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9 Biblical Meanings of Seeing Feces in a Dream: It’s Bad Luck?

9 Biblical Meanings of Seeing Feces in a Dream: Bad Luck?

You don’t need to tell me! I know how disgusting it is to see feces in a dream. 

Sometimes, I even wonder why the universe will use such a sign to speak to me in the first place. But what choice do we have?

Interestingly, I have learned some of the greatest lessons through this dream. At first, it was repulsive to me, but eventually, as I began to open up my mind, I realized that the universe actually communicates deep spiritual realities through this dream

In this article, I am going to share my encounter with you concerning this event. Why should it come to you? What does it mean? Read on to find out more about this.

What is the Biblical Meaning of Seeing Feces in a Dream?

Feces in the toilet

Firstly, you need to know that the biblical meaning of seeing feces in a dream brings a divine message from God.

This is the first message for you. You might be thinking “how does this sound like a message?”

Well, the acknowledgment of this truth will lead to other messages from the heavens.

The moment you see this as a message from the heavens, it becomes a lot easier to get other messages.

Therefore, the first biblical meaning of having this experience is that God is trying to speak to you through the dream you just had.

This is why you must pay attention.

Additionally, this dream biblically represents the impure and unholy aspects of our lives. It means that we are finally getting ready to let go of them all.

Beyond the descriptive aspect, it could also be encouraging you to be ready to let go of unholy habits in your life.

Another biblical meaning of seeing feces means that you need to take care of your health. God is concerned about our well-being.

Therefore, when we begin to fall sick, he will send this dream to us as a warning sign. The moment this happens, precautionary steps must be taken to prevent sickness from befalling you. 

Children Feces dreams may have a positive effect on your approach to parenting. They may also be telling you that things are not as they appear, or that you may have been overindulging in something.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Feces in a Dream

Feces in spiritual world

As earlier stated, this dream indicates that the time to let go of certain things has come. Let me break this down for you:

When you dream of seeing the feces of your friend, it might be an indication that the time has come to let go of toxic relationships. NOT NECESSARILY YOUR FRIEND IN THE DREAM!

It takes a high level of discernment to know whom to trust and whom to let go of.

When you dream of holding your feces in your hand, it spiritually means that the time to let go of the past has come. Now, it might be difficult – just as I experienced also.

However, with the help of the spiritual world, you will find the inner strength to finally let go of the past and hope for a better tomorrow even as you choose to dwell in the present. 

When you dream of washing feces off your feet, it means that you are ready to let go of bad habits. 

Most times, we have dreams in this manner to inspire us to become a better version of ourselves. This is why we have to be open enough to the signs they bring. 

4 Dreams about Feces with Biblical Interpretation

Dreams in the Bible: Interpretation

Biblically, there are 4 common dreams about feces. Each of these dreams comes with its specific message.

If you have ever had one of these dreams in the past, then below is the biblical perspective of your spiritual experience

Biblical Meaning of Baby Feces in a Dream:

I had this dream once, and this is what I found in the bible. In the Bible, dreaming of baby feces can symbolize many things.

It can represent innocence and new beginnings, as well as the dirty and unclean aspects of life.

This dream may also be a sign from God that you need to pay attention to your spiritual health and clean up your act.

Whatever the case, it is important to seek guidance from a trusted biblical source when interpreting this dream symbol.

Biblical Meaning of Defecating in a Dream:

I never believed I could have such a PRESSING dream. Do you know that I defecated on my body in that dream? Yes, I did. 

Well, let me spare you the details. Here is the biblical meaning of having this pressing dream:

  • Let go of negativity;
  • Move on with your spiritual journey;
  • Remove unwanted issues from your mind;
  • Don’t settle for what does not matter to your life;
  • It is time to let people know you for who you are;
  • You are under pressure;
  • Don’t seek to do what you can’t accomplish.

Biblical Meaning of Cleaning Feces in a Dream:

Have you heard of the saying “CLEAN UP YOUR MESS”?

Well, that was the message I got from the bible concerning this type of dream. 

Whenever you dream of cleaning up feces, it has the following deep spiritual meanings:

  • You are willing to make a change;
  • You are trying to rectify a mistake you made in the past;
  • You are on a journey of self-development;
  • You need to learn to adapt to change, and also move with the trend;
  • It is time for something new to emerge from you;
  • It is a sign that you are ready to embrace the present;
  • In some instances, it could be an omen of hard work, diligence, and consistency.

Biblical Meaning of Eating Feces in a Dream:

You might find it funny, but this dream has therapeutic effects if you open your heart to its energy.

One biblical interpretation is that the dreamer is feeling ashamed or embarrassed about something in their life.

They may feel like they have done something wrong and are trying to hide it from others. Alternatively, the dreamer may simply be disgusted with themselves and their current situation.

