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Dream About Kissing Someone: 9 Spiritual Meanings

Dream About Kissing Someone: 9 Spiritual Meanings

Have you ever dreamt of kissing someone and you woke up confused as to what it might mean and the spiritual significance of it? Well, it happens.

Dreams cannot be controlled but you can always find out their meanings and know how to deal with them appropriately.

If you have ever found yourself having this kind of dream, there is no need to be afraid or confused. Here are some meanings to help clear your mind.

What does it mean when you dream about kissing someone?

dream kiss couple

A kiss is a human expression of devotion and love, as well as passion.

Kissing someone in a dream can have a lot of cultural and spiritual significance attached to it.

In some cultures, a kiss is regarded as the most intimate physical expression amongst people, seen as an indication of love and tenderness. 

For instance, in the Christian culture, kissing signifies betrayal, as in the case of Jesus who was betrayed by Judas with a kiss.

It can also be a sign of approval or to show supportiveness.

The Apostle Paul would end his letters to the Churches with an instruction to kiss certain people as a form of encouragement for the work they were doing.

Kissing biblically can also mean a temporary or permanent farewell. 

Kissing in the dream has both positive and negative meanings. It depends on how it is done or who it involves.

For example, a passionate and sensual kiss can be a sign of a new romance about to start for you. 

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Kissing someone else while in a relationship:

This could just be a reflection of the state of your heart that you want more out of the relationship you are in currently.

It can mean that you are simply not satisfied with the state of things and your heart desires more passion or affection.

For you, this might mean something you need to do on your part or pursue, e.g you might need to put more intensity into your current relationship and make it better than it is presently.  

Kissing someone other than your boyfriend:

This can be quite tricky but don’t let it deceive you to mean that you should cut off the relationship you are in currently.

Kissing a guy other than your boyfriend or a lady other than your girlfriend does not mean you are to get into a relationship with the person.

It might just be showing that you care a lot about the person. It could also be an indication that the person may have feelings for you that you knew nothing about.

On the other hand, it could also mean that you harbor emotions for that person in your heart which you will have to choose to deal with or act upon, depending on what you want.   

Kissing someone you know :

If you are kissing a close friend, your subconscious might just be bringing to you a reminder of your love and care for that person.

It might be that you are acting wrongly recently and need to be reminded how dear that person is to you.

Most times, kissing someone you know and relate well in the dream is just proof of the affection in your heart towards them.

On the other hand, it could also be a reflection of your heart that you are looking for a more intimate closeness with the person in your relationship.

It could be an indication of a romantic desire you have for the person in your dream.

Kissing someone you don’t know:

This usually means the start of a cordial relationship. It could be that you are being alerted of a new relationship with someone that will be good for you.

It could be a romantic relationship if it is a deeply intimate kiss or just simply pointing towards the beginning of a friendship where you will find warmth and happiness.

If that is the case, that is quite something to watch out for

Kissing someone you like in real life:

If the person you find yourself kissing in your dream is someone you like, it could be pointing you to something about the person that intrigues you about them.

It means that whatever it is about that person; a lovely physical appearance, his/her personality or a strong bond, you want to get closer to the person or have their attention on you

It could also mean that you need to spend some time with this person and just get to know them better.

Kissing the same gender:

When you find yourself kissing someone of the same gender in your dream, you don’t have to panic about it.

It does not necessarily mean you have turned gay. 

It can be an indication of possible closeness that will happen between you and the person

You might get friendlier with the person and have a more cordial and intimate relationship than you have enjoyed before.

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9 Spiritual Meanings and Messages from Kissing Someone in a Dream

9 Spiritual Meanings and Messages from Kissing Someone in a Dream

As you’ve read so far, there are many spiritual meanings and messages from kissing someone in a dream.

But, it doesn’t mean that you’ll literally kiss them! It has a deeper meaning that shows how much you really care for that person.

Let’s now explore more about this dream.

1) Kissing is a sign of affection

You can have such a dream of kissing someone to show that there is warmth and affection between you and the person.

It can mean that there is happiness in your heart towards the person or appreciation, tenderness or even devotion.

If it is someone that died but had been very close to you, it means you miss the person.

Probably the person plays an important role in your heart or holds a special place in your heart, so even though they cannot be physically present with you anymore, your subconscious remembers them and treasures their memory.

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2) Kissing in the dream can show rejection

If in your dream your kiss was rejected, it could mean that your approval of someone might not be accepted or you might face disapproval yourself or lack of support.

It could also be that your opinions were not welcomed in a place and you are hurt about it.

3) It can be an indication of reconciliation

A dream where you kissed your enemy might mean that there is a possibility of reconciliation with someone that there has been a fallout in your relationship before.

It could mean that you will be reconciling with the person very soon. After having a dream like this, you might want to take some steps toward that.

4) Kissing in the dream can also mean hostility

When you dream of kissing someone you dislike, it is probably showing you that you might face someone hostile or have to experience a negative situation. 

5) You have the desire to be in a relationship

The dream of kissing someone actually symbolizes intimacy and emotion.

If you are single, it is showing the state of your heart that you no longer want to be lonely and desire a relationship in your life.

When observed from another perspective, particularly if is a rousing, passionate kiss, it may also be indicating your desire to have intimate relationships

6) You are missing the person

You could be kissing your girlfriend or boyfriend and what it means is that you miss the person, especially if they have been away or unavailable for a while.

It means then that you want to be with the person and can not wait to see the person again.

However, if the person you kissed was someone that just came into your life, it can be a sign of attraction between you and is signifying the possibility of a budding romance or close friendship.  

7) A self-reflection

If the person you kissed in your dream is someone unknown to you, it might be a prodding to reflect on the relationships in your life.

You might want to set some standards or create some boundaries or even let down some walls so as to enjoy more beautiful relationships with people

8) A symbol of change

This kind of dream also might mean that you are up to something new at this point of your life, especially.

If you do not recognize the person you were kissing. It can be a sign that you are about to start a new journey or have an experience that you have never had before in your life.

9) A feeling of attraction

A dream like this can only be mirroring your emotions for the person. It shows that you are attracted to the person and desires a more closer and intimate relationship.

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Is Kissing Someone a bad spiritual sign?

couple kissing

Kissing someone in the dream is not necessarily a bad spiritual sign. Actually, it is more positive than negative.

That is why the interpretation of it takes carefulness and attentiveness to the details of the action.

  • Who was the person you kissed?
  • Is it someone of the same gender?
  • Is the kiss a passionate one or a peck on the cheeks?
  • Or is it a respectful kiss on your hands?

Dreams are not always straightforward in meaning because the facts of dreams are representations and symbolic.

To interpret a dream rightly, you must have an open mind and not be conclusive.

Should I be concerned spiritually?

lovely couple

Your spiritual concern about kissing someone in your dream should be to find out the meaning and take any necessary it might be suggesting to you.

There is no need to panic or get afraid. Be concerned enough only to get the right interpretation which I am sure you would have by now, having read through this article.

If there is a corresponding action that was suggested, then do it.

If there is no action for you to take, then take your mind off the dream so as not to make any mistake you will regret later on.

Dreams sometimes are there not to instruct us but simply to give a reminder or to make us aware of a situation. They can even be a reflection of what is on our hearts.

Final Words 

Having a dream hereby you kissed someone is not an abnormal experience.

Dreams generally are there to show us what is currently going on in our minds or life which we may not be paying attention to.

A kiss like that can show that you are longing for someone or you are affectionate about them or it could be any of the meanings we have examined so far.

If any of the symbols we noted are related to what you had in the dream, just take note of the possible explanation attached to it and understand your experience.

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