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9 Spiritual Meanings of Strong and Sudden Wind: Blowing 

9 Spiritual Meanings of Strong and Sudden Wind: Blowing 

I’ve always liked the feel of the wind across my face. I liked how it would blow away my hair and how the impact of the wind hit my face and the rest of my body. 

Sadly, I barely experienced this when I was young and mostly had strong winds to enjoy when we were on a trip to nature or when there was a storm.

Recently, I was out walking around the neighborhood when I experienced the strong winds blowing against me.

The winds were strong and even sudden. They were totally unexpected

But as I think of it now, I was going through some stuff lately in my life when the winds came.

This prompted me to ask, what were the heavens trying to tell me when they let me experience the strong and sudden winds?

I was almost knocked out by those winds as I wasn’t prepared for them. What could the message be?

Spiritual Meaning of Strong Wind

Strong Wind

A strong wind spiritually symbolizes the major challenges we face in our lives.

So, when you experience this, it is a reminder that some events in our lives are much like these strong winds: sudden, strong, and can knock us off our feet

And our response to the hardships we endure in life is pretty much like our response when we encounter strong winds.

  • When there are strong winds: we pray and ask for protection. We do the same when we have a major problem on our hands;
  • When we are outdoors and there are strong winds: we go indoors and surround ourselves with our loved ones. Our response during times of crisis is the same since we go back to being with our families and sick with them until our situation is better;
  • When strong winds threaten our security: we end up thinking about what we could be doing better. Our response is the same during and after challenging times, we reflect on what we could improve on;
  • The strong winds bring us closer to the heavens and our creator. Major challenges do the same to us.

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Spiritual Meaning of Wind Blowing

Wind Blowing

Wind blowing is a reminder for us to value the present and what we have.

Often we are so preoccupied with our wants for the future that we forget to be grateful for the present and to value what we have now.

We may have accumulated plenty of wealth by now but are so consumed by having more in the coming years.

We may be taking for granted the family that we have now, thinking that they will be there every day of our lives when in fact they could be taken from us anytime.

The heavens are telling us that life can be like the wind blowingwhich takes away whatever we have in an instant.

If we are not careful, and if we are not mindful then some of the things that you have may be taken away, like a wind blowing that takes away some of our things.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Sudden Gust of Wind 

Sudden Gust of Wind 

The sudden gust of wind symbolizes a major development in our lives that would lead to major changes in us.

Sometimes, you will experience a sudden gust of wind because the heavens are warning that something will happen to you that can alter the course of your life.

You may, for example, have an accident that will leave you in bed for weeks and change your perspective on life.

Your job may require you to relocate which will then mean massive changes for you and your family.

Good fortune like inheritance or winnings of the lottery all allow you to live more comfortably or let you chase your passions endlessly.

The loss of a loved one may cause several changes in your life like giving you freedom or forcing you into more responsibilities.

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Howling Wind Spiritual Meaning

Howling Wind

The howling wind could be a reflection of your mind. It means that you are confused, you lack vision or clarity.

The howling wind then is a recognition from the heavens that the ones above know your feelings of confusion.

If you have to make a decision, then the heavens are telling you that they know that you do not know which choices to make.

If you have been feeling lost, like your life is in limbo, then the universe is telling you through the howling of the wind that it sees your feeling of being lost all this time.

What you need to do is to pray to the heavens for guidance. You need to communicate clearly your feelings, desires, and fears.

The howling winds are also assurances from the ones above that your feelings will be heard and soon you will have the clarity you need and can make better decisions for yourself and your future.

What Does It Mean When You Feel a Gust of Wind Inside The House? 

checking open window

Beware when you feel the gust of the wind inside the house. This could mean that spirits are roaming freely in your home.

These roaming spirits can either be good or bad ones.

These may be good spirits who knew the previous owners of your home who think their loved ones are still living in the house.

They could also be evil spirits with bad intentions. They may wish to harm you, members of your family, or other people living in your house. 

When you feel a gust of wind inside your home, then consider having it blessed or any other spiritual ritual that can cleanse the house from roaming spirits. 

9 Spiritual Meanings of Strong and Sudden Wind Blow 

9 Spiritual Meanings of Strong and Sudden Wind Blow 

1) Unleash your potential

Think of your unleashed potential when you experience sudden and strong winds.

They should not be kept like static energy stored in our body but instead unleashed so the world or community benefits from your talents and gifts.

If you remain unsure of what you could be good at, then discover new passions and interests.

We all have received something special from the heavens and it is up to us to develop them and put them to good use. 

2) Sudden pain

The sudden and strong winds could be a sign of sudden pains you may be experiencing soon.

This could mean that you may be in an accident or that you have an undiagnosed illness. 

The pains will be quick, sometimes tolerable and other times unbearable. You may then want to consult with doctors.

3) Inspiration

The sudden and strong winds could signify that you will soon be feeling highly inspired.

During this period, you may finish some work that you have been unable to complete or abandoned for a time. 

You can also do your craft like painting, writing, or singing for many hours without any inspiration.

You could finish your best work soon too given you are feeling exceptionally inspired.

4) A trip to nature

You may want to pack your bags and prepare for a nice trip when you experience sudden and strong winds.

This will be the start of many since you will soon be taking a trip to nature where strong winds are common or constant.

You could be going to a lake, beach, forest, or other open, windy spaces.

5) A dream will come true

The strong and sudden winds can be a good sign that soon one of your dreams will come true.

There must be something you’ve been wishing or praying for some time now and often you’ve wondered if it will ever come true.

The strong winds may be the heavens’ message that soon you will have what you want.

6) An addition to your family

The strong and sudden wind could be a sign that your family will soon grow as a new member will be joining you soon.

This means a member of the family may be giving birth, adopting a baby or someone may be getting a new pet.

A family member can also be getting married soon.

7) Psychic abilities

The winds can be a sign that you have psychic abilities but you aren’t aware of them.

The heavens are letting you know of these abilities so you can be of help to others. Make sure to develop and use your psychic abilities for the greater good.

8) A spiritual gathering nearby

The strong winds you are experiencing could be a sign that there is a spiritual gathering nearby.

Those in the gathering are performing some strong rituals.

There is nothing to worry about since the winds will stop once the gathering and rituals are over.

9) Angel visit

The winds that are strong and sudden could be a sign that an angel is visiting.

This angel is simply checking if all is alright or is missing someone. The angel will only be visiting for a while so the winds should stop blowing strongly soon.

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Could It Be a Dead Loved One? 

woman sitting at cafe

The strong and sudden winds could be a dead loved one who is visiting you.

This departed loved one is missing you and wants to see you in person and maybe spend some time with you.

Final Words 

You may want to take cover when you are outside and experiencing strong and sudden winds.

Aside from that, you should reflect on what the heavens could be telling you as these winds often bring spiritual meaning and signs.

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