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Turtle Dove Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism & 9 Messages

Turtle Dove Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism & 9 Messages

Did you wake up to find a turtle dove flying over your house or sitting on your window sill today?

Well, if you didn’t already know, these birds hold great significance in the spiritual realm, so the universe could have sent it your way to give you a spiritual message! 

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about turtle doves and the messages/warnings they could be trying to convey to you. 

Let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

Symbolism Of Turtle Doves

Two Turtle Doves

In ancient times, turtle doves were seen as a symbol of faithfulness, fidelity, and true love.

They also represented marriage and deeper bonds that interconnect both physical and emotional intimacy between spouses. 

Today, in many cultures around the world, doves are believed to represent the longevity of romantic relationships, physical beauty, and fulfillment of lust or inner desires.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Turtle Doves

Spiritual Meaning Of Turtle Doves

Spiritually, turtle doves symbolize God’s art of creating a harmonious interconnection between man and woman

It means that both sexes are equally important in keeping the peace and love in this world intact and calibrated.

It is their love that channels into intimacy, reproduction, and eventually a happy family. 

These birds represent the fact that true love between a man and woman always stays alive and it benefits the world in hidden but meaningful ways.

Without it, there would be unstoppable chaos and disorganization. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Receiving A Visit From A Pair Of Turtle Doves

Turtle dove in my house

A visit from a pair of turtle doves could signify that you chose the right partner for yourself. 

He or she is the one truly written for you and your relationship is going to be a VERY long-lasting one. (You might even end up marrying them soon)

Consider the visit from the doves as a sign to never let go of your present partner or displease/hurt them in any way.

Try to always make a genuine effort to keep the spark alive in your relationship and be emotionally available at all times

You both are meant to bring peace, goodwill, and comfort to each other’s lives. Don’t let your silly ego or “self-image” creep in and ruin the way things are meant to be.

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9 Spiritual Messages & Meanings Of Seeing A Turtle Dove

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Turtle Dove

1) Intimacy Will Be Restored

If you and your significant other have been a little distant lately, seeing a turtle dove could mean that intimacy and closeness will be restored in your relationship.

Workload, family issues, stress, and challenges in life can all have a hand in making any relationship lose its spark.

After all, not everyone feels the same every day.

We all have bad days and that’s totally normal.

However, the universe wants you to know that the situation will improve and both you and your partner will go back to showering each other with constant love and physical affection sooner than you think.

2) Someone You Like Will Start Liking You Back

Whether you have a tiny crush on a stranger from your school or are madly in love with your best friend, seeing a turtle dove could mean that your feelings will be reciprocated

It may happen immediately after the dove encounter or a few days/weeks later but just know that the person you admire at the moment will eventually start to admire you back. 

Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Consider it an act of kindness from the universe or a reward for your good deeds from God because you’ve definitely done something to deserve it.

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3) Dry Spell Will Come To An End

If your sex life has been lacking behind for a while, seeing a turtle dove could mean that sexual desire and fulfillment will be restored soon

There can be many reasons for a dry spell including stress, a tight schedule, or just not being on the best terms with your romantic partner.

However, the turtle dove sighting assures you that your bedroom life will eventually get back to normal and you’ll be on a spree of fulfilled desires and intense pleasure in no time. 

4) Taking A Break In Your Relationship Will Do Good

Sighting a turtle dove is also believed to be a sign from the universe that you should take a break from your relationship. 

There may be better partners for you out there and the universe wants you to cross paths with them or it may be just that taking a break will provide you and your partner with much-needed clarity about the relationship. 

Whatever the underlying reasons may be, you should definitely evaluate your circumstances and take a temporary break if things aren’t looking right in the long run.

It’s sure going to be for the better in one way or the other.

5) Strike A Balance Between Masculine & Feminine Energy

In many ancient cultures, turtle doves were believed to represent the balance of masculine and feminine energies. 

So, if you see one flying around you, it could suggest that you have to strike a balance between these contrasting energies to create harmony.

It’s especially important in relationships since balance can help you create stronger connections with your loved one. 

It will allow both of you to express the positive side of each energy type in respectful, considerate, and sympathetic ways, in turn, fostering a more meaningful bond. 

6) You Deeply Trust Your Partner 

Coming across doves is often connected to faith and trust

It means that you count on your partner for having your back and trust him or her with every fiber in your body.

You believe what they tell you, and trust their plans and intentions; it is what combines both your souls as a single unit.

Things like jealousy, hatred, stalking, and checking each other’s phone or personal items aren’t part of your relationship and the universe might actually be encouraging you to keep it that way. 

7) An Omen Of Good Luck

In certain cultures, turtle doves are seen as an omen of good luck and fortune

They bring positivity and blessings to families or individuals facing troubles such as poverty, financial loss, divorce, grief, or even communication issues.

The good luck that this dove brings will linger around for a long time and it will help you gain strength, prosperity, and success in life while mitigating obstacles and inconveniences that may be holding you back. 

8) A Rare Type Of Love

Turtle doves could also be a positive sign about your relationship.

They suggest that you’ve found a rare kind of love that not everyone has. 

You must NOT waste its potential nor let external matters influence it. It’s easy to have your trust and judgment deviated by jealousy and the evil intentions of others but YOU must believe in your partner and the love you both share. 

By sending the dove your way, the universe wants you to be grateful and not downtrod or neglect a blessing like genuine love and connection

9) Beauty

In Greek Mythology, turtle doves were seen as a symbol of eternal beauty and seduction in goddesses. 

It’s believed that they signified the rare physical attractiveness of certain goddesses and how it separated them from the common people. 

However, some suggest that turtle doves also represented how intimate and affectionate married couples should be.

They spiritually signified that all couples must be close almost like companionship and concerned about each other’s well-being.

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Is Seeing Turtle Doves A Good Sign?

The good signs from turtle doves

YES, seeing turtle doves is a great sign!

There are A LOT of good things that can happen to you once you encounter a turtle dove. In fact, you’ll be impressed by how kind and nurturing life can be to you. 

Since these birds are associated with love and passion, they can help solve all sorts of intimacy-related or emotional problems in your life.

You may find a perfect partner for yourself and get married soon, resolve sexual conflicts in your relationship or have someone you admire grow fondly in love with you. 

Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: seeing a turtle dove DOES NOT always have to be insignificant and meaningless. 

It could potentially be a sign of something positive about your love life. 

The universe could be trying to tell you that you chose the right romantic partner, are in a forever kind of relationship, or getting married to the love of your life soon.

What exactly the universe is trying to convey depends from person to person and the situation that you relate to at the moment.

So, use your intuition and spiritual power to your advantage and allow the universe to guide you into taking the right step. 

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