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7 Spiritual Meaning of Things Breaking in the House

Spiritual Meaning of Things Breaking in the House

I must have broken many things inside the house growing up. A lot of these were my toys.

My toy cars would be some of the things I would constantly break.

This is because just like many boys, I love toy cars and so many people would give me some as gifts.

I would play with my toy cars and trucks immediately.

Many of them, sadly, would break quickly because I would play with them for hours, slamming them against walls and doors. 

But toy cars are not the only thing I broke inside the house. There were some appliances, too, and a watch. My mother even called me “the destroyer’ several times after I would break something inside the house.

Little did I know then that breaking things in the house has a spiritual meaning.

It is only now that I realize that I may have broken many things at home because I have this special gift of knowing what something means spiritually. I may have been “the destroyer” at home for some time perhaps because of a good reason.

In homage to the nickname my mother gave me once, here is an article about the spiritual meaning of breaking things inside the house

Spiritual Meaning of Things Breaking in the House

Spiritual Meaning of Things Breaking in the House

Appliances breaking in the house:

One of the things I broke as a boy was our coffeemaker. 

I actually meant well when I used this appliance. It was mothers Day so I woke up earlier than usual to prepare my mother her brewed coffee and bring her a mug of it in her room. I thought 

I knew how to use the coffee maker. After all, I saw my mother use this appliance so many times before.

I had a difficult time operating the machine. What I thought was simple to use was probably difficult for the eight-year-old boy I was.

I had overstuffed the machine with more beans than necessary or maybe even pressed more buttons than what the machine can take. 

To cut a long story short, I broke the coffee maker. There goes my Mother’s Day gift for my beloved mommy.

But now I know that appliances breaking in the houses are a sign from the heavens to focus on your family life.

Many things can be replaced in life with the right amount of resources like appliances, furniture, cars, and so on.

But relationships once broken are harder to fix.

 And so when you notice appliances breaking inside the house, don’t fret. Instead, take it as a sign that your family relationships are more important.

In my story, gratefully, my mother understood my intentions and did not punish me for breaking the coffee machine. It’s the love of her important little boy, is what my mother said.

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Glass breaking in the house:

Broken glass

A glass breaking in your house is a sign that someone in the household will be unwell.

If the glass that broke was part of the window or something else to the wall like a glass door or partition, then this means that there will be serious illness. This illness can take a toll on the finances of the family and may cause a lot of suffering among family members aside from the sick person.

If it is a small glass like a mug, wine glass, or a small window, then the illness could be light like a fever, cold, or allergy. It is not life-threatening. Neither will this illness cause discord among family members.

If a glass window, door, or partition breaks along with a small glass item, then both light and serious illness can threaten the family. You must then warn family members to be extremely careful.

Jewelry breaking in the house:

Broken ring

When jewelry breaks in the house beware. This is because a piece of jewelry breaking spiritually means massive discord in relationships.

The father and mother may fight which could lead to separation. The siblings may have a serious fallout that can last for weeks, months, or even years.

Jewelries do not easily break because they are constructed well. But when they do and it happens in your house, pay more attention to the relationships within the home.

Find a way to make sure that family members can patch up things after they fight.

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Furniture breaking in the house:

Broken chair

A furniture breaking means that a massive change will come into the house.

This could be something physical like moving to a new home or a renovation that will be done soon.

The change can also be about the civil status of a family member from being single to married or married to separated or divorced.

The change can also be financial.

Either the household will have more wealth or less money.

A lot of things breaking at the same time:

Broken mirror

There is no need to lose sleep when there are plenty of things breaking at the same time at home.

This doesn’t mean a series of unfortunate events but rather it is a spiritual sign that you and your loved ones will soon experience a shower of blessings.

A lot of your and your family’s prayers will be answered.

Not all prayers will be answered the way you want them to be but many of the things your heart desires will be given to you. It will be a season of blessings. 

The heavens are allowing things at home to break one at another for now but there will be many replacements— much more than what was broken or even asked and prayed for.

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7 Spiritual Meanings of Things Breaking in the House

Broken plate

1) Reveal the truth

If you have buried the truth for quite some time now, then something breaks in the house, then take this to mean that you need to reveal the truth.

It may sound like a cliche but truth will set you free. You have likely been hiding the truth for now and you are feeling the weight of your lies.

Revealing the truth will then help you and the heavens are prompting you to say the truth as quickly as possible.

2) Let go of a friend

When something breaks inside the house this could also be a sign that you need to let go of your friend.

This person has hurt you or betrayed you but you hang on to this friend. 

You know the friendship has already become detrimental for you but you hold on because you’ve known this friend for ages.

The heavens are urging you to walk away from this friendship when something breaks inside the house.

3) Review your priorities

If you broke something like a clock or anything related to time in your home, then this is probably the heavens way of telling you to review your priorities.

Time is not finite and it usually runs so quickly.

Before you know it, you may be old and regretful of how you spent your time.

Something related to the time that breaks inside your house is a sign to check your priorities so you don’t waste your time.

4) A big opportunity

When something breaks in your house, it could be a sign that a big opportunity is coming your way.

This is heaven’s way of telling you to prepare your heart, mind, and home for this big opportunity.

Many times people are unprepared for the big opportunities that are given to them. These opportunities then end up being wasted.

The heavens are telling you ahead of time of the opportunity coming your way so you are well prepared to receive it.

5) Break up with a partner

You may also be prodded to let go of your romantic partner.

This person may not be the one the heavens planned for you so the ones above are telling you to let go of this person so a new one can meet you.

6) A loved one needs you

A loved one who is far away may be in dire need.

Something breaking in your home is a warning from the heavens that you need to reach out to someone you care about at the soonest possible time.

Think of who in your circle, either a family or a friend who is in need and call that person quickly after a thing breaks in your home.

7) Fix a relationship

When something breaks in the house, this could be a reminder from the ones above to fix any strained relationships you may have.

This incident could be a reminder that some things can be fixed. Relationships can be fixed too like appliances or furniture that broke down.

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Is Breaking Things in the House a Bad Sign?

Broken dishes on the floor

Sometimes breaking things in the house can be a bad sign because it is a warning of something sad or challenging coming your way.

But breaking things inside the home may also be a lesson that the heavens want us to learn or a reminder we need to heed to avoid catastrophic challenges.

Final Words

Nobody really enjoys seeing things break inside the house.

But if something breaks down, do not focus on the inconvenience but rather on the possible spiritual message.

Chances are, the thing inside the house that broke down is actually a sign or a message from the heavens.

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