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3 Lines Symbol Spiritual Meaning: Vertical and Horizontal

3 Lines Symbol Spiritual Meaning: Vertical and Horizontal

Three lines symbol may not be something that you see everyday.

Many use three lines, after all, as a decorative piece while others may view this as a mathematical symbol.

I had a friend who had a three lines symbol tattooed on his back. He said he picked the symbol for his second tattoo because he finds it quite unique.

My friend said he didn’t choose the symbol for his tattoo because of a deep message. He simply wanted it because it looked cool.

But as I venture into the world of spiritual messages, I can remember this conversation. Let’s start?

3 Lines Symbol Spiritual Meaning

3 Lines Symbol Spiritual Meaning

The three lines have a deep spiritual meaning, which is that there can be harmony between the mind and the heart.

Many times we think that what our hearts say conflicts with what the mind is telling us. But this isn’t true as there can be harmony between the two.

And this is the spiritual meaning of the three lines symbol.

If you are in any case about to make a decision and it seems like your heart and mind are at war on what to do, then simply remember the 3 lines symbol.

Remember that the mind and heart do not always have to conflict with each other. Instead, they can work in harmony.

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Three Vertical Lines Spiritual Meaning

Three Vertical Lines

Three vertical lines offer a deep message from the heavens above. The spiritual meaning of this is that you should just keep moving forward.

 Are you feeling any of these things?

  • Hopelessness;
  • Overwhelming sadness;
  • Despair.

If you are feeling any of these things, and it seems like you cannot go on, then remember the spiritual meaning of the three vertical lines symbol.

Just keep moving forward and let the heavens help you.

Keep in mind that hard times are always part of our life, and yet we must head into the future full of hope and confidence that all will be well.

Three Horizontal Lines Spiritual Meaning 

Three Horizontal Lines

Are you the type to do something and repeat a task until what you are working on seems perfect? Do you take more hours to complete something compared to others because you cannot stand seeing flaws in your work?

If yes, then take a lesson from the spiritual meaning of three horizontal lines. The meaning of this symbol is that not everything will be perfect.

Some people are typically perfectionists, always never seeming to be content with what they have done.

These people will keep doing the same task until they see perfection. 

The three horizontal lines are the heavens’ way of saying that perfection is not always good.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Tattoo with Three Lines 

Tattoo with 3 lines
Tattoo with 3 lines (Image from: Durimel)

Remember the friend I mentioned above?

It was years later that I realized that his tattoo actually has a spiritual message. We both didn’t know it at that time, but now I know what the meaning is.

The meaning is to work on being whole because it’s possible.

This means you need to find the balance of:

  • Mind;
  • Body;
  • Spirit.

These three can work as one. Sometimes it may be daunting to think that these three are capable of being united but they can be.

7 Messages and Signs From 3 Lines Symbol 

About the three lines symbol

1) Don’t be drunk with power

Many people are blessed with power.

It may not be as obvious as the world leaders’ powers but nevertheless, many individuals have power or dominion over others. Are you one of them?

The power doesn’t have to be massive.

For example, you may be a supervisor at work. So, even if you are managing only a staff of three, you still have authority and hence power over some people.

The three lines symbols should remind you not to be drunk with your power. Wield it well rather than use it to hurt others.

2) Fertility

Are you in any of these situations?

  • Hoping to get pregnant;
  • Hoping that your wife or partner gets pregnant;
  • Hoping to settle down.

If you are and then you come across the three line symbols, then you need to take the spiritual message from above.

This is because there is fertility.

You can reproduce offspring. It may not be soon but you are fertile enough to either get pregnant or impregnate someone.

Be patient as fertility is in the cards for you.

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3) How much time do you spend on your spiritual needs? 

Most people do not pay as much attention nor give as much time to their spiritual needs.

They spend many hours doing work, socializing with friends, and worrying about problems but spend little time on their spiritual needs.

Some people would only spend a few minutes in prayer and even rush this special time.

The three lines symbol actually carries this message that we need to devote more time to our spiritual needs.

4) The past, present and future are all important

We have our past, present, and future.

Sadly, many people either get stuck in the past or worry too much about their future. Are you one of them?

What many fail to realize is that all three—past, present, and future— are equally important.

Not one is more important than the other and this is what the three lines symbol is trying to tell us.

5) Patience is necessary

We all like rushing things. When we ask for something or pray for answers, we want what we asked for and our questions to be answered as soon as possible.

We also are impatient in our daily lives. We want to get things done as quickly as possible and we do not like it when we are being made to wait for what we need or want.

Seeing the three line symbol should be a warning to us that we need to be patient.

This is a strong message from the ones above that patience is a must-have in our life.

6) Endless love

We all dream of a love that lasts. But many of us are too jaded to believe that endless love does exist.

 If this is the case for you and you come across the three lines symbol, then take heart and listen to what the universe is saying: endless love exists.

It is possible to find endless love in this life.

7) Count your blessings

Many of us take for granted what the heavens have given us.

I am guilty of this too. Many times I would keep asking the ones above for more, failing to realize that I already have what I need and even so much more.

The three lines symbol is a reminder to count our blessings.

While it is never wrong to speak about our heart’s desires, we should also know how to be grateful.

Sadly, we tend to count what we do not have rather than what we already have.

If you are guilty of this and you come across three lines, then take a strong reminder to be grateful for what you presently have.

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Final Words

Three lines symbol is often associated with artwork or a mathematical symbol. But what many don’t know is that it has deep spiritual meanings

The ones above should help you make the most out of this symbol so you can be guided on what the heavens want for you when you come across the three line symbol.

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