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​​Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex: 7 Spiritual Meanings

​​Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex: 7 Spiritual Meanings

Breakups are hard. I know this for a fact having had my heart broken many times. 

When you end a romantic relationship with someone, it can take some time to get over the other person.

There will be some crying, questioning, doubting, and for me, binge alcohol drinking. You would stay awake for many hours wondering what’s wrong. 

Your determination to end things and move on will be tested again and again. There would be times when you would reach for your phone, tempted to call the ex to simply hear his or her voice.

Breaking up with someone you truly care about can be one of the most challenging phases in your life. But what if you keep dreaming about your ex? Does this have a spiritual meaning

In this post, we will tackle what it means to dream of your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and whether this is bad or not.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex? Spiritual Meaning

Dreaming About My Ex

Sleeping was one of the hardest things to deal with after a breakup. I remember when I had my first breakup. I would stay awake for hours.

There were times when I would drink some alcohol to help me sleep. Sometimes drinking alcohol would help me fall asleep, other times it simply did not work.

Waking up was even harder for me. It is when the reality that the person I loved is gone hits so bad.

I can feel the pain knowing that I would face the day without the other person beside me anymore. This would go on for days.

It also doesn’t help if you dream of your ex at a time when the breakup is still fresh and painful. You’re lucky if you barely remember anything from the dream but If the dream was so vivid then it would add to the pain. 

It was years later after a major heartbreak and break-up when I learned what dreaming of your ex meant spiritually.

This is heaven’s way of reminding you that pain is necessary and part of life. The ones are telling you that life is not all a bed of roses.

Many times you would go through tough times that will test your strength and character but you need to remain steadfast.

Dreaming of your ex is the universe’s way of sharing an important lesson in life.

That is, tough times do happen but tough people will overcome the biggest obstacles, challenges, and pain.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex Spiritually?

Mean When You Dream About Your Ex

Let’s now see what it can mean to dream of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.


You could be dreaming about your ex-boyfriend and it might have different spiritual meanings.

  • If you have dreamt of your ex-boyfriend by himself: it could mean that he is contemplating getting back with you or fixing the relationship;
  • If you dreamt of him in the company of several people: this is the universe’s way of telling you that you made the right choice in moving on regardless of whether he was the one who broke up with you or not. The message is to keep moving forward alone.


You could also be dreaming of your ex-girlfriend and the meanings of the dreams would vary depending on what you dreamt of.

  • When you dream that your ex-girlfriend is crying: then take this to mean that the universe is telling you to be careful of a woman’s heart. This is a reminder from the heavens that a woman has a special place in the Lord’s heart. It is every man’s responsibility to take good care of the women in their lives.
  • When you dream that your ex-girlfriend is surrounded by various people: then this is a message that she is not coming back to you. Perhaps you are contemplating asking her back or are currently wooing her again. Dreaming of her means that the universe is telling you that she is unlikely to welcome you back into her life.

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7 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Your Ex

7 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Your Ex

1) This too shall pass

When you have dreamt of your ex, this could be heaven’s way of telling you that this pain will pass.

Perhaps you have been praying doubly hard to help you manage the breakup and the effects on your body and mind.

Maybe the last few days have been painful for you since the breakup was fresh.

Dreaming of your ex could be a sign from the heavens that the pain you are feeling is just a temporary thing.

One day you will wake up to find that the pain and days are more manageable. The ones above are telling you to hang in there, things will be better soon.

2) You are not a failure

Many feel like they have failed at something after breaking up with their romantic partners.

When you are feeling this way and dreamt of your ex, then your dream is a reminder that you are not a failure.

The relationship may have failed but it doesn’t mean that you failed as a person or as a lover. The relationship just wasn’t meant to be forever.

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3) Keep loving

When you dream of your ex, this is because the universe is telling you that love is a great thing, which is why you must keep on loving. 

It is quite unnatural to think about loving again after dreaming of an ex, but this could be the message the universe is sending you with this dream.

You are being told that while your heart may have been broken, loving someone is still one of the best things to happen on earth.

4) Focus on yourself

When you dream of your ex, this could be the heavens reminding you to focus on yourself

Forget other people who might be bothering you like your ex.

The heavens want you to focus on getting to be a better or stronger person or how you can best heal from the heartaches life has brought you.

5) Learn to let go

When you dream of your ex, it could be because the heavens want you to let go of certain things in life.

This doesn’t have to be a romantic partner, it could be something else like work, material things, or relationships with other people.

Your dream is a reminder that letting go sometimes is necessary for your growth.

6) Have fun

If you dreamt of your ex having fun, then consider doing the same.

This is probably the universe’s way of telling you that it is time to move on and that having fun is a good thing at this time

Consider doing things that you love. Meet up with those friends whom you haven’t seen in a long time or go on a vacation.

7) Your great love is coming

When you dream of your ex, then this could be a great sign that your one great love is coming.

The dream is a sign from heaven that the great love you have hoped for will soon be on his or her way to you.

This is the person the universe wants for you and your break-up with the ex was necessary so you can be with that one true love.

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Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex With Someone Else

Dreaming About Your Ex With Someone Else

When you dream of your ex being with someone else, then take this to mean that the universe is reminding you that change is the only constant thing.

You must then be adaptable and learn to deal with the changes taking place in your life regardless of how small or big these changes are.

Change is much like your romantic relationships. For a time, you thought your ex was the constant partner in your life.

Perhaps there was a big hope that you would no longer be needing to find love again as you are happy in your current relationship.

But this might not change in an instant. The present love of your life can be your ex in an instant. Changes are like that toothey may come quickly or unexpectedly.

The love of your life now maybe with someone new as soon as your relationship is over. 

Changes like your ex finding someone new as in your dream can be painful, but you must accept this change and deal with it in the best way possible.

Dreaming About An Ex Years Later Spiritual Meaning

Ex Years Later

It is possible to dream of an ex years later.

For example, you broke up with someone five years ago and you are currently in a new relationship but you still dream of this ex. Does it mean anything?

The answer is yes. This is a reminder from the ones above that the heavens always have something better in store for us.

This is to remind you that the Lord knows what He is doing when he throws us challenges or curveballs.

In our example, consider where you were five years ago after you broke up with your ex. You probably felt that you cannot love again or that your wounds will never heal.

Perhaps you have questioned the heavens on why you have to go through this break-up and pain. 

But look at where you are now is what the heavens are telling you. At this point, you are faring so much better, perhaps stronger than before, and maybe with the love of your life. 

All you had to do was trust in the one above that all will be well. Let the dream of your ex from years back remind you that the heavens are always in control and know what is best for us.

I Dream About My Ex Every Night. Is It Bad?

Dream About My Ex Every Night

If you are dreaming of your ex every night, this could be a bad sign. Perhaps this is an indication that you are still obsessing over this person.

You may want to ask yourself why this is happening.

  • Are you stalking his social media accounts before going to bed?
  • Are you daydreaming of him all the time, pretending that he or she will come back and things will be well again?

Maybe you are praying hard every night that your ex will come back.

Ask yourself what can be the explanation for why you are dreaming of your ex every night. 

If you are engaging in stalking, daydreaming, or praying for the person to resume his or her relationship with you, then you might want to stop so you will stop dreaming of this person, too.

Instead, you may want to pray to let the hurt go so you can move on

Final Words

Dreaming of your ex isn’t a bad thing or sign. It could be because you miss the other person so much or because of other factors.

You might also be dreaming of your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend because the heavens are telling you an important message. Listen to what this message can be as it might also help you get over the pain of breaking up.

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