

  • I know I say this a lot, but how do you feel when you see those falling leaves?
  • How does the background look? Is it a positive scene or a negative one?

A lot of symbolism in spirituality is how it feels to YOU.

Gold Leaves:

Gold leaves

The color gold is often a symbol of real, monetary wealth in real life, but in a spiritual sense, the color means spiritual – how much spiritual wealth you have.

To dream about gold leaves falling around you, or to see golden-colored leaves in real life, means that you are going to have a great spiritual future ahead of you. In turn, this means a great real-life future.

In short: gold leaves are a really great sign!

Spiritual Meaning Of Leaves Color

Leaves color

Just as different types of trees and their leaves will change the spiritual message, so will the color of the leaves.

Yellow Leaf:

Yellow leafs

Yellow is a color closely associate with the sun, warm sunshine, and your emotional self.

To see yellow leaves in your dream or have yellow leaves fall on you means that you might need to fine-tune your relationship with your inner, spiritual self. 

Brown Leaf:

Brown leaves

As you may have guessed, brown leaves are usually taken as a bad sign.

They are withering and dying, which means that something unfortunate, negative, or bad is going to happen to you, or someone around you, or generally around you (such as a flood, etc.).

If you dream of brown leaves, it might be a sign that you are about to feel the cold touch of a few bad months.

It’s also common that during this period a bird will keep appearing to visit you in the morning.

Green Leaf:

Green leaves

When leaves are green, they are healthy and fresh, and it is probably a good, warm, and happy time of the year: spring or summer.

Dreaming of green leaves is a sign of life and rejuvenation.

Perhaps you will experience a time of revival, going back into a job you once loved, starting up a hobby you left behind, or maybe even meeting up with a lost loved one?

Green leaves are also associated with fertility and new life.

Maybe you’ll hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet in your future.

(Remember, this doesn’t need to mean that YOU will have a baby.)

Red Leaf:

Red leaf

Red is the color of love, passion… and also anger.

Seeing red leaves in your dreams could indicate that you are about to experience the joys of falling in love or falling in lust! If a red leaf falls on your head while you’re out and about, having a walk, then I’d definitely be on the lookout for love.

Alternatively, seeing red leaves in a dream that isn’t a good one, could mean that you are about to feel anger towards someone or something… or that someone will feel anger towards you!

Spiritual Meaning Of A Falling Leaf

Happy woman

Seeing a falling leaf has a slightly different meaning. This leaf represents some loss in your life.

Hopefully, that loss will just happen to make way for something better.

Sometimes we may have to sacrifice bad things to make room for better things.

So, a falling leaf has a positive spiritual meaning.

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7 Spiritual Meanings And Messages From Leaves

7 Spiritual Meanings And Messages From Leaves

1) A Sign of Fertility

When the leaves of a tree die, they don’t die forever.

Yes, those leaves have fallen and decomposed down on the ground, but the tree will still produce more leaves, and more leaves, and more leaves again after that

The tree produces an abundance of leaves. All the while tree is alive, it will continue to produce leaves.

The blessing could be that of fertility in the literal sense, or an abundance of wealth, health, good luck, etc.

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2) Shaking Like a Leaf

If you see leaves that are – quite literally – shaking like a leaf, it could be the case that you have experiences coming your way that are going to make you fear scared, nervous, or super anxious. 

Before you run into the bedroom and throw the duvet over your head, things don’t need to be as bad as they sound

Falling off the edge of a cliff and managing to hold on by your fingertips before being pulled up by a passing stranger can make you shake in exactly the same way as riding your favorite rollercoaster. One is more enjoyable than the other, but they both create the same physiological changes in your body.

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3) The Bad Times Are Over

In Christian circles, leaves are closely linked with the end of hardship, or the start of something new and better.

One great example of this is when an olive leaf was given to Noah once the Great Flood had stopped unleashing havoc. 

The leaf was a message: the hardship (flood) was finished.

Better times were on the way. 

4) Turning Over a New Leaf

It’s a famous saying, but turning over a new leaf means, quite literally, to turn over a new leaf of a book.

The leaves you’re seeing, either in your dream or in real life, might be a sign that you are about to experience a big change – turning a page, continuing the story but starting with something fresh. 

This is representative of the life of a leaf.

It grows, flourishes, turns green, enjoys the spring and summer, then turns red-orange, then brown, fall from the tree, then die. 

They’re strong enough to survive the year-round seasons, but still vulnerable enough to succumb to natural, life-ending forces

5) Time for Healing

The healing properties of leaves can’t be denied.

Many of them are used in holistic remedies, but also in commercially available medicines that you can buy over the counter or are prescribed by a doctor. 

The spiritual meaning of your leaves could be just that: healing.

Healing doesn’t always mean in a literal, physical sense.

Yes, you might hurt yourself in a physical way, requiring medical treatment; but you can also hurt yourself (or be hurt) in an emotional way. Emotional pain and hurt requires healing just as much as physical hurt does. 

Do you need to give yourself time to heal from emotional pain? Or physical pain, of course. If you do, and you’re not giving yourself the time to do it, the pain and problem will just get worse. 

That’s the nature of healing: you need to allow healing time.

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6) A Reminder to Cherish the Important Things

If nothing else, the humble leaf teaches us just how quickly things can change, and how quickly life can end.

Have you been focusing too much on work lately? Falling leaves on top of you is a reminder to take a moment, pause, breathe, and remind yourself of the wonderful things you’re surrounded by.

Family, friends, a beautiful home, a nice car, a great car, a brilliant dog… 

Isn’t it time to stopped to appreciate everything you have? Everything that’s around you?

7) Fig Leaves

It’s said that Adam and Eve grabbed fig leaves to cover their nudity and shame after eating the forbidden apple and enjoying the – cough, coughfruits of their labor.

Because of that, fig leaves are often seen as a symbol of embarrassment. 

As someone who embarrasses themselves on a daily basis, I’m really surprised I don’t have fig leaves hanging from the insides of my eyelids, so I see them all the time. 

Listen, we all get embarrassed sometimes, whether it’s by our own hands or someone else’s. The trick is to play it cool and laugh it off. 

The only person that can judge you is your creator. (Whoever you believe that to be.)

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Final Words

So, did you like to know the spiritual meaning of the leaves?!? I hope I have clarified all your doubts regarding this article. Finally, I look forward to your comment below!

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