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What Does a Bear Symbolize Spiritually? 8 Spiritual Meanings

What Does a Bear Symbolize Spiritually? 8 Spiritual Meanings 

What does a bear symbolize spiritually? Let’s find out!

Growing up, children would be given teddy bears to hug and cuddle with. I did have several of them, ranging in different sizes.

There is one blue one that I loved most and it was what I would hug in my bed as I fell asleep.

I always bring this bear with me when I have to sleep over at someone else’s house like my grandmother’s or my best friend’s.

My mom knows how much I loved that teddy bear. And so she never gave it away unlike my other bears that were handed out to younger cousins or given as donations. This bear is safely hidden away even when I no longer sleep with it.

My mother the other day brought this bear out of its hiding place as I visited her. My mother reminded me how much I loved this bear, crying out loud when I thought I had lost it once.

What does a bear symbolize anyway, my mother asked.

To which I replied, I will let you know after I have written my post about bears and their meanings. Hopefully, my mom gets to see this article too.

What Does a Bear Symbolize Spiritually?

What Does a Bear Symbolize Spiritually?

Grey Bear:

A grey bear stands for the need to compromise in life. Sadly, many of us simply want control or to get what we want without minding how others are feeling.

The grey bear however should symbolize that we need to learn how to compromise to make our relationships work.

Are you the stubborn type of person who will insist on getting your way? If so, then think of the gray bear and how the heavens meant for this bear to symbolize compromise. 

Black Bear:

Black Bear
Black bear

The black bear symbolizes our dark side. We all have that dark side that we try to hide but would come out nevertheless.

This dark side isn’t as evil as it may sound. These pertain to our weaknesses and negative traits. No one is perfect after all.

Black bears then should remind us of our own frailties. It is a symbol of our need to be good all the time but failure to be the perfect person we want to be

When you see a black bear or if you all of a sudden think of this bear in this color, then think of the negative traits that make you human and remind yourself that at certain points in our lives, we will display these negative traits.

Brown Bear:

Brown Bear
Brown bear

A brown bear symbolizes heaven’s need for us to protect the earth.

Sadly, many of us continue with our usual ways, thinking that the earth can endure our harmful practices.

The brown bear in this case is a warning for us to take good care of the environment.

  • Brown bears may make you think of the trees that we have been cutting down to build new buildings or structures.
  • Brown bears may make you think of the water bodies we pollute with our trash.
  • Brown bears may symbolize the smoke and other harmful emissions that make the air dirtier than it should be.
  • Brown bears may stand for the landfills that contain our excessive use of harmful products like plastics.

White Bear:

White Bear
White (polar) bear

The white bear is heaven’s way of reminding you of humility.

Sadly, many people think that they are too good for other people or this world that they forget that what they have are all blessings from the heavens. 

Some people brag about how good they are and that’s why they are so blessed that they fail to realize that whatever they have in life is given by the ones above.

Are you one of them?

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Bear in Real Life

Polar bear

When you see a bear in real life, then take this as a reminder from heaven that you are strong.

Sadly, many people tend to give up or lose hope at the start of a struggle.

They think they cannot handle the pain, the hardships and everything else a person goes through when they are being put to a test.

Seeing a bear is heaven’s way of reminding you of your strength. You may be doubtful whether you are strong enough to handle hardships and challenges in life, but the ones above know that you are built with strength

Take your sightings of a bear to mean that you are being encouraged by the heavens to be strong much like a bear.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Bear in Dreams

Brown bear

When you see a bear in your dreams, then brace yourself. This might be a sign of tough times ahead.

The heavens are letting you dream of the bear, an animal that is known for its grit and strength. Think of how bears are portrayed in films and books.

This animal is so strong that it can stand the cold

The bear can be tenacious and can kill someone by repeatedly attacking it. The bear also can be strong by attacking its perceived opponent with all its might.

The heavens are telling you to remain strong, especially during tough times.

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8 Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Bear

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Bear

1) Be careful of your next moves

When you see a bear, then this could be the universe’s way of telling you to be cautious of your next moves.

Think of the bear when it is about to attack an opponent. Many times it will come pouncing strong and hard at the one opposite it.

If you are in a situation where you could be hurt by your actions and you see a bear, then consider being extra careful of your next moves.

With the wrong moves, you can get hurt just like what happens to the opponents of the bear. Your next steps then matter a lot.

2) An illness

Seeing a bear could also be heaven’s way of telling you that someone you love will be sick.

It may not be a serious illness like cancer but it can make life more challenging for the patient and his or her family.

This illness, however, will require non-sick members of the family to chip in and do their share in taking care of the sick family member.

It’s a minor illness for a family member but it will cause inconvenience to other members.

3) A cash gift

Seeing a bear may also be a good sign of having more money or cash

The cash infusion you will experience may be a one-time thing like an inheritance or a small lottery winning.

The heavens want you to be prepared for this blessing by sending you the bear for you to see.

4) Hide for a while

When you see a bear, this could be the universe’s way of telling you to hibernate for a while until you are ready to face the world again.

If you are not feeling okay with your life and in need of peace and quiet, and you see a bear, then keep to yourself first.

This is the heavens telling you how to deal with your current predicament on your own.

5) Be strong for others

Bears are known for their strength. And so when you see a bear, consider that heaven is telling you to help others by being strong for them.

For example, if someone in your family is going through so much, then be the rock and support of this family member.

6) Stop the lies

If you have been lying consistently to someone, then you see a bear, then take this message from the ones above: stop lying.

The bear sighting is a rebuke from the heavens. It is a reminder that the ones above know what you are up to including the lies you’ve been spewing.

The heavens are displeased with your lies and you must stop it.

7) Some good news

When you see a bear, you may also want to rejoice. This could be the heavens’ way of telling you that you will be receiving some good news in the next few days.

Prepare your heart and mind for this good news coming.

This way you could best handle and put to good use the good thing coming your way soon.

8) Protect those close to you

Bears are known as highly protective animals. This is why one of the spiritual messages of seeing a bear is to protect your loved ones.

Upon seeing a bear, think of the vulnerable persons in your circle and how you can protect them.

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Is Seeing a Bear a Good Spiritual Sign?

Brown big bear

Yes, seeing a bear can be a good spiritual sign.

It could be the universe’s way of telling you that a good thing is coming your way.

But sometimes seeing a bear could also mean bad news.

Just trust the heavens.

Final Words

 Bears are either lovable creatures or an animal to be feared. Whenever you see one, take the time to think deeply about how a bear relates to your life and what could be the message being shared by the universe with you.

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