Another possibility is that the dreamer is trying to process some sort of trauma or difficult experience.

Therefore, when the dreamer is given this dream, the following motivational words are given by God:

  • You don’t have to be ashamed of your past;
  • Even if you have failed, you can still become successful;
  • Refuse to give up on your pursuits;
  • The goal is achievable;
  • God is healing you emotionally and mentally;
  • You can overcome every odd;
  • This dream is also a sign of self-love and acknowledgment.

Additionally, eating feces may also represent the process of breaking down old beliefs or paradigms that are no longer serving you. This can be a difficult and messy process, but it is often necessary to create space for new growth and expansion.

9 Biblical Meanings of Cleaning Feces in a Dream

Cleaning feces in the Bible

After discussing several salient points concerning feces dreams, it is time to unveil the 9 biblical meanings of seeing feces in a dream. Have you had this type of dream before? Then, read on to find out more about this. 

1) There is nothing to be ashamed of

Seeing feces all over your body in a dream is an omen of shame.

However, according to the bible, it is not a bad sign. Rather, it is an encouragement from God.

This dream reveals that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Even if your past is full of darkness, it is not enough to shatter your esteem.

2) Avoid excessive spending

When you see yourself stooling uncontrollably in a dream, the bible sends such an omen of wastage.

Therefore, look out for loopholes in your spending habits and block them. 

3) Hard work

One of the Nigerian cultures believes that “filth” is equal to wealth.

Somewhat, this agrees with one of the biblical perspectives as well. Whenever you dream of seeing feces, God is telling you to work harder.

That is, put more effort into what you do.

4) Forgiveness

In the bible, hurt and malice are filthiness to God.

Just like feces, they are to be expelled from our systems.

Therefore, if you dream of passing out feces, God is telling you to let go of hurts. It is an omen of forgiveness. 

5) Invest your time in what matters

It is believed that God sends this dream when you are wasting too much time.

This is why you should keep this in mind.

Dreaming of feces shows that you’ve been careless with your time.

Take this as a warning sign to properly invest your time in what matters

6) There is a need to change

When you dream of wiping feces off the toilet seat, it signifies the need to change.

This spiritual experience opens you up to self-development. 

7) Emotional Balance

The Bible encourages people to strike an emotional balance in their lives.

You can get the same message by dreaming of feces.

This is a message you could get while dreaming of feces. It reminds you to keep your emotions in check. 

8) Your friends have secrets

When you dream of seeing your friend’s feces, it indicates that they keep secrets from you.

That is, there is a piece of information your friends are hiding from you.

An omen like this shows they cannot be trusted entirely

9) You are about to take a wrong step

Dreaming of stepping on poop means you are about to take the wrong step.

Tale this as a direction. Once you get this sign, spend time praying and asking for clarity and a possible way to reinvent your actions and choices. 

Are Feces a Bad Biblical Sign in Dreams?

The Bible

No, it is not a bad biblical sign in your dream.

Rather, it is a sign of encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and spirituality.

Whenever this sign comes to you in your dream, it encourages spiritual purging, cleansing, and purification. It means that a negative part of your life is about to turn around for your good. 

Sometimes, this sign might speak about a new and emerging season of your life.

When it is time to step into a new season, God will send a lot of signs to you. One of them is feces in dreams. 

Therefore, don’t be negatively attuned to this omen. Embrace it with open arms. 

Are Feces a Bad Spiritual Sign in Dreams?

Bad signs from dreams

No, it is not a bad spiritual sign in dreams.

Rather than that, it is a good spiritual sign. Here is a story I won’t forget:

The first time I had this weird dream was during my high school days. My friends and classmates mocked me because I was always shy.

They gave me a name (which I won’t tell you for privacy’s sake), which stuck with me and went viral all over the school.

This experience negatively framed my mindset, and it affected my IQ. By the end of the term, I was already below average performance. 

Then, one night, I had this dream of defecating and cleaning up.

The moment I woke up, there was this surge of energy that went through me. Instantly, I realized that I don’t have to bend to the criticisms of people. I suddenly realized that it is time for me to become the best version of myself. 

In 2 years, nobody could call me that name anymore. Also, my grades spiked up and I became one of the best students of the year.

Can you see how powerful it is to have this experience?

Biblically, God gives us this dream to let us know that ANYTHING is possible if we are willing to change our lifestyle, perspective, and motivation.

Final Words

As you have read in this article, there is more to this dream than the disgust you feel

All you have to do is open your mind well enough to get the messages embedded in that encounter. 

Most importantly, ensure you act on the instructions given to you by God. 

However, if you are stuck on how to understand what the dream means, then, this article will always remain a spiritual guide for you. Feel free to consult it and make use of the information.

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