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Dream about Getting Shot and not Dying: 9 Spiritual Meanings

Dream about Getting Shot and not Dying: 9 Spiritual Meanings

It’s true that I’m a Mormon girl, but today I’m not going to focus on that. I’m going to focus more on spirituality.

It is scary to have this dream. Also, it is not common.

Severally, those who have this dream are going through a defining moment in their lives.

When the spiritual world gives you this sign, it is something worth paying attention to

A lot of theories have attempted to define what it means to get shot and not die in a dream.

However, there seem to be some biases.

For example, most theories believe this to be a bad sign. They believe that this dream means impending death. 

Is this true? I’ve had this dream in the past and I will share my experience in this article.

Also, there are 9 spiritual meanings you should keep in mind whenever you dream about this. What you are about to read is a solution and an answer to the questions of your heart as regards this dream. 

What does it mean when You Dream You Got Shot?


Having a dream in which you got shot could be a sign that you have really beaten yourself up lately.

Why such punishment, friend?

Why do you feel as though you should be punished, and what makes you think you’re the right person to judge what kind of punishment you deserve (if any)? 

If you wouldn’t tolerate someone else treating you badly, why would you put up with it from yourself?

It’s time to stand up for yourself. This is a sign from the universe that you need to start take care of your inner self.

You’re letting other people’s opinions have too much impact on your life. You can’t let them dictate how you act or look just because you want to fit in.

Is being Shot in a Dream but not Dying a Sign?

Meaning of being Shot in a Dream but not Dying

Does your dream of being shot feel like a sign? If the spiritual message is meant for you, it will speak to you on another level.

A subconscious level, perhaps? 

Dreams are inside your head, playing through your mind, created by your dreaming self.

What would be the point of a dream if not a sign? If your subconscious is playing you the dream movie, don’t you think it could be possible that it‘s trying to tell you something

There are no coincidences in this world. Especially these kinds of dreams, that wake us up feeling scared and anxious.

What does it mean when You Dream about getting Shot and not Dying?

Surviving from a gun attack

If you have been shot in a dream but you make it out the other side, otherwise unscathed, your subconscious could be pulling you up on something you’ve done, that you probably wished you hadn’t. 

Maybe you’ve been mean to someone, or caused an accident and didn’t own up to it, or betrayed someone who did nothing but love and respect you. 

Whatever it is, you know you shouldn’t have done it. That’s why it’s weighing on your sleeping thoughts. Is there something you can do to put things right

If this spiritual message doesn’t quite fit for you, perhaps it isn’t the right one for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the other spiritual meanings of being shot in certain places on the body.

Being Shot in the back of the Head and Surviving:

Being shot in the head is typically something that causes death, although it isn’t that uncommon.

It is, by some accounts, a bit of a miracle. In all probabilities, you should have died in that dream when you were shot in the head, but you didn’t. 

This can be a sign that you need to completely erase everything in your past, up to the current day, and start with a completely new, fresh, blank slate.

It could’ve gone wrong because you could’ve dream-died, but you didn’t. Instead, you were given a new lease on life

Could this be metaphorical for something in your life? 

You don’t need to actually start afresh; the shooting dream could be a sign of an overhaul on a slightly smaller scale than that.

Maybe you’ve been holding on to some baggage from the past? Maybe you can’t let something go? 

  • Been cheated on by a partner and have forgiven them… but can’t forget?
  • Made up with an old friend but still harboring resentment?
  • Been hurt by a past lover and punish a new/current prtner for their misbehaviours? 

You can’t hold on to old grudges or the past forever.

If you’re going to forgive, there also has to be a certain amount of forgetting, too. Maybe it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start all over again? 

Being Shot in the Back:

If I were to ask you if someone might have a grudge against you, what would you say?

And before you argue that everyone loves you and no one could possibly have a grudge against you: there are people out there who don’t like Beyonce. (Can you believe it?)

If your mind instantly springs to one or two particular people, who could be referred to as enemies (or frenemies), there might be a little something going on that you don’t know about… 

And that something is vengeance

For whatever reason, the people who choose not to like you, might be plotting something against you, perhaps to make you look silly, bad, like a criminal, or worse. 

Is it time to start watching your own back a little better? 

Being Shot in the Leg:

Imagine how you would feel if someone actually shot you in the leg. I’ve never been shot in the leg (touches all the wood in the house), but I can imagine the experience would be several things: 

  • Excruciatingly painful;
  • Terrifying;
  • And frustrating – not being able to get around as easily, needing to rely on the help of others, etc. 

