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7 Biblical Meanings of a White Snake in a Dream

7 Biblical Meanings of a White Snake in a Dream

I never really liked snakes and I would always go out of my way to avoid seeing them.

I remember we had a field trip in second grade. There was this large snake in an enclosed space in the zoo we went to.

The class was allowed by the zoo attendants to touch the end of the snake. I remember being the only kid who stayed behind since I never liked this animal.

Unfortunately for me, there were times when I would dream of snakes of different colorsblack, brown, yellow, and white.

And just like seeing them in person, I would wake up shaking after dreaming of snakes. This dream doesn’t happen often to my relief.

Rather than dread the next time I would dream of a snake, I decided to write about its spiritual meanings. In particular, in this post, I would discuss the biblical meanings of dreaming of a white snake.

What Does It Mean Seeing a White Snake in a Dream?

Seeing a White Snake in a Dream

A white snake may not be as common as snakes in darker colors like black or brown. Nevertheless, the meaning when you see one of your dreams is just as powerful.

White often symbolizes purity and it is no exception when you dream of a white snake

Seeing a white snake in your dream is a sign from the heavens to keep your intentions pure.

It is a reminder that regardless of where you are in life, you should choose to have a pure heart. This can mean:

  • Do not try to trick or lie your way to get what you want;
  • Do not betray your friends or other people’s confidence;
  • Do what you say and mean what you say;
  • Do not stab people in the back;
  • Do play fair all the time.

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Biblical Meaning of a White Snake in a Dream

Biblical Meaning of a White Snake

There are many types of white snakes. So, it’s important that you try to remember what was the color of the snake you saw in your dreams.

Each one carries a different message. Let’s explore it:

White Snake:

The biblical meaning of dreaming of a white snake is the protection of those who are innocent.

This dream is actually a sign from the heavens that you need to protect the innocent, the young ones.

If you are in charge of someone who has yet to come of age, then you should make extra efforts to not expose the child to worldly ways.

The heavens are telling you that the innocence of the child is priceless and you must do your share to ensure the innocence of the young.

White and yellow snake:

Dreaming of a white and yellow snake has the biblical meaning of keeping your loyalty to your creator.

This is actually a reminder not to forsake your current beliefs to gain worldly wealth.

Sadly, many times the world tests us. In some instances, we are forced to choose between going against the commands in the bible and gaining world wealth.

This means some circumstances may force us to do things against our will or faith for the chance to gain greater wealth or worldly glory.

If you have this dilemma and then dream of a white and yellow snake, then take a sign from the heavens to do what is right, and follow what your faith has taught you.

White and black snake:

The white and black snake is a biblical reminder of the good and bad things you will experience in life.

As such, dreaming of a white and black snake means that both good and bad news are coming your way.

This dream is also heaven’s way of reminding you that life is filled with good things and bad ones. Soon, you will experience both.

You should then prepare your heart and mind to receive and experience the good things one moment and the less desirable ones the next moment. 

All these are part of life.

Two white snakes:

Biblically, dreaming of two white snakes means that there are plenty of people who want to cause your downfall.

In the media, snakes are often depicted as an animal who will come out of nowhere to bite you. Art is much like in real life they say.

And this is the biblical meaning of dreaming of two snakes.

You may encounter not one but two or even more “snakes” in life.

Snakes in this instance are people who will come out of nowhere to bite you and their bites are full of venom. 

Your dream is a reminder from the heavens that you may have people in your close circles who will betray you soon and their betrayal will be very hurtful and detrimental for you.

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7 Biblical Meanings of a White Snake in a Dream

7 Biblical Meanings of a White Snake in a Dream

1) A time for change

Dreaming of a white snake in the bible means that you will soon experience some changes in your life.

The changes could be small or big, but they will help you shape your character and if these changes are managed well, then they can help build your character.

The changes coming and their effects on your life are much like the shedding of snakes.

They shed off periodically as part of their life and learn to adapt to what comes with the shedding of scales.

This is much like life. The changes you are being warned about are all part of life and you must adapt to them well.

2) Someone to help

Dreaming of a white snake can also mean that the ones above will be sending you someone importanta person who can help you solve your problems.

If you are experiencing some hardship and praying for a solution, then this could be the one to solve the problem.

The heavens are sending you this person to help you as you are in need.

3) True love is coming

When you dream of a white snake, biblically it could mean that your true love may be coming soon.

Whether you are eagerly praying for love or never wanting to feel love again, then you dream of a white snake, then this could be heaven’s way of preparing your heart.

Even if you don’t want to love, open your heart because not everyone gets to experience true love.

4) A reflection of your sorrow

Biblically, dreams that have a white snake in it is a reflection of one’s sorrow. This means that the one who dreamt of the white snake is feeling extreme sorrow.

Perhaps you have recently experienced a devastating loss, but have been burying your sadness inside of you. Then you dream of the snake in the color white. This is merely a reflection of your true feelings.

Your feeling of loneliness or your satisfaction with how life has treated you can cause you to dream of the white snake. Pray then to let go of your sorrow.

5) An illness

When you dream of a white snake, then this could mean that you or a loved one might experience some light illness.

This could be something in the likes of fever, cold, sprain, or minor allergy. There’s no cause for a massive alarm.

The heavens will only be sending you an illness that is curable and less debilitating.

This is not a life-threatening disease that will leave you in bed for days, weeks, or months.

6) A possible loss

When you dream of a white snake, then this could also be a warning from the ones above that you could lose something extremely important to you.

The heavens are likely tempted to take something away from you because you are not taking care of it.

The ones above are reminding you that whatever you have are all blessings from the supreme being.

But all blessings can also be taken away if you do not value what was given to you.

7) Betrayal by a friend

When you dream of a white snake, then this could be a sign that someone close to you will betray you.

White is often related to pure intentions but this dream is the sign of the opposite. This is heaven’s way of telling you that someone you think has pure intentions actually has bad plans for you.

This person will likely hurt you and you will feel betrayed.

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Is Seeing a White Snake in Dreams a Bad Sign?

texas rat snake

Not always. Seeing a white snake in your dreams can mean bad things or negative emotions you are feeling.

The dream can also be a warning. But there are also instances when seeing a white snake in your dream is a sign of good things like love or happiness.

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Final Words

We always associate the color white with purity, chastity, and innocence. But seeing a white snake in your dream isn’t only about being pure or innocent.

Sometimes you would dream of the white snake because the heavens are telling you how to best live your life or of good things coming your way soon.

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