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What Does Smelling Cigarette Smoke Mean Spiritually?

What Does Smelling Cigarette Smoke Mean Spiritually?

I’m not particularly fond of cigarette smoke. As a child, I didn’t like how many smoker uncles and aunts would kiss and hug me so tight.

After all, I could sniff the scent of cigarette smoke in their breaths, clothes, hair, and skin.

I often wondered how a small stick could cause almost everything to smell of it.

Fortunately, and much to the delight of my doctors, I never really got addicted to cigarettes. Sure, I’ve tried smoking several times in my teen years, my early 20s, and so on.

But the habit never really stuck, I could quit easily.

Recently, a younger cousin who had just quit smoking asked me if she should be concerned. 

She said she could remember the smell of cigarette smoke and even smell it even when there is no smoking. “What does it mean?” She asked.

She admits that she may have just been missing smoking every now and then but could it be that there is a spiritual reason why she keeps smelling the scent of cigarette smoke?

I told her I will reflect on the spiritual meaning of this. It is because of my cousin’s request that I have written this article.

What Does Smelling Cigarette Smoke Mean Spiritually?

What Does Smelling Cigarette Smoke Mean Spiritually?

Smelling cigarette smoke in the kitchen:

When you are smelling cigarette smoke in the kitchen, it means that the ghosts or spirits are hungry.

The cigarette smoke you can detect is a warning of their hunger.

Unfortunately, not all spirits are good ones as some can be naughty and unnecessarily vengeful.

Be careful then as an accident may happen in the kitchen.

Smelling cigarette smoke in the room:

When you are smelling cigarette smoke in the room, then take this as a reminder that fidelity is important.

If you are in a romantic relationship or married to someone, then consider how loyal you are to your partner.

  • If you are cheating on your significant other and you smell the cigarette smoke in the room, then take this as a reminder from heaven to stop cheating. What you are doing can break your family or your relationship. Sometimes the damage may be irreparable.
  • If you are in a relationship and find yourself feeling a strong attraction to someone else, then reflect deeply. Do you want to remain in a relationship with your current partner or be with someone else?

Smelling cigarette smoke in the bathroom:

When you are smelling cigarette smoke in the bathroom, then take this as a reminder from the heavens to take care of your health.

This is a reminder that your body is a temple. As such you must treat it with reverence and much care.

When you can smell the cigarette smoke in the bathroom then remember all the things you cannot do well or would no longer enjoy if you let go of your health.

Your bad habits will prevent you eventually from doing the things you love even the simplest things like walking, gardening, and so on.

Smelling cigarette smoke at the front door:

When you are smelling smoke at your front door, this is a sign that a departed loved one visited you or your home.

  • Perhaps this departed loved one used to live in your house and missed it, so he or she visited. It is possible that this dead person was a smoker and currently does not want you to forget him or her. 
  • This departed loved one left the cigarette smoke smell to remind you of him or her or to tell the residents of the house to keep honoring this person’s legacy.
  • The departed loved one isn’t content visiting the home and its residents. He or she also wants everyone at home to know of the visit by leaving the cigarette smoke smell by the front door.

Smelling cigarette smoke in someone else’s house:

When you smell cigarette smoke in someone else’s house but no one is smoking, then this is a reminder from the spirits dwelling in that home to be a good guest.

The resident spirits want visitors to know that they may not mind having visitors over, but visitors should be good guests and not disturb the spirits.

This means not making too much noise in places where it is currently silent or not loitering around the home picking out and touching so many items

The resident spirits may also wish for guests not to overstay and leave the moment they notice that the hosts are already feeling tired.

Some spirits, after all, can be excessively protective of the people who live with them at home.

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7 Spiritual Reasons Why Do You Keep Smelling Cigarette Smoke in the House

Cigarette Smoke

1) A departed loved one is disturbed

When you keep smelling cigarette smoke in the house, it could be because a departed loved one is disturbed and wants to communicate.

This beloved departed is not just visiting your home. Instead, he or she wants to tell something to the residents at home.

This is likely an important message which is why the dead person is constantly trying to get attention via the way of the cigarette smoke smell. 

When you keep smelling cigarette smoke at home, then consider thinking of those who left to join the creator already and ask what the person could be trying to tell you.

2) A trauma that needs to be addressed

If you constantly can smell cigarette smoke at home and have had a traumatic experience involving fire and smoke then seek help.

Chances are, you have been burying your traumatic experience for some time now and refusing to deal with it.

The heavens know of how you are pretending that all is well with your past experience, but the ones above want you to heal well. 

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3) A warning

 When you can always smell cigarette smoke at home, this could also be a sign of danger to come.

There is a threat that is fire-related and may affect you, your family members, or everyone at home.

Perhaps the heavens are warning you so you can take extra precautions.

The family can, for example, have the electrical components of the house checked.

Residents may also be extra vigilant, ensuring that none of their practices could cause fire or accidents.

The family may also pray harder to spare them from any fire-related incident or accident.

4) Personal growth

If you have been praying for your personal growth and you are constantly able to smell cigarette smoke at home then rejoice.

This is a sign that the heavens are answering your prayers.

Soon you will be experiencing real personal growth.

This could mean professional growth like a promotion or a new role that will allow you to shine and excel.

Personal growth could also mean financial freedom or becoming more mature in your ways.

5) Spiritual cleansing

When you are smelling cigarette smoke all the time at home, then this could be a sign that you need a spiritual cleansing.

You may also want to consider how you have been living your life lately.

Are you doing things that are spiritually pleasing to the heavens or are you committing one sin after the other? Are you backsliding in your faith or losing faith in the ones above?

Consider your spiritual growth when you end up smelling cigarette smoke all the time at home.

6) Heightened psychic abilities

The smoke from the cigarette that you seem to be smelling all the time can be a sign that you will be experiencing heightened psychic abilities.

In the next few weeks, you may be more perceptive of things happening around you and may be able to feel the negative things happening to other people.

If you already are aware of your psychic abilities, then you may consider harnessing them more in the next few weeks.

7) A change at home

When you get to smell cigarette smoke all the time at home then you can also brace yourself for possible changes in your home life. 

This is a warning that some changes will take place soon. It could affect you or other members of the family.

The change can be overwhelming or a minor one.

What’s important is that you prepare to receive this change.

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Spiritual Meaning of Burning Smell in the House

Burning Smell in the House

When there is a burning smell in the house, then beware.

This is a sign that someone at home is doing or engaging in activities that would cause chaos and discord at home.

You or a family member may knowingly or unknowingly be doing something that can break up the family.

Find out what it is so you can put a stop to this if you are not the one involved.

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Should I Be Concerned Spiritually?

Woman meditating

You should be concerned spiritually if there is a constant cigarette smoke smell at home.

This is not a bad omen but it could also be a warning of a challenge that is about to come.

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Final Words

Smelling cigarette smoke can mean different things. This smell may also be a warning or a reminder from the heavens. Be vigilant and reflective when you smell this scent often.

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