Could you feel the same way in real life? Are you anxious? Doubting your own ability to do something? Worried that you might not have whatever it takes

You can recover from being shot in the leg. You might be out of action for a little while, but you can bounce back from that sort of injury.

It doesn’t matter if you’re filled with doubt and anxiety, the universe totally believes in you. That’s the point of the message. 

Being Shot in the Arms:

If your dreams show you being shot in the arms, you might feel helpless in your waking life.

Maybe you’re struggling to do things by yourself because other people won’t let you, or things keep going wrong despite your best efforts

Not everything in life is under our control. Accidents happen. Mistakes are made. We’re all only human, after all.

Not even the robots get it right one hundred percent of the time. 

If you feel helpless, or worthless, or useless: it’s time to end those feelings

What makes you feel good about yourself? Do those things.

Get your haircut, meditate, hit the gym, go for a hike, stare at the moon, volunteer with animals. Do whatever it is you like doing, or used to like doing. 

It’s time to find things to love about yourself again. You’re not helpless. Or worthless. Or useless.

Did you know that seeing yourself in a dream is also a warning message?

9 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming about Getting Shot and not Dying

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Getting Shot and not Dying

In some cases, the placement of your gunshot wound will have a bearing on the spiritual or subconscious message you can take from the dream.

In others, the placement doesn’t matter at all

If you’re struggling to find the message or details that are relevant to you, take a read through the whole page, leaving your mind open.

You could also meditate for a small time beforehand, and ask your higher power(s) for advice, guidance, and support. 

You may find that a particular message or detail stands out to you before you get to the bottom of the page. If so, that’s likely the message for you

If you fail to find the meaning, make a note of the details you can remember in a notebook, then go about your life as you usually would.

Maybe the next dream will help you put the puzzle pieces together, or a sign in your waking life. 

1) Anger and Fury

Take a look at the person who’s doing the shooting in the dream. Do you know them? Do they feel familiar to you? Or have you never seen them before in your life

If you do know the person who has shot you, it could indicate anger and fury between the two of you.

Perhaps they have some sort of anger towards you or are about to.

Them doing the shooting could be a sign that they’re the ones holding the anger and directing it toward you. 

If you don’t know the person, it could be the case that you’re going to have conflict with someone you don’t know in your future, or you’re currently going through a situation just like it. 

Some examples of this include

  • Hitting a stranger’s car and having an insurance/law enforcement quarrel.
  • Entering a new workplace and not getting along with a co-worker or your boss.
  • Complaining about a meal in a restaurant and getting into a nasty row. 
  • Dealing with a tricky customer who keeps maliciously leaving bad reviews for your company online. 

2) You Need to Stop Braggin’!

When you boast and brag, people get jealous. When people get jealous of you, they become your enemies.

When you get enough enemies, you have an army of jealousy and resentment to deal with — and perhaps that’s the message behind your dream of being shot. 

There’s a lot to be said for being modest, and keeping your private business exactly that: private.

If you take a private life approach, you’re not inviting unwelcome opinions and jealousy into your life. 

3) Are You Giving Up Unnecessarily?

If in a dream you are shot but you don’t know who did it, where the shots came from, or why anyone would possibly want to assault you in such a way, the message might be simple: 

Are you giving up on things before you’ve even given them a chance?

Giving up something (or someone) could refer to several things, including

  • Giving up on the prospect of a new career by dropping out of training because you think you’re going to fail;
  • Sticking with a partner who’s not right for you, out of fear that no-one else will love you as passionately or as deeply as you desire;
  • Avoiding new prospects because you’re too scared of change. 

If one or more of these feel a little too close for comfort, you may have just found the true spiritual meaning behind your dream of being shot.

These meanings tend to come into play when the shooter in the dream is unknown, or if you don’t see it coming until it’s all over. 

4) You Might Be About to Meet Your Next Frenemy

If you don’t want a frenemy is, let me tell you. It is, very simply, an enemy who disguises themselves up as a friend.

You’ll confide in them because you think they’re your friend, trustworthy and kind and other nice words you use to describe your closest confidantes.

You’ll bring them into your life, introduce them to your family and loved ones, and then they betray you or stab you in the back when you’re least prepared for it. 

So, yeah, that’s a frenemy. And I bet you can think of one in your life right now. 

Dreaming of being shot by someone who is standing directly above you is said to be a sign of a new frenemy heading your way.

Keep your eyes open for those friends and new acquaintances who seem too good to be true.

Chances are, that’s exactly what they are: far too good to be true… but pretty good at lying. 

5) A Positive Sign of the Future?

If you take a look at the bible (and assume you’re a good person), you’d get a sense that life is troublesome and rather difficult.

But death brings the potential of heaven, which is supposed to be a welcoming, happy, and joyous place.

Some believe you’ll meet your passed-over loved ones there, while others have slightly different views. 

Dreaming of being shot – and then dying – may seem like the most terrifying message in the world, but it is highly unlikely that you’re going to die following the dream.

In fact, being shot and then dying is actually seen as a very positive omen in many places around the world. 

When you die, the roughness and strife of life is over; and if you’ve been a good person, you’ll go to heaven, which is a happy and comfortable place where everyone gets forgiveness and a little bit of a do-over. 

Applying this message to the dream of being shot and then dying, perhaps you’re on your way to getting over the toughness of a rough patch.

Could it be the case that very good things are in your future? Such good things that some might even go as far as to describe them as heavenly. 

6) A Bit of An Unfair Fight

If you’ve been shot by someone while you were unarmed and in defense rather than attack mode, it’s a bit of an unfair fight, don’t you think?

Some might argue that it’s the coward’s way out for the stabber.

Maybe, just maybe, this is along the same lines as something you’re experiencing in your real, waking life?

Are you fighting with someone (metaphorically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, or in any other way) who has a gun, you are on the losing team.

One quick tug of the trigger and things would be all over.

And what would you have to defend yourself? Your fists? Something handy picked up from around you in the heat of the moment?

Maybe in real life, you feel like you’ve been involved in a battle that isn’t exactly fair.

Also, read the spiritual meaning of dreaming someone died.

7) Upset in Your Safe Space

If you’ve ever had a burglar or intruder in your home, you may have an idea of how it feels when someone interrupts your safe space and then causes upset and trauma in it.

It’s a very violating experience, and one you likely wouldn’t want to wish on even your worst enemy.

Knowing that someone has been in your home, without you being there, potentially rifling through your most private of affairs… 

If you dream of being shot in your own home, you might be on the cusp of a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or unhappy in your own home.

It’s not always going to be a burglar or a home intruder; it might be someone you class as a friend or loved one who brings toxic turmoil to your door. 

8) Recovering in Real Life 

If, again, you are shot from a distance by an unknown assailant in your dream, you might be struggling to deal with something that has recently happened in your life.

In most cultures, this ‘something‘ is believed to be a big change. 

Has something big changed in your life lately? Are you struggling to come to terms with those changes? If yes, give yourself a pat on the back, first and foremost.

Agreeing to change is difficult in itself, so actually going through with it – which you have done – is commendable. Well done. 

Secondly, maybe it’s time for a little rest, recuperation, and recovery.

Your dreams are telling you that you’re not recovered from that life event or change that upended your life. 

9) Miles Apart from Your Loved One

The miles are metaphorical in a dream about being shot by your loved one. It represents the space and distances between you.

It might be the case that you no longer talk like you used to, or you’ve both started to want new things in life but don’t know how to tell the other

Maybe your significant other has betrayed or hurt you or wandered out of the confines of your relationship without your consent.

It could be any number of things causing it, but being shot by them while you’re sleeping could be your spiritual self’s way of telling you to start considering the end

What if I Can’t Interpret My Spiritual Message?

About my personality in my dream

If you’re feeling a little spiritually stifled, unable to make head or tail of the signs the universe appears to be sending you, fear not.

It’s not the end of the world, and it doesn’t mean that you won’t ever understand them. You need to clear your mind.

Breathe and reboot. Past trauma, emotional ‘baggage’, and cynicism are three huge factors that might be holding you back. 

Is this Dream Positive or Negative?

Positive messages from this dream

Dreaming of being shot can have both negative and positive connotations.

A lot of interpreting the dream comes down to how you feel, where you’ve been shot, who shot you, your surroundings, other people or items in the vicinity, and if you survived the brutal assault. 

On one hand, dreaming of being shot can mean you’re going to go through a period of emotional turmoil.

On the other, you might be dreaming about an up-and-coming fresh start, that will prove nothing but good for you. 

You need to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, which might be difficult if you don’t have all the pieces you need just yet. 

Don’t worry. The message will make itself clear to you, somehow, if it’s meant for you. 

Read about the biblical meaning of seeing feces in a dream.

Final Words

In conclusion, the dream of surviving a gunshot is a powerful symbol of hope.

Despite the odds, this dream represents the human capacity for resilience and determination.

It also reminds us of the importance of staying positive and hopeful in the face of adversity.

We can either let our circumstances control us, or we can use them as an opportunity to grow. If we can learn to see the challenges in our lives as opportunities for growth, then we can start living our dreams.

We hope you stay encouraged no matter the odds stacked against you. 